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  1. I'm resparking this because I can't believe music has been overlooked as a content medium that can be supported. Can some effort be made on Invision for supporting music files? Did anyone figure out how to embed a customisable mp3 player?
  2. All good, but still no support whatsoever for audio / mp3 links. Embedding in IPB4 is great for images and video, but what about audio? Surely embedding a basic HTML5 player is possible when someone posts an mp3 link?
  3. Wonderful update onlyME, thank you so much. Some more suggestions! * Settings > Sidebar, Add option to stipulate Genres within "Recommended" (as already possible with Playlists and Songs) * Sidebar has 4 tabs, Week - Month - Year - All..... It would be good to be able to default to a particular one (for example, All), or even better be able to select which tabs are visible. * Upload New Song - after clicking this button, can we set a default category that it autoselects to within the dropdown menu? Rather than have to manually select a category * Embed mp3? I love t
  4. Great. Whilst I'm here, I've some other suggestions which you might consider implementing (just ideas - not sure if they are even possible): Sidebar - allow option to select Genres for sidebar blocks (as above) Allow to choose default choice for "Sort By", per Category Sidebar - amend option to enable/disable tab options Week / Month / Year / All / (or just 1 of these, with tabs hidden) Allow Admin to pin songs to the top of a Category listing (regardless of Sort order) When clicking upload Song, force pop up to default to one particular category option first
  5. I completely agree with this. A good handful of different default templates out of the box would help wonders for new admins to see and understand the power of Pages, and what it can do. As well as save time creating their own pages from scratch, they can cut ideas out of one and paste it into another. Without some hand-holding, it's quite an intimidating application knowing it can do everything but not knowing where to begin.
  6. Perfect! Thank you so much. Another question. In the sidebar, is it possible to narrow the data that the sidebar displays, so that it will only display the Top items from a specific Genre only?
  7. Hello How do I rename "Musicbox" in the main menu tab at the top? I'd like to call it something else. Thanks
  8. So did anyone ever find out how to embed mp3 links in the end? Surely there is a way to get a very compact HTML5 audio player embedded into posts? IPS is well-geared towards Video and Images, with embedding fully supported along with thumbnails etc. But there's no consideration for self-hosted mp3 or attachments... Music is life!
  9. Agree with autonami above. At the moment soundcloud links starting with http are fine, https are not... https support still doesn't work for me. Is the media replacement match correct here?: http(s)?://soundcloud.com/{2}/{3}
  10. How do you clear your status?

  11. "Dyslexics of the world untie!" - surely? Many thanks, that is all :)
  12. Really pleased with this submenu stuff and the tab re-ordering ability. Excellent & just what I need
  13. Disgraceful that this was posted on Christmas Day! Brandon, you should have been tucking into some delicious food and putting your feet up by the log fire! :)
  14. Really pleased tabs can be re-ordered now - been asking for this for years! Thank you so much, excellent.
  15. If it's direct access, make sure it doesn't have any "&" or "spaces" in the filename or folders along the path - used to mess things up for me.
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