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  1. $10.00

    Quick Links

    Quick Links Is a very simple plugin, yet with many options for adding a new "Hamburger menu" function, right beside of User bar section in Desktop view.

    Click on this, will open a Full screen menu with these items:
    Up to 8 Grid with 7 links for each, can be activate or sets for each section throughout plugin settings Background color setting for Full screen menu Option for Sticky header Color option for links. link color and hover Social media Icons for linking to official social media pages Contact us section Live Demo (Desktop view)

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  2. $35.50

    (NB41) My Football

    This is updated version of "(NB34) My Football"
    With this application you can create a football tables.
    - Create leagues
    - Create teams
    - Create fixtures
    - Create players
    If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic.
    Support topic

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  3. $25.00

    (NB41) Topic Cover

    This app allow users add cover photo in topics.
    Don't forget to set moderators permissions. ACP - Members - Moderators - Select modeator - tab "Topic Cover".
    Support topic

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  4. $15.00

    (BIM) Hide Link And Code

    This plugin will hide LINKS, CODE, IMAGES and [HIDE] in forum posts automatically. Members can use REACTIONS or REPLY to see the hidden content.
    Select content to hide: images, external links, code, [hide] tag, attachments Option to specify groups can bypass the hidden content. REACTIONS or Reply to see the hidden content. Supports Clubs. Download version 3.x.x if you're using IPS 4.4.x

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  5. $10.00

    Group Colors on User Links

    With Invision Community 4.4 this plugin is ALMOST no longer needed!
    1) Install or upgrade this plugin to V14 (or higher).
    2) Go to the Admin Control Panel - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page:

    Set that to global and save. That should tackle 99% of what this plugin did before.
    3) Version 16 adds in settings options to apply to profile page header and member hovercards.

    4) Version 15 adds in the messenger conversation participants block.

    3) Version 14 only forces through formatting on forum posts. I will add more exceptions not covered by the global toggle in the ACP as we find them.
    For 4.3.6 and lower:
    This plugin forces most user links throughout the Invision Community to display member group color/formatting.
    This applies in all places where the \IPS\Member object is used to produce links to a member.
    Your user name in the cover photo and also on profile hovercards (when you cursor over a username/photo and the mini profile appears) remain un-formatted and probably should remain that way as background images will nearly always conflict with the group formatted color and should remain white. See below.

    If you are wondering why some areas do not have formatted names and others do that is because there are many different ways the userlink is created throughout the suite. If the IPS\Member object is used the group color will be applied automatically. In EVERY other instance additional coding is required. Sometimes easy, other times not. 
    Search and Stream Results are particularly challenging as they actually involve language files with variable passed directly to the language construct. As is right now you will see Search and Stream Results do have group formatting applied but the trailing possessive does not - i.e. Fate's topic. There may be away around this but it will require new language bits and that means translations and so on...
    Version 12 is 4.3 compatible and FREE - find it attached below.
    Version 11 is the last compatible version for 4.2 and is also FREE - find it attached below. 
    Both version 11 and 12 are no longer supported! Version 13 and onward is paid and supported (as far as future Invision Community system changes will allow me)
    FREE Group Color on User Link 12 - 4.3 only.xml
    FREE Group Color on User Link 11 - 4.2 only.xml

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  6. $35.00

    (NB41) Content Ratings

    This app allow users add different ratings to members content.
    Tested with:
    - Post
    - Event
    - Review
    - Comment
    - Image
    - Comment
    - Review
    - Status
    - Status reply
    But it should to work with all content items/comments/reviews if they supported inbuilt reputation (not mini).
    If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic.
    Support topic

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  7. $10.00

    Next/Prev Contents

    This plugin will add two button in your community pages for Next Content (different from Next Unread Content) and Previous Content (If there is a next or previous content). buttons will stick in the sides of the page and have animation effect if hover to show more detail for next or previous items. like item's name and item's image.
    Note: Next Item and Previous Item is based on how IPS consider an Item is being updated in databases.
    Supported apps:
    Forum's topics | Demo Download's files | Demo Calendar's events | Demo Page's records (Require additional template works, so sent me PM for assistant) | Demo

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  8. $6.00

    Club Sponsors Page

    Connect and manage your community's Clubs with their own affiliates, referrers, sponsors, and partners with Club Sponsors by @Fosters!  This app allows Club Owners to add sponsors to each club on a Sponsors Page.  The Sponsors Page lists, describes, and links to the sponsor.  
    Are you looking to create local clubs that connect with local businesses? Are you looking to create special interest clubs to be sponsored by industry organizations?  Are you looking to create fan groups linked to other fan communities?   Create a simple and beautiful Sponsors Page in each of your clubs, managed entirely by the Club Owner. 

