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Trader Feedback System

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Trader Feedback System

Build trust in your community, or forum-based marketplace with the Trader Feedback System.

This application allows members to leave feedback for each other on community transactions.

  • Members can leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback
  • Optional or mandatory link in feedback to the content item
  • Ability to link Feedback against most content items (including 3rd party, for example Classifieds)
  • Integrates with Invision Community's notification system
  • Integrates feedback information in member profiles
  • Restrict access and features based on member group
  • Captcha on Feedback Submission
  • Flood Control on Feedback Submission
  • iTrader Converter (available within the IPS Converter application during vBulletin conversion)

If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You will need to register for an account.


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This application is excellent!

seconded :) takes the pressure off me to upgrade ttTrader too!

Now for the feature requests :D

Thats all for the time being, if I get the time I might have a crack at a few of those myself and send over the edits :)
  1. [*]integration with the report center [*]give moderators the ability to edit feedback [*]'submit feedback for this topic' hook - auto populates the topic URL and submits feedback to the person who started the topic. Enable on per forum basis [*]latest feedback on main feedback page [*]possibly a latest feedback hook for forum index (not too fussed about this) [*]when searching for a member it should 'autocomplete' usernames and go directly to their feedback [*]integration with search (new tab for feedback)

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Now for the feature requests :D

Most of those are on my 1.1 update list already. Just wanted to get a stable foundation released first.

In desperate need of this kind of mod! Now if I can figure out how to port over my iTrader ratings from VB. Anyone think this is possible?

If you can post an example of the table structure, I can see about writing a converter.
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i downloaded this system and installed it.

initally it worked however once i turned off the 'deal topic' option it stopped working altogether.

it is still visible but you cant leave or recv any feedback at all.

any suggestions guys? the members on my forum are flipping out.


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I bought this mod via invisionize and I tried to get support there but there's been no response so I'm posting here

1. When I'm on a member's feedback page and I try to go to the 2nd or 3rd feedback page, it takes me to the board index instead.
2. A couple of admins are receiving notifications of feedback that was exchanged between other random members. I don't know if regular members are receiving these incorrect notifications as well.
2. The feedback count that shows next to members' names is inaccurate. It shows as 0 for many members but theyre feedback page shows the proper feedback number

PS: I've imported ttrader feedback

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I noticed your post on invisionize, I've emailed you earlier actually.

There is an update available that fixes the page issue, if you're experiencing it. I'm not sure what's going on with the notification system, that shouldn't be happening. Could you PM me with more info/examples of that.

Feedback is recounted when a member receives it. Otherwise, you'll need to follow the directions in the ttTrader instructions to have it recounted when their feedback profile is visited. There's no current way to automatically recount everything at once, after an import like you did.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sounds like an error occurred, but error reporting is disabled?

It may be the notification issue. A small percentage of people seem to be affected by it. I asked in the contributor chat about it, and was directed to an IPB bug that might be the cause. Hopefully the next release resolves it.

In the mean time, here's a file edit to disable notifications: Comment out (//) lines 309-316 of /admin/applications_addon/other/feedback/modules_public/view/view.php. I'll post the edited file in the download area soon.

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