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  1. I'm interested in how the mobile version of it will work.
  2. It's not a bug. And I agree it's a bit sad that IPB lacks something even phpBB 2.x had.
  3. I will never understand IPS' reluctance over allowing admin's the ability to enable emoticons in sigs/about me without doing code edits.
  4. Can't believe 3.2 is out and still no emoticons in signatures. :(
  5. I understand where you are coming from, but I have seen animated avatars on Twitter. :tongue: People have to do what is best for their communities. For more professional, serious boards, sure animated gifs are stupid. But for forums about anime? Xbox or PS3? For some users showing off their avatars is half the fun, and there is nothing wrong with that if that forum's admins are happy to let them have their fun.
  6. Then why did they work on the preview board?
  7. Despite some misgivings I do quite like 3.2. Obviously I'll have to play with it more but so far so good. Aside from animated gifs not working for avatars. Especially since they worked on the internal32 site.
  8. I miss animated avatars :(

  9. Now that I'm thinking on it, I'd like to see the option to enable emoticons in signatures. [url=" can't be the only one!
  10. Going with the marketplace model, what if you want predefined prefixes (want to buy, for sell, etc) but let users tag their post as they see fit?
  11. [quote name='SCS' timestamp='1300710788'] Good work, no more custom mods for doing both things :)But I have a question: What if an admin wants a tag to be used solely as a prefix and not as a regular tag? As I understand, if you have both tags and prefixes enabled, with members choosing amongst a predefined set of tags, it is not possible to separate which one can be used where. I can't speak for all, but I'd like to have the option to make a tag available as a prefix-only or tag-only. I second this.
  12. Oh no, I completely agree with you! I only mentioned it is easy to prevent someone from coming around saying it isn't hard to get rid of, when my issue is that the stupid button keeps coming back even after you figure out how to remove it. So I hope that is also addressed because it is annoying having to remove it every upgrade and re-add my own bbcode. I really dislike that useless twitter button.
  13. Removing the twitter button from the custom BBCode screen is easy-peasy. The problem is it gets filled in again when you do a maintenance update. I hope that behavior stops with the new editor.
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