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  9. Free

    Improve Storage Configurations Display Name

    A simple plugin that improves the display names of Amazon S3 storage configurations.
    When you add an Amazon S3 bucket storage configuration, only the bucket name is displayed in the overview and settings lists. This makes it hard (close to impossible) to differentiate between different configurations, if you use the same bucket more than once, e.g. the same bucket with different bucket paths.
    This plugin appends the bucket path, if set, to the display name of Amazon S3 storage configurations.
    There are no settings or options, you just enable the plugin and let the magic happen.


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  10. Free

    Remove Extension from Image Caption

    This plugin will eemove Extension from Image Caption when you add/edit images.


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  11. $15.00

    Moderate Updated Content

    This plugin hides/unapproves content after a member edits it. Set what kind of content will require moderation again and which forums they are in. As well as which groups can bypass moderation.
    Moderated content will re-appear in the approval queue in the ModeratorCP. Set which content items will require approval again. Such as topics, posts, blog entries, download files, download comments etc.. Set in which forums topics and posts require approval again. Set which member groups are exempt from updated content moderation. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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  12. Free

    Followed Content Last Post

    Add last post information to a users manage followed topics and forums.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  13. $13.00

    (BIM) Article Thumbnail

    Display thumbnails in an article database Easy to change the thumbnail for articles. Select thumbnail from external url, record image or article content. Set permission for groups to change thumbnails. Requires PAGES app

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  14. Free

    Topic Meta Description

    Set a custom meta description for all topics that makes use of the existing topic content and title.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  15. $15.00

    Members Shop Codes n Vouchers

    This application will add a codes n vouchers extension to the members shop app, you can use this for any code or voucher like steam codes, online gaming codes etc
    Create unlimited categories to store the codes or vouchers in Create unlimited codes or vouchers Create a new shop item allowing members to buy the code or voucher When creating this item you will select a category what you have created, and each time the item is redeemed it will generate a code from that category Once the item is redeemed the user will automatically receive a PM with the code or voucher attached As soon as the item is redeemed and the code is generated the code will be removed from the category You can not set more stock then the codes available in the selected category, if you do select more stock then codes available, then it will just set to stock to the amount available automatically Adds a new tab to the members shop in the ACP showing all the redeemed codes or vouchers Requirements to use this app
    Members Shop 2.0.0 or above

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  16. $20.00

    Lottery ( Members Shop Add-On )

    Lottery is a add-on for Members Shop, It will allow your members to gamble their points on lotteries created by you in the ACP, You can create different categories to place a unlimited amount of lottery draws in.
    Front End Main lottery page shows a grid of all the enabled draws Buy a lottery ticket Shows the draw time Click to view the possible payouts for matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers My tickets shows a grid of all your bought tickets Shows your chosen numbers Shows the draw date If the draw is pending it will say it is pending If the draw is complete it will ask you to claim the ticket After you claimed your ticked it will pop up and say if you matched any numbers and if you did it will award you the points If your ticket was a winner it will now show how many numbers you matched along with the amount you won If you ticket was a losing one then it will say so Shows a filter button so you can filter your tickets to chosen draws Results page show a grid of the latest games that have been drawn This is a small grid table showing 4 results with the ability to show more Click a direct link to view all your tickets from the selected draw Click to view the results of the draw ( Example, shows how many members have matched 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers ) this will update once a member clicked the claim their ticket ( If they won obviously ) There is also another grid table below this showing the latest 4 members what have won on the lottery Shows the users avatar along with their usergroup Shows the amount of numbers they matched Shows the amount they won on that ticket Buying tickets You can choose to either pick 6 numbers or get a lucky dip ACP Create lottery draws Enter a name for the draw ( Example, Weekly Draw #1 ) Enter a starting jackpot to award the members who match 6 numbers Enter the amount to award members if they match 5 numbers in the draw Enter the amount to award members if they match 4 numbers in the draw Enter the amount to award members if they match 3 numbers in the draw Enter a draw time ( Members can not buy tickets after this time has passed ) Set the ticket prices Choose to force a winner for the lottery draws Choose the colours of the ball sets Set a % of the tickets price to stack on the jackpot for each ticket bought ( Example, If a ticket costs 100 points and you set it to 90% then each ticket bought will add 90 points onto the jackpot's total ) Enter the amount of tickets each member can buy for the draw with a unlimited option ( This is good if you are going to offer some free draws ) Each draw has its own permission maxtix so you can select what user groups can either view or buy the tickets for each one Choose to upload a image to place in the header of the main lottery page Choose to enter some text using the built in IPS editor to place in the header on the main lottery page Shows a table in the ACP listing all payouts from the draws Select to post a topic once a draw is complete with the draws information You can use a wide range of tags in the editor what will replace with information about the draw If enabled, when a member claims a winning ticket a reply to the topic what was posted will be posted Again you can use a wide range of tags in the editor what will be replaced with the winners information All draws are set to be drawn automatically with-in 30 minutes of the time of the draw start date, ( if it is not manually drawn in the ACP that is ) How To Install
    Download the .tar file and navigate to ACP, applications and click to install then upload the downloaded .tar file The lottery tabs in the ACP are located in the members shop tabs Once setup go to the Menu Manager in the ACP and add the lottery tabs to where you want them place ( Either in their own menu or add them to the members shop menu like I did on the demo ) Copyright / Branding ✔
    Copyright / Branding Removal Options ✔

