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Why isn't there currently a way to "vote" for ideas?

No, seriously... why isn't there a way to crowdsource new ideas / improvements? While some topics are not new suggestions and instead questions / rants / issues, skiming through a majority are suggestions / improvements (especially in the specific app sections). Sure, I could go in and like a topic because I think it is a good idea, or reply with a "+1", but how does IPS keep track of that? What's an easy way for them to see what suggestions the community really wants to see?

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  • Management

Something to keep in mind is that these forums only represent a small percentage of our overall customer base. We do take feedback posted here into strong consideration, but we also weigh feedback from other venues -- support requests, feedback from enterprise customers, third party sites, etc.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as voting a feature in -- there's many factors at play. :)

Thank you for the question though and please do continue to provide your feedback as it's critical to the ongoing progress and development of our products and services.

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To answer the OP's question too - I pay attention to a number of factors

  • Topic rating
  • Reputation "likes" (if a post is liked 87 times or something, it's obviously popular)
  • Number of replies to a topic

You'll typically find that the more popular a suggestion is, the more replies there will be to the suggestion topic, and the more duplicate suggestion topics covering the same subject there are. When you read every one of these forums every day, it's easy to pick up on the suggestions that are being brought up the most (in topics - as Lindy said, they do not represent our entire client base and we get feedback from many other venues).

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Being able to vote for a suggestion and being able to browse the top voted suggestions does entice people to vote more and it shows more clearly what the most popular requests are. People will go browsing the top 100 suggestions and vote for those they find most interesting. This also makes it possible to send all customers an email with the request to vote for the features they want.
I've seen what improvement an application like uservoice can bring when it replaces feedback forums.

Even if other factors are equally important, uservoice or similar makes feature demand much more clear.

IPS is already listening carefully to what customers want and I think IPS does that very well. Nonetheless, I think something similar to uservoice would be an improvement. Especially if the voting system would be created with IPS software.

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By a developer you mean?

Could a non-coder create a rating / voting / reviews system in IP.Content?

100% serious here, IPC is a Content Creation System.

If You want a wordpress OOB every site the same drag and drop no coding needed.

Go get wordpress and move on, Content is in no way this, it is a powerful site building tool not limited by a 'mold'.

You want a unique bespoke website, then Content becomes the right tool for the job.

At minimum you should not be scared to edit a template(HTML).

At best you would have PHP(this is for those rare times when nothing native to the app can meet a precise need more than anything else honestly, and is still custom by nature).

Much can be premade, and is offered as such here on the MP.

Much is written entirely custom and is unique to the site it remains on.

And before the VB5 fiasco is mentioned as an example.... can you say every site the same drag and drop? Really Look at it, it IS that same 'mold' locking you in to what every other VB5 has.

You need to ask yourself whether you want a unique website, or a cookie-cutter.

Fun Fact: Insanely tired of the pressure for that drag and drop/everything OOB mold, which would make content very much useless to many current license holders that need outside the box, and have content doing that for them.

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My site is currently quite unique and I run 110 modifications / addons. Many of which are custom coded and functionality self designed. I have no problem with modifying templates or code.
The reason I asked is because there is a big difference between having voting functionality within the standard toolbox and the possibility to simply add php and build it yourself.

Drag and drop does necessarily not equal cookie cutter websites. Provided that the drag and drop functions are part of the toolbox. Being able to define the position of every element of a website gives great flexibility and allow for unique websites.
However, I'm afraid we are going off topic quite far.

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