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  1. Can you move back and forth between the 2 hierarchy levels or between different menu items? E.g. System > Settings gets moved to just Settings or System > Settings gets moved to Support > Settings (for whatever reason)
  2. A blog entry on the weekend? :frantics:
  3. In their defense telling us a release date is a 'damned if they do, damned it they don't...' position.
  4. I've never been a big fan of the report center in IPB3 - mainly because you see the report and have to leave the page to take any action on the content. This is definitely improved over the current version and I'm glad to see this in there.
  5. Minor bugs in an alpha/beta is fine and expected,but uh, what sort of sorting should it be doing if not chronologically? Or is it just a free-for-all for that given month?
  6. Compared to the rest of the topic view counts, I'd say it's a bot ;) I'd like to see saving a draft for both new topics and replies (yes, there is an option but currently no way to force it.)
  7. We use the calendar mainly for various conferences and meetups. It would allow users to rate & give feedback for those items.
  8. Reminds me of the Google+/Pinterest feed too. But I agree with the others, my eye has no clue where to go. I made notes on the screenshot with what the chronological order should be (according to start date). Definitely not in order.... not to mention the one with an end date before the start date? Edit: I guess 4 & 5 should both be 4 since they have the same start time/date, like #6.
  9. It's the truth. As long as their consistent I can deal with whatever.
  10. Yes (note - you did ask for "what would you like to see") and no. Tabs can be variable length across different machines. You have one developer who makes changes with one length, and then another developer who has a different length looks at the code - it looks awful. I guess "awful" is still technically subjective here... but it does make it a lot harder to read.
  11. For the love of all that is holy, spaces instead of tabs.
  12. Psh, sanity is overrated :smile: That is a good idea though, filters would be nice.
  13. edit #2: After watching the video a few suggestions / questions on if these will appear later: Will there be a way to view more than one approval at a time? (e.g. mass approve / delete without loading each one on a separate page)Will there be a count to how many items are in the queue? (e.g. a badge next to the "Approval Queue" menu item) - Currently you're just kinda diving in hoping there aren't too many items without any kind of feedback on how much work you have cut out for you. I would want to see that too. It's a shame it's not part of the core. "Here, let me rejectdelete your content but I'm not going to tell you why without doing 10 more steps".
  14. Because.... uhhh. See IPS, why do we need it to go to the first page? :tongue:
  15. I agree too - but what would you use to get the user back to the first topic via one click?
  16. Clicking the post icon to the left of the title will always take you to the latest unread post. If you haven't read the thread, then it'll take you to the first post; otherwise, it'll take you to the post you left off on. The title will always take you to the first post (by default)
  17. Is there anything more to say? We are on page 41 after all..
  18. Imagine the freak out when they had to rewrite a component and the progress bar went backwards...
  19. Phew, I was awfully worried for a while.
  20. No blog post today can only mean one thing - 4.0 got delayed cancelled! :frantics:
  21. I'm in the same boat. We're about to do a large redesign & new features... but hesitant to do anything until a better of 4.0 timeline. I figure waiting for 4.0 will give us more time to refine any ideas ;) Except that would be misleading for people. To quote Tom Cargill -
  22. Even though I disagree with one of your suggestions, I wish I could shout this one from the rooftops. I know there has been some hinting at it, but we'll have to wait and see what IPS brings us. More flexibility is better (as long as it doesn't degrade performance too much). Sure, but I highly doubt users are going to truncate a URL to http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/. Granted, stupid users continue to prove me wrong... Honestly, how often do you type a URL to a forum thread? I'm assuming here, but I'm willing to be a majority of users copy and paste - where if they manage to mess up the topic ID doing that, I have to question what sort of users you're babying. Anyways, I think we should stop focusing on this one idea of removing an ID from the URL and focus on the other suggestions to make sure IPS understands what we want. I think the dead horse has been beaten like the piñata on my 3rd birthday - to a pulp.
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