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  17. $65.00


    Tournaments allows your members to ceate Teams and then Tournaments to enter in, you can use this application for multiple tournaments including online gaming, sports or any other tournament you want to be involved in. You can allow members to comment and communicate with each other members on each tournament, Each team can have a unique skill what will be calculated using the elo rating system starting with a default of 1200 points.
    This application is fully compatable with clubs using the teams and tournaments modules Tournaments ( There are 4 different tournament types to choose from )
    Single Elimination ( 4 Teams, 8 Teams, 16 Teams, 32 Teams ) Teams are automatically pitted against each other in a knockout style tournament where the winner progresses to the next round until they reach the finals and you get a winner Round Robin One Match ( 4 Teams, 6 Teams, 8 Teams, 10 Teams, 12 Teams, 16 Teams, 20 Teams ) Teams are automatically pitted against each other in a league style tournament including a league table where teams receive points for winning a match and if set points for drawing a match, then after all games are played the team at the top of the table is the winner All teams entered will play each other at least one time each Depending on the teams joined will depend the amount of games generated starting from 6 matches all the way up to 190 matches Round Robin Two Matches ( 4 Teams, 6 Teams, 8 Teams, 10 Teams, 12 Teams, 16 Teams, 20 Teams ) Teams are automatically pitted against each other in a league style tournament including a league table where teams receive points for winning a match and if set points for drawing a match, then after all games are played the team at the top of the table is the winner All teams entered will play each other twice ( Home & Away ) Depending on the teams joined will depend the amount of games generated starting from 12 matches all the way up to 380 matches Ladders ( 6 Teams, 10 Teams, 15 Teams, 21 Teams ) This tournament is different once all teams are joined the ladder is generated placing the team with the highest skill rating ( Read Tournament Teams Below ) on the top tier and the team with the lowest at the bottom tier Teams can only challenge other teams who are within 1 tier of them ( example... if the team is in teir 3 they can challenge teams in tiers 2 and 4 ) Teams will challenge other teams and if the team on the lower tier wins they will switch places with the team they just beat on the ladder Team owners will receive a notification when receiving a challenge from another team If a team rejects a challenge it will show publicy they rejected it Users who sent the challenge have the ability to remove their challenge request ( this is for if another team is ignoring their challenge ) Once a team owner sends a challenge they can not challenge another team in that tournament unless it gets rejected / removed or accepted and then the game and been played ( This is not to confuse the placing of the teams ) Once a challenge has been sent and then played, the challenger will not be able to challenge that team they just played until they play another team first Tournaments Main Features
    Create unlimited categories & sub categories to for members to create tournaments in Each category has its own permissions for user groups on Who can view each category Who can view tournaments in each category Who can add tournaments in each category Who can comment on tournaments in each category Tournaments implements the IPS moderation & content features allowing your moderators to fully moderate the tournaments from the front end and ModCP Each tournament can be set to be password protected forcing team leaders to enter a selected password to join the tournament Allow members to post comments on the tournaments to communicate with other members keeping the discussions in one place and for use if tournament creators require proof of the results Members who create tournaments will be able to enter the results for each tier of that tournament ( admins & moderators with content edit permissions will also be allowed to enter the results ) Tournaments uses the IPS reporting feature allowing your members to report and tournaments that may be dodgey Show a list of all teams entering in the tournaments If you have Members Shop installed then you can choose to award the winning teams leader (  or each player in the team ) a set amount of points for each tier of the tournament they win in Tournaments uses the IPS embed function allowing you to copy & paste the teams URL into the editor Allow tournament creators to invite other teams to the tournament by the way or notifications ( Each invite is sent to the team leader ) When replacing a team, if that team has played say 3 matches they will not lose their stats from them 3 matches on their teams stats, BUT it will show the newly added teams name on them 3 matches of the tournament itself, the newly added team will not gain the stats from them 3 matches either All tournaments have their own list of the teams joined showing the stats from that current tournament Tournament Teams
    Allow your members to create teams to play in the tournaments Each team created has a skill rating starting of at 1200 what will increase / decrease with their wins or loses using the ELO Rating system Each team have their own stats forming of Their Wins Their Loses Their Draws Their Win Ratio Their Skill Teams Main Features
    Create unlimited categories and sub categories for members to create teams Each category has its own permissions for user groups on Who can view each category Who can view teams in each category Who can add teams in each category Teams implements the IPS moderation & content features allowing your moderators to fully moderate the teams from the front end and ModCP Teams has a nice landing page showing All featured teams The latest teams created The teams with the most wins The teams with the best win average The teams with the highest skill Teams can upload their own image and enter a team description Team leaders can choose to set a password for their team for other users to enter to be able to join Members can create unlimited teams but can only enter one of their team in each tournament Team leaders can remove their players easily in their team page Teams uses the IPS embed function allowing you to copy & paste the teams URL into the editor Team leaders can invite other members to join their team by way of sending them a notification Team owners can replace them self as the owner by selecting another member to take their place As well as changing the owner they have 2 more options Leave the team completly Stay on as a team player Other Features
    Team leaders will receive a notification when a new member joins their team or they receive a challenge to a ladder tournament All team players will receive a notification when the first round of the tournament they have joined is drawn Tournaments fully implements the IPS search allowing your members to search for teams and tournaments Tournaments uses the IPS content moderation allowing your moderators to moderate the teams and tournaments via the front end and ModCP Tournaments and teams allows your moderators to fully moderate them via the front end they can, Feature / Pin / Hide / Delete / Lock & Move The moderator permissions uses the IPS content permissions what can be set either globally for all applications or you can choose them seperatly for this app Copyright / Branding ✔
    Copyright / Branding Removal Options ✔

