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  1. Finally, I've been waiting for some good time, and it was definitely worth it.
    Though it is simple, but still a great plugin and utility to add to a community Thank you!
  2. If you can run faster than Usain Bolt, I will make you a moderator kappa. Cheers Hassan
  3. Good news! Best regards Hassan
  4. Hey guys, Since BTC is already world wide and expanding very fast, it would be nice to see a payment gateway using it (blockchain, coinbase). Any thoughts ? Best regards Hassan
  5. People would like to see more than one image, that's it I guess.
  6. It's just like instead of setting multiple groups for a single user, it would be better to set multiple images for a single user using a single group. I hope you understand me
  7. Instead of attaching one group icon, it would be nice if we could attach more... (multiple images upload)
  8. Hey guys, I am a Computer Science student, and I am currently looking for ideas/proposals so I can propose them to my Dr. and work straight on them. First project (must include the following): HTML (XML optional) Ajax JavaScript PHP & SQL (Standard, not OOP) Second Project: Java (Standard) (OOP optional). Must be something useful. It might help the community/society. If you have any good ideas in mind, please write them down. Any suggestion is appreciated. Will keep the topic updated ! Best regards Hassan
  9. I hope you did read what I wrote, I said, several group icons to a single group, not making multiple groups and assigning them to a specific member then I have to fix some X plugin to show the group icons. I already have this plugin though. Hassan
  10. Hello, Suggestion: Add multiple group icons to a single group instead of one. Example: Or drag and drop your file here Accepted file types gif, png, jpeg, jpg Make it: Or drag and drop your files here Accepted file types gif, png, jpeg, jpg It would be awesome to have this feature instead of making multiple groups and assigning them to a specific member then I have to fix some X plugin to show the group icons. Thank you guys! Best regards Hassan
  11. I use both: Windows: For gaming. MacBook Pro Retina: Development and university. I used to say, Apple products are bad, but when I got my iPhone 5s, I completely changed my mind lol. Then I got a Lenovo B590 which I used to play LoL & CS Go and Battlefield 4, then I sold it and I stayed for like 4-5 months without a laptop (I had a 2 gigs DDR2 desktop). Then after exams, I got my MacBook Pro, and yes, it is 10x times faster than Windows, thus, it's overpriced, but you're getting quality. I got bad luck, my MacBook Pro came in with a defected board 3 times, I got full board replacement + all shipments and costs covered by warranty (Apple USA/EU). If you want something stable and solid for development/university/school, get a MacBook Pro (If you're planning to move a lot) or an iMac. If you wanna play and have fun and develop etc..., go for a custom PC build, you can always upgrade/downgrade depending on your budget. Good luck buddy! Best regards Hassan
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