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  1. Ok. I do have a week-old database backup. Is there a way to only extract the Feedback tables from that and add it to the current database?
  2. Hi @stoo2000 In order to install the latest version from the Marketplace I was asked to remove the one that was currently installed. I uninstalled that version and then installed the latest one from the marketplace, but now all the old feedback is lost. All members' feedback is back to 0. I'm on IPB 4.6. Please help.
  3. Hello, is there any way to add/replace Amazon affiliate tags when someone posts a short URL, such as https://amzn.to/30swjOE
  4. Hi, I just upgraded from IPB 3.0 to 3.4. I had the prefix app earlier as well and those settings as well as the prefixes I had created were carried forward to the new version. Even the older threads that had prefixes are showing up with the prefixes. But now, I'm not seeing the prefix drop down while creating new topics, so I can't add prefixes to any of my new topics. Please assist. Thanks
  5. Just checked again, and basically the only feedback that's left is what was imported from ttrader. So all the feedback added since I installed this mod has been wiped out. I followed the steps mentioned in the instructions guide ie: uploaded the files. There really needs to be a proper update guide in the install notes. Please look into it.
  6. Hi. I just installed 1.0.5 (on IPB 3.12) and suddenly a whole lot of feedback for many members just got wiped out. Can you please tell me why this happened and if there's any way to get that back? It seems all feedback since July 2010 has been wiped out. :(
  7. Hi, I currently have 1.0.0 installed and I wanna update to 1.0.5. Is the procedure for updates the same as for fresh installs? I don't see an update procedure mention in the instructions file. In 1.0.0, I'm facing an issue where no one is able to edit or delete feedback. Not even the Root Admin. All the permissions are in place.
  8. The issue is getting really serious now. We have vendors operating on our site and one of our vendors has lost all his non-ttrader feedback. So he's lost all the feedback earned through the new system. The feedback score still shows but the feedback itself is gone. Please fix this.
  9. Many members are reporting that their accumulated feedback is being automatically deleted. Not all the feedback, but a few. There's a whole thread of members complaining about it. PMing you the link. Please look into it. Thanks.
  10. The page number issue has been fixed. Thanks. The notification issue still persists. I've sent you a PM with some details.
  11. I bought this mod via invisionize and I tried to get support there but there's been no response so I'm posting here 1. When I'm on a member's feedback page and I try to go to the 2nd or 3rd feedback page, it takes me to the board index instead. 2. A couple of admins are receiving notifications of feedback that was exchanged between other random members. I don't know if regular members are receiving these incorrect notifications as well. 2. The feedback count that shows next to members' names is inaccurate. It shows as 0 for many members but theyre feedback page shows the proper feedback number PS: I've imported ttrader feedback
  12. Just installed the mod and it works great. I'm just facing one issue - the prefixes don't show up on the board view (recent posts). Is this because the prefixes are in HTML format and I have to enable some HTML option in Admin CP for it to be seen, or is it not possible for prefixes to show in board view. If its not possible, can we have an alternative text in box brackets [FOR SALE] that shows in board view instead of the prefix? Thanks
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