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  18. $17.00

    Sound Board

    With Sound Board you can:
    Set a new default notification sound for your community! Allow members to customize their notification sound! Administrators can limit this ability to specific member groups. Choosing only the guest user group will force everyone on to your new default customization sound. Allow members' custom notification sounds to be playable on member profile pages. Disable the public display for your more naughty members and their naughty notification sounds... NOTE: Version 4 is for Invision Community 4.4.5 or higher. It may work with earlier versions but I haven't and will not test it. Caviar Empty as they say...
    The playing of the notification sound flows as follows:
    1) If a member has a custom sound, and has group permissions to have a custom sound, that sound will play for them when they get a notification.
    2) If not (member has no custom sound specified and/or no group permissions), and you have set a new default notification sound in the Sound Board ACP settings, that will play instead.
    3) Otherwise, it will fall back to the usual IPS default notification sound.
    Members with group permissions to have a custom notification sound have a menu option right in the usermenu drop down. Drag and drop MP3, WAV, OGG files and that's all that's needed.
    If you choose, you can toggle on the public display of a member's notification sound on the member's profile page. An HTML5 audio player holds the sound giving any visitor to the page the ability to hear it. This is a simple social feature, nothing more; a conversation starter or something along those lines. Naturally nothing will display unless the member is in a group that has permissions to have these custom sounds, and they actually have set one.
    Does a member have a notification sound that is not quite up to your community standards but you still want people to have their notification sound on their profile pages? Go to the problem member's entry in the ACP and toggle this feature off for this member. They still get to use their custom notification sound, but your community won't be exposed to it.
    Audio Formats/Limits:
    MP3, WAV, OGG. I have a 5 meg limit on file size as well - no real reason other than it seems reasonable. Can be removed if needed.
    Install app, find it under the new All Astronauts app tab in the ACP, configure settings, enjoy!

