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  1. Yes, they are. I already deleted them again by the sql requests you gave the last time. I think you should continue to inform the IPS staff that the bug exists.
  2. 3.1.11 Again you are installing the dupliucated language strings. When will you stop to ruin my site?
  3. May be you make mod permissions?
  4. This language key doesn't exist any more or did not exist as I can see.
  5. You may embed any code you have as well as link to youtube, etc. This application does not have embeded player. If you have one on your server, then you may ajust the embed code and paste it into this application.
  6. You need to change the color of the text to white in your custom theme. The background is actually white but your background image make it not white.
  7. You explanation is not informative. This group permission settings are dupluicated in the category permission settings. Why not to remove one of them?! This settings are duplicating each other:
  8. Clearing the cache is not helping. Also there is no cache clearing function in ACP. Example
  9. Selected breadcrumb has wrong url and is linking to the non-existing page: /membermap/?module=membermap&controller=membermap
  10. Why is this not removed from the group settings?
  11. This is not working (not showing the flags) on the registration final page:
  12. The bug report was closed. Seams to be that you should reorganize your code.
  13. Finally I resolved all problems. Please, fix this bug:
  14. Also, when I am trying to restore (truncate and insert) the backup from the up to date dump, the dumper is reporting the MySQL error: So, this is influensing all other applications too, because I am not able to restore the database because of this interruption of the import process.
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