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  1. Introducing our new Developers area

    Finally, I've been waiting for some good time, and it was definitely worth it.
  2. 4.1.16 Now Available

    Good news ^.^ !
  3. Online Indicator

    Though it is simple, but still a great plugin and utility to add to a community Thank you!
  4. Where do I apply for market place staff?

    If you can run faster than Usain Bolt, I will make you a moderator kappa. Cheers Hassan
  5. Online store - commerce?

    It might be used as well as an Online store without having a community board (If I'm not wrong). IPS Community allows you to install the forums software core engine which is mandatory for the software to run. You can purchase the Commerce alone if I'm not wrong, without having the forums purchased. A second option might be used, by installing forums & commerce, then disabling the forums application. I used my store using Commerce for digital copies and some other online services. I believe Commerce is a good choice and it would be worthy giving it a shot Best regards Hassan
  6. 7 ways to secure your community

    Thanks for the tips! Best regards Hassan
  7. Coming soon in 4.1.10

    Good news! Best regards Hassan
  8. Points Economy

    I am running a community, and so far, this plugin has been so helpful and amazing, especially the integration with Commerce ! In other words 10/10 and totally recommended for gaming communities! Best regards Hassan
  9. BTC into Commerce?

    Hey guys, Since BTC is already world wide and expanding very fast, it would be nice to see a payment gateway using it (blockchain, coinbase). Any thoughts ? Best regards Hassan
  10. PHPBB 3.x to IPS 4

    I think he meant on his forums, probably group permissions aren't set correctly. Best regards Hassan
  11. Groups -> Group Icons

    People would like to see more than one image, that's it I guess.
  12. Groups -> Group Icons

    It's just like instead of setting multiple groups for a single user, it would be better to set multiple images for a single user using a single group. I hope you understand me
  13. Groups -> Group Icons

    Instead of attaching one group icon, it would be nice if we could attach more... (multiple images upload)
  14. Hey guys, I am a Computer Science student, and I am currently looking for ideas/proposals so I can propose them to my Dr. and work straight on them. First project (must include the following): HTML (XML optional) Ajax JavaScript PHP & SQL (Standard, not OOP) Second Project: Java (Standard) (OOP optional). Must be something useful. It might help the community/society. If you have any good ideas in mind, please write them down. Any suggestion is appreciated. Will keep the topic updated ! Best regards Hassan