    This only changes the notification sounds that are sent out. It does nothing with the where/why/how of how notifications are generated. CIC users may need to be patient post install and after members add a custom notification sound as the CIC system takes a few minutes to duplicate/cache/CDN the sound file. Please. please. please be patient. CIC is notorious for cache delays affecting acp settings changes and the like. 
    Hey it says "Choosing only the guest user group will force everyone on to your new default customization sound." How does that work even?
    Guests are not members and do not receive notifications. If you select that group, and only that group, and also have a new default sound set, all of your members, admins, etc. will pull the new default you set without the ability to set their own personal defaults. 
    So that means I do that and I have a new community wide default notification sound that everyone has to use?
    $12 to get, $5/6 months.  Renews are mainly a tip jar and to protect myself if IPS changes force me to work this over again. And it's already happened with 4.3 (twice already!)
    Support available for the time being in the IPS Marketplace topic. PMs are ok but the topic is far better. Keep in mind most devs here have other lives - we often will read a PM but we may not actually reply for quite some time - please be patient. You are allowed to use this, after purchasing a license and downloading this from the IPS Marketplace, on one live site and any test/dev sites you have. Additional live sites require additional license purchases. Renewals (per purchase) entitle you to updated versions and ongoing support. Skip a renew if you don't need a new version or support. Support is limited to the default IPS theme and is for IPS license holders current on the application/plugin renewals (with a generous grace period). I'll give a hand, time permitting, to help you figure out what is wrong with your custom theme if there is a conflict but fixes in those cases will need to be made by your theme provider. All rights reserved.

    21 purchases   53 downloads

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  19. Free

    Condensed Default Stream View

    Have the condensed view of the all activity stream load by default.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  20. Free

    Remove Forums Title

    There are now FOUR versions of this plugin!
    For IPS 4.5
    Remove Forums Title from Index 2.0.0
    Removes the title "Forums" or your translated equivalent no matter if your forums are the default application or not. It is just a CSS change like the last version, only more so... If you like, just add this to your custom.css and skip the plugin which only adds a single css file with these two lines into your custom directory anyways. The additional line is needed due to the new flex structure with 4.5.
    [data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] h1.ipsType_pageTitle.ipsType_break { display: none; } [data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsPageHeader.cForumHeader ul { width: 100%; } If it is still showing something else might be conflicting in which case change the display: none; to display: none !important; The usual caveats about custom themes altering this structure and making all of this not work apply as always. If that's the case, it's all on you.
    For IPS 4.2+, 4.3+, 4.4+
    Remove Forums Title from Index
    Removes the title "Forums" or your translated equivalent no matter if your forums are the default application or not. It is just a CSS change. If you like, just add this to your custom.css and skip the plugin:
    [data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .cForumHeader h1.ipsType_pageTitle { display: none; } If it is still showing something else might be conflicting in which case change the display: none; to display: none !important;
    For IPS and lower:
    (SOS41) Remove 'Forums' from Forums Index 1.0.0 - Adriano Faria's Original Version
    This plugin will remove the title "Forums" from Forums index if the Forums application is the default app of your suite. Tested working on using the default theme. This should still work going forward but consider it unsupported for the most part if it breaks. Give a yell though; I might give it a kick.
    Remove Forums Title - Fk's Version
    This plugin will remove the title "Forums" from the Forums index always; no matter if Forums is your default application or not. Unlike Adriano's version, this version has a single setting you need to toggle on/off to enable. Additionally, where Adriano's version consists of template hooks, this version is exclusively CSS changes.
    My version may work better for you depending upon any template changes you may or may not have made. If you use this version be sure to refresh your page once or twice to get the new CSS calls after enabling it .
    Lastly, the Adriano version will not remove any border a theme author may have added around the div that contains the title. My version *should* over-ride any border that is set.


