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  1. Has anyone got this working with 3.3? I get the same issue after unzipping and renaming the file.
  2. Uncle Sam manages to do so in various areas.
  3. A useful list Michael and one I have made use of for a long time. I think there are lots more that could be added like twitterbot, RSS Grafitti etc.
  4. They are not and never were "private" messages and as you you point out may be accessed via the database anyway. Nothing has really changed...
  5. Correct, but I believe its origin was hot from Satan's anal ring. You are sadly misguided.
  6. What's the situation with 3.3.x? Will Classifieds require an upgrade for compatibilty and if so, what's the likely timescale?
  7. Please don't forget that SFS is a FREE resource used and valued by thousands and assembled and maintained by volunteers simply for the love of doing it. How the owner of the site conducts himself is his affair. He may be blunt and you may not like it, but let me say it again... SFS IS FREE!!!! Contamination of the database with false positive entries caused by inappropriate usage of this hook (or any other hook/plug-in) is a nightmare for SFS and causes a faecesstorm of problems.
  8. It may be wise to limit the functionality to Admins only. Otherwise the reporting facility will be abused which is simply asking for further trouble from SFS.
  9. Again, unless your board has actually been spammed, doing so is in breach of SFS reporting policy and as Cyrem notes may result in you being blocked from accessing the SFS database.
  10. There have been numerous discussions concerning this matter at SFS and obviously spammy email/username is currently considered insufficient evidence to submit. Here's one relevant topic and there are a number of others - http://www.stopforum...pic.php?id=3716 For the sake of brevity, current SFS policy boils down to this statement -
  11. SFS policy is that unless they have actually dropped their spam payload - i.e. backlinks, they should not be added to the SFS database.
  12. You know what's going to happen... the frequency with which this question is asked will accelerate exponentially over the coming weeks. AND THEN when 3.3 does arrive the moaning will begin: "You released it to soon!" "Why doesn't it do this?" "Why does it do that!?!?!" "It's got bugs!!!" "It's pink!!!!!!" Happy New Year IPS! :wink:
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