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  1. Hey man. I think you are expert in css and can ajust simple things in custom.css: .ipsColumn_veryWide { width: 100%; } #elMessageList { overflow-y: auto; max-height: 800px; min-height: 800px; }
  2. Please, stop being unhappy. People are being killed everyday. Even children. So, your problems are insignificant. And...
  3. This is my personal experience since 2012. It is related mostly to the last new version 4 of the Invision Power Suite. It is showing the product's advantages and disadvantages from my personal point of view. It may be helpful to those who are considering to build their own site and is on the stage of choosing the site engine/platform. Advantages of Invision Power Suite 4 1. Low licence price for the self-hosted sites = 465 USD for all products. 2. You may select components during the first purchase and during the next licence renewal. 3. The first year licence is included into th
  4. I wanted to purchase Mazda 6 as said above. But the IP company is not allowing indirectly to do this. They are not including the secret mark into their code to catch and ban some known customers/Marketplace_developers who are nulling and distrubuting their software for free. Instead there is the entrance fee to the Marketplace for the developers and strong opinion that if there is no licence and you are developing for the IP Suite then you are the pirate. But if to speak in general then you are right. Thank you man. I am shaking your hand.
  5. Dad, I simply wanted this: instead of this: when I was starting the topic.
  6. I need the advocate to refute anything which I did not write. I am not an expert in this.
  7. This is the nature of all genius ideas from the point of view of the average men. Especially when there is no need to change anything in the status quo.
  8. The reason was provided by the boss above: some developer licence will be introduced after some time. It will not be costly as the user licence.
  9. This products require even more plugins. At least 10 times greater than 500. Because they are refined.
  10. This is the moment when I may tell that quantity is producing the quality. Just look at the number of stars in the sky.
  11. We can not even know what is the quality of the plugins on the Marketplace. The recent topic is proving this. This argument is in favour of the poor. It does not have any serious ground. Just making the air moving from pronouncing the words.
  12. And? Why when I am telling about the number of plugins then there is at least 1 man per hour who will write about the open/non-open source? The whole topic is about that it should be done something to attract the developers. And then you come and tell that nothing probably should be changed because more devs will produce more bad code. Are you serious?!
  13. I was always surprised with the number of plugins created for other platforms. PS
  14. After the licence has expired then "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." is not available in the editor on your site including the Bug Tracker which makes more difficult to submit bug reports. May this be changed?
  15. I will just keep this because this is the message of the evening.
  16. This is the good question, man. Because when you have 500 products in the store then nobody is interested in purchasing new licences and create the site on the basis of this engine. Less people are interested in the engine = less developers are interested to join the mission. Finally you need to open something (if not all) to see if something will change. Otherwise we will continue to use the Forum because the number of mods for the Store is very limited. They are still considering the Forum as the locomotive of their business.
  17. This is the cancerous growth on the surface of the planet Earth.
  18. I think that there is misunderstading of the real situation. Entrance fee is only helpful for developers who do not want competition. Most customers will continue to renew the licence since they want security updates and personal support. So, Marketplace may be the entrance-free area for all. But if you'll look at the list of products on the Marketplace, you will see that this list is not very big. We are lucking good products more and more. The time of the homogeneous sites is over. I think that the company understands this. That is why they made Forum independent from the Core in the l
  19. Pirates and some developers will not like the subject matter of this topic. Knoc-knoc - this is the open market! I want you!
  20. This is the general rule when you are posting something but not nothing without quotes.
  21. Because you are the contributor/developer (not the buyer) or you do not like the open competition. All developers should have the free developer licence allowing to use the software on the local system without the internet site. Pirates will always find the copy of the software. But the developers will not use the pirated software and will not develop for this suite anything in case the entrance fee will continue to exist.
  22. Cons: Piracy and Warez (this is going on now and does not depend on the licensing) No way to police the use of "dev" copies. (?! this is the same as the general licensing) Not open source (and therefore not anything like android just an FYI) Current developers will de-list and not provide products (the strongest survives) Flood of low support, minimal quality mods from developers only partly invested in learning the framework. (let the market decide which product will be purchased) Pros: More developers (they do not need to pay the entrance fee) (s
  23. Let then download for the development purpose without the right to have the public Internet site. In any case pirates are already using the software. This is out of the normal attitude to the people. There are courts who may say this. ... I am feeling myself a little bit in the middle of the encirclement here. It is difficult to make the fresh wind by the hands of one man.
  24. I mean that seeing only pirates/competitors around is due to the lack of faith in the self and lack of the talent. People are not pirates until the cort will call them so.
  25. Make the free-developer-licence for the developers which is not allowing to have the Internet site. And let them access to the Marketplace with this licence.
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