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  1. Yes, classifieds integration is available. I can provide the code via PM. Please check http://forums.novawave.ca/topic/11409-bad-notify-key-error/
  2. Simply upload the new files and overwrite. There is currently no scripted upgrade required.
  3. I'm not sure that these two things are exactly related. There is a version of the script that may fix this issue. Please PM me and I'll get you a copy of it later today.
  4. Sorry, new features development has to be put on hold. I just have too heavy of a workload at the moment, so I'll be focusing on bug fixes, updates for new IPB versions, and similar support. If anyone has any mods to this script that add new features, I can offer a refund of your purchase price for their inclusion in future releases. PM me.
  5. The notification issue has several reported fixes, from recaching, saving notify preferences, or if those don't work there is an easy way to disable notifications now. Again, it doesn't affect everyone. All of the reported bugs have been fixed, or a fix exists. I haven't had time to put out version 1.1, but the mod will definitely be compatible with IPB 3.2.
  6. That's not working as intended. I briefly uploaded a version of the nonotify script with the redirect accidentally commented out. You may have it, please upload the latest version again. Your feedback URLs aren't being entered into the DB properly. Try the script I PMed you.
  7. It's a tricky thing to implement without being restrictive. Say a person starts a topic, and completes a deal with someone who PMed them. Who gets to leave/receive feedback? Fake feedback could still be left by people posting in each other's topics. The trader has to take some diligence in verifying someone's feedback, imo. However, every forum is different, and I could possibly guide you to mod the script to fit your needs.
  8. Please PM me the URL to your forum, and I'll write the code which should work for it.
  9. Please see http://forums.novawave.ca/topic/11409-bad-notify-key-error/
  10. Check around line 200 to edit the output link structure, near: if (ctype_digit($row['link'])) { Oh, I missed your edit. I'll try and find the time to do this for you shortly.
  11. Ah, I hadn't realized you were asking for directions. Do you know PHP at all? It would be a matter of changing _getTidFromUrl() in /admin/applications_addon/other/feedback/modules_public/view/view.php I could look into writing it if you aren't sure how. Doing an str_replace() specific to your forum's URL, then just outputting the ID substring would be the easiest way.
  12. Yes, you're certainly allowed to make modifications to the app. The license has the details: http://novascripts.com/feedback_license.php It'd be great to see what you come up with!
  13. Yes, under the install directions there is an optional code edit to show the feedback scores next to posts.
  14. Interesting that this is the case, because the code is the same as IPB itself uses to extract ids in the moderation tools. Nonetheless, I'll make incremental update, 1.0.6 which should fix this. I'm not sure about the feasibility of automating this without a big rewrite, but I'll look into it. If you have IPB set to output debug info, the number of queries will be displayed on the bottom of the page. Please see http://forums.novawave.ca/topic/11409-bad-notify-key-error/ Under Search Engine Optimization settings in the ACP, enable 'Redirect to new friendly URL format'.
  15. Right now there's no way to do this without coding. Seller, Buyer, etc are just language strings based on the value of the 'type' column in the database. You would need to edit /admin/applications_addon/other/feedback/modules_public/view/view.php, under the '//who are you?' comment, and the leave feedback skin template. Let me know if you're interested in modifying this and need help.
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