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  1. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Archive System

    Wooooow. I have a ton of "archived" posts which are really just read only boards marked as "retired". This is pure genius. ;-;
  2. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Warning System

    [quote name='Mark' timestamp='1322093858'] Regarding existing logs - currently, the "note" is moderator-only, so this will be converted as the "Note for moderators". If you sent a PM or Email to the member (which is an option on the current warning form) this will be converted as "Note for member"
  3. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Warning System

    Acknowledgements is genius. :o But what happens to old warn logs? Do they become mod only or member only? >_>
  4. Require Demo for Marketplace Files

    This thread came up a long time ago and Charles said he'd look into it or something.
  5. Customizing Skins/Editing/Gallery

    1. Yes. 2. A what? You can add in albums if that's what you're asking?
  6. feature suggestion.... pm archive

    Mine is getting full on here too. :(
  7. [Ider] Kill Spam Forever!

    Three exists. One is a hook. You forgot the best one. 4. Great moderation.
  8. SkyHigh 3.2.3

    No, I'm not an expert. :P That's just one of the things that I try to do in my own skins, although mine typically use colors that are vastly different from the default. Just people seem to appreciate more skins that don't look like the default, and you've got some really good ideas here, you just need to compliment them. What I do is I have a friend who absolutely loves art, design, graphics etc and I consult him on these things. He can't do HTML and CSS at all so together we make a good team and learn from each other.
  9. SkyHigh 3.2.3

    Sure thing. And another one would be the post_block. Basically try and change every default color on there to match up with your background for a more fluid and pretty design.
  10. SkyHigh 3.2.3

    I think if you changed the colors of the ips_box and container thing then it'd be one more step unique from the default skin and much better. :)
  11. Oh we weren't fighting, just joking around. :x That's fantastic news. I look forward to seeing you around the community. Seriously. :3
  12. User Agent in Online List

    No. TB made a hook for 3.1 that displays a little icon next to your name in the active users list to show what browser you're on.
  13. User Agent in Online List

    A bug in 3.2.3 is preventing him from doing it I believe.
  14. Marketplace Organization

    Sorry. Didn't mean to imply that you were. I was just thinking out loud or something. But you're right that's a faster way to find topics that I overlooked so thank you. :)