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Some of my board users suggested that a user should NOT be permitted to increase his "Profile views" by viewing HIS profile (although I wonder who could be so vain to care about his profile views).
By checking the code, I think this can be achieved by adding the line in admin/applications/members/modules_public/profile/view.php:

if ( $member['member_id'] != $this->memberData['member_id'] )


$this->DB->insert( 'profile_portal_views', array( 'views_member_id' => $member['member_id'] ), true );

Do you agree? If so, IPB could consider adding a setting to allow this change without having to modify the code.

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I thought it did not count their own views anyway, I remember (I think back on 2.3.x) there was something to stop that (it did not count an 'owner' view) :) , if they are increasing with owner views I'd suggest a bug report so a developer can decide if its an omission or working as intended.

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There's no provision to turn off just the profile views. You'd have to edit the skin to remove the display of that field.

Or did you mean you want to disable the entire profile page from viewing?

Either way, please ask that question in an appropriate area of the forum, or file a ticket to support. This is the feedback area.

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