       (4 reviews)


  21. $10.00

    SortBy Most Reactions

    Sort a forums topics by the most reactions it has received. Select which forums or member groups support reaction counts.
    Set which forums support sorting. Set which members groups can sort by reactions. Display reaction counts next to each topic row. Count reactions from the first post or all posts within a topic. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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  22. $30.00


    Bookmarks is an easy and convenient way to save and bookmark content that you want to find later:
    Want to save a long topic for later reading? Don't want to lose your spot in an interesting topic? Need to mark something for moderator review?   Curious about other people's favorite bookmarks?   Bookmarks by @fosters saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple pages, searching, and navigating to find that one post you wanted to later review.  With one click, you and your users can save any post as a bookmark.  It offers a convenient way to compile, store, and organize your most favorite posts from around the community into your own set of bookmarks.     
    Bookmarks offers the following features:
    Public Bookmarks - Public bookmarks are viewable by other members and guests on a tab on the member's profile page.   Private Bookmarks - Private bookmarks are viewed only by yourself.  This is perfect for the posts you secretly love to return to!   Unlimited Bookmarks - Let your users save as many bookmarks as they want!   Notifications - The content creator can get a notification when somebody bookmarks his content Activity Stream  Simple Mode - Enhanced features like the bookmark type and categories will be deactivated CONTENT ITEMS
    Bookmarks works with the following content items:
    Topic Posts Blog Entries Blog Comments Download Files Download Comments Gallery Images Gallery Comments Gallery Albums Project Manager Items Project Manager Comments FAST & UIX FRIENDLY
    Bookmarks is designed to be super fast and user-friendly.  The application uses a "table join" to fetch the bookmark, so no extra queries are run on the content page.  It also utilizes AJAX technology to manage the bookmarks.  This means when you add or remove the bookmark, the bookmark is instantly removed without reloading the page - giving an instant and seamless transition to your users.  
    Instructions on how to add the Bookmark link to an IP.Pages template:
    1. Open the Pages App Template Editor and open for the "record" template

    2. Search for
    {{if $record->canManageRevisions()}} <li><a href='{$record->url('revisions')}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link ipsButton_fullWidth' title="{lang="content_view_revisions"}">{lang="content_view_revisions"}</a></li> {{endif}} 3. Add below
    {{if $record->canBookmark()}} <li> {template="bookmarkLink" app="bookmark" group="bookmark" location="global" params="$record"} </li> {{endif}}  
    Version 1.6.0 is for IPS 4.4.0

    121 purchases   622 downloads

       (6 reviews)


  23. $15.00

    Lazy Load Videos

    This plugin speeds up load times by replacing supported video embeds (YouTube) with preview images. Users can then view the video by clicking the preview image and the embed will load like normal via javascript.
    Speeds up page load times by preventing multiple video embeds from loading. Works in the background on page load and regardless if javascript enabled browser or not. Fall back code in place for non javascript browsers. User will simply be redirected to the videos page. Clicking the preview image will automatically load the video embed again through javascript. Choose which forums will support lazy loading of videos. Choose which member groups will have videos lazy loaded. Currently supported video sites: YouTube Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    21 purchases   56 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  24. $30.00

    Menu Groups Manager

    Menu Groups Manager, is a spiritual successor to CJ Menu. This menu manager offers a wide range of abilities and features, not found in the default IPS menu manager. You will have the ability to create unlimited groups, use them in a widget, hooks or in one of the 5 predefined locations.
    Note: if you are a CJ Menu owner, you can claim for a limited time a free copy of MGM, please contact me .
    Multiple menu groups Several menu types to choose from (drawer, URL, applications, wrapper and magic block) multi-tiered sub menus two sub menus types: traditonal and mega On IPS applications that support Categories (like forums and downloads) have the ability to attach these Categories as sub menus. (this feature can be extended to third parties apps thru MGM's extension, several 3rd parties apps already support, Babble, Downloads Plus out of the box). Optional replacement of IPS default menu*. custom permissions or use application permissions. custom icons or use of font awesome icons for menus. Magic Blocks: allows you to create customized submenus, allows use of HTML/IPS Template logic/PHP/Javascript/etc. the only real limit is the imagination going into it. minimal style: the style is made to look acceptable on the IPS default them, but the styling is kept to minimal for easier styling into any theme. * MGM will attempt to remove the IPS default menu navigation, this isn't always a guarantee due to difference in theme design, as long as the them is similar to the default theme in the menu area, this feature should work, refunds will not be issued based on this reason alone, if the theme is incompatible with this feature. I do offer additional paid support for this, please inquire in PM if you desire this. limited theme support is available (as i am not a themer, i can help to the best of my ability).

    22 purchases   77 downloads

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  25. $12.50

    Topic Header

    Display a summary of topic details at the top of every topic. Including first and last poster, views, number of attachments and who posted in the topic.
    Select which forums support a topic header. Select which member groups can view the topic header. Display first poster, last poster, views, number of attachments, attachment upload size and who posted. Topic attachment popup to display a topics attachments. Who posted popup to display the top posters of a topic. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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