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  1. Require Demo for Marketplace Files

    This thread came up a long time ago and Charles said he'd look into it or something.
  2. Customizing Skins/Editing/Gallery

    1. Yes. 2. A what? You can add in albums if that's what you're asking?
  3. feature suggestion.... pm archive

    Mine is getting full on here too. :(
  4. [Ider] Kill Spam Forever!

    Three exists. One is a hook. You forgot the best one. 4. Great moderation.
  5. Oh we weren't fighting, just joking around. :x That's fantastic news. I look forward to seeing you around the community. Seriously. :3
  6. Marketplace Organization

    Sorry. Didn't mean to imply that you were. I was just thinking out loud or something. But you're right that's a faster way to find topics that I overlooked so thank you. :)
  7. IP.Content as a Wiki/Article Storage?

    I honestly just don't see what IPS can do in their documentation to make it anymore clear on how to use articles or a database. Upon IP.Content installation default articles are installed for you which explains everything. And quite frankly if in your ventures you are ever stuck, then ask here and I will help you. Unless they made video tutorials. That would probably help.
  8. IP.Content as a Wiki/Article Storage?

    Wait are you talking to me? Marcher, you've been confusing me all day today. You and I need to get out more my friend. :D
  9. Marketplace Organization

    Doesn't change the fact that the skin threads clutter up the board... But alright, it was just a suggestion, that's not gonna happen I guess.
  10. IP.Content as a Wiki/Article Storage?

    You're right. The proper way to deal with this would be for you to learn. Off you go then.
  11. Only prefixes

    Can it be changed so that you can allow prefixes on forums, but not tags?
  12. Marketplace Organization

    And don't forget difficult to read through.
  13. Mark Post as Edited

    Oh, that's different. :P