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Cleancut - why is it being dropped when it's only just started being supported?


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I'm a bit perplexed about this.

Cleancut started out as a creation of Ehren's, ipbforumskins.com. It then (I assume) got bought/taken over by IPS. Which is great, I like the skin a lot. I now read in the 3.2 changelog that it's being dropped!

So, what's happening with it? Is anyone picking it up, or is going to be hung out to dry, for no apparent reason?

Do I now need to pay someone to update it everytime IPS update something?

Would appreciate an answer so I can plan forwards for when 3.2 is released ;)

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www.bb-styles.com/demo, sign in with username: demo and password: demo

Apps will be uploaded there soon as my friend owns downloads, blogs, and content, chat will not be live there, and I don't have nexus and neither does my friend so that won't be skinned for now.

So far that's what it is, if you see anything out of order or wrong, if you can't find anything wrong then I'll release it, also won't be putting my copyright on it as it's not my skin.

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Looking good!

1. How can we change the color of the "Like" button?

2. How can we put the "View New Content" in a different color tab?

1. Will require a css edit
2. Will require a css edit and template edit.

Will most likely tell you how to do these after I release the skin.
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TheRevTastic, the skin update is looking great. The copy of CC 3.1.4 I provided to you, it should have had the PSD logo file included with it. I can't wait to see the release for this, it's been a favorite of mine as well. Nice job, so far, at updating it for 3.2.3. :ahappy:

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