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  1. It would be great to send out an email to those who haven't purchased in the last x months, who have been active in the last x months so you can send these active users coupons to purchase packages. That way you aren't emailing people who purchased 2 years ago and haven't been back since then (if you didn't want to - since some people just move on).
  2. Sorry for my post before. I just got done reading a majority of your posts, I understand where you are coming from now.

  3. Why do you hate ipb so much? Your board looks great and is extremely big.

  4. Cool, something I suggested nearly 2 years ago is finally being implemented. Nice to see a change to an inefficiency within the system. Congrats.
  5. Cool guys. I can't wait to leave this community. Worst I've ever been on...even vb.com's official forums. Congrats on being the best at being the worst.

    1. realmaverickuk


      More problems dude?

  6. That's untrue because Adwords users can see the keyword performance if I read the articles right a few weeks ago. I've been under a rock for 2 weeks so if things have changed since then...then I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what I read. Plus, how does blocking that information in GA tell you what the high performing keywords are or give you any sort of info for things like that? If you are trying to game the system, you are still going to game it even if you don't know the performance of the keywords. People know the high paying ones so they are going to do all the backlinking and what not that will bring people to their site and rank their site higher for those keywords.
  7. I see this move as the first move by Google and think they are going to start doing more things like this. I mean, I believe they claimed that it's for privacy reasons. I call BS! Privacy for keywords? Really...what can webmasters gather from seeing keywords being used to get to their site...against people? We can't link people to these keywords. These keywords help us to know we are on the right track. I predict in the future Google will be offering a paid service for those who want to know what keywords people use to get to their site...that's my guess as of right now as I see that as the only reason for making this stupid move.
  8. Maybe it's my ignorance but I thought xF only used sprites for their smilies...
  9. Yet another SEO topic bites the dust. At least Matt wants to hear from us. The rest of the staff think they are "know-it-alls" and don't actually know faeces and tend to lump all of us concerned with SEO into one stinkin' pile of crap rather than actually seeing how we run our communities. I'd like to see some of the staffs forums now that I think about it...

  10. Glad someone had the smarts to post in the SEO thread. I'm beginning to feel the majority of people saying IPB SEO isn't bad are just idiots and think all of us that want to improve it just want to do so for money. For me...it's so I can get the right information to people (FREE TOO!). I know my content is better than the sites I compete with yet...since converting, we appear under them or not at all.

  11. I was late to the party on the new SEO thread. I think the thing you do NOT realize is that SEO for many of these admins (including myself) is the last peice to the puzzle. We have a great userbase but it has become stagnant. In my top 10 keywords, 4 are my site name. It wasn't like that before I moved here. And for your information, I'm one of the 2 that Matt is talking to about SEO. I just feel you are looking the other way when we are making our points (much like Rhett and ot...

    1. 7SiN


      other IPS staff). I'm just glad Matt is listening when no one else would.

    2. Michael


      I don't know what this is in regards to. You probably should have posted this in whatever topic you and I evidently both posted in.

    3. 7SiN


      It was one of the SEO threads that was closed and you had stated your opinion that those of us "focusing" on SEO are focusing on the wrong things.

  12. You seem to like my posts :P What's your story behind what I've said and you liking it?

  13. Or for defined pages. #Rules. #contactus. #Settings.
  14. Although it may be the "in thing" but I see no benefit. Unless I'm just not thinking of how it can be utilized...which no one has yet stated a good use for it.
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