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  1. We want to set the minimum amount of characters to search for to 3, how can we do this? (Both for member search and content search). There have been issues with people having "fun" with blank searches that seem to take up a lot of resources.
  2. Sigh, I guess I have to use MySQL then...
  3. How do you edit pfields with the Member API? Can you edit them with the API? According to the article below you can only edit fields in core_members. Is this correct?
  4. How do you log things? Do you just echo and IPS takes that data as a log or what?
  5. No more like actual documentation with regards to creating the PHP task file and what is supposed to be in it. I've created a task in a separate plugin but the file that it creates doesn't contain much documentation. So what I need is like the very detailed API documentation that existed for 3.x.
  6. Is there a place to get more documentation with regards to "home made" tasks in a separate plugin? I can't seem to find anything that is detailed enough. I've found the following resource already.
  7. I would also like to know how to make tasks more expressive when they are run or not (i.e. logs in task log).
  8. I am trying to find where I can grant access to guests to access a blog. Yes I can grant them access to ALL blogs, but all I want to expose is one. Like I can with pages, databases, forums, galleries, calendars and files.
  9. This is correct. It is not even possible to create a repetition on a specific selection of dates (as every 3rd thursday of a month is actually just 12 dates of a year). Nor is it possible to take a current event and copy it to another date. So if our repetition does not match the IPS default, we have to completely re-do the event every time. This is the situation for our organisation, and we hold board meetings and test events, they are almost always the same. Yet we have zero reuse of old events.
  10. We need to create a task like we had in 3.4.x. How do you do it in 4.x? I made a file in /applications/core/tasks/ but how do I make it run regularly? Or did I place the file in the wrong place?
  11. Looks like a database error to me.
  12. You can change this in the SQL database. The table is core_tasks. The format is P0Y0M0DT0H0M0S (P{years}Y{months}M{days}DT{hours}H{minutes}M{seconds}S)
  13. Sounds like you want to edit the Forum template. I am unsure what file you should edit, but thats most likely where you should look to change this.
  14. The software that we're trying to use with the IPS passwords is Dovecot. Dovecot only supports the following password schemes on our server: CRYPT MD5 MD5-CRYPT SHA SHA1 SHA256 SHA512 SMD5 SSHA SSHA256 SSHA512 PLAIN CLEAR CLEARTEXT PLAIN-TRUNC CRAM-MD5 SCRAM-SHA-1 HMAC-MD5 DIGEST-MD5 PLAIN-MD4 PLAIN-MD5 LDAP-MD5 LANMAN NTLM OTP SKEY RPA SHA256-CRYPT SHA512-CRYPT As such if we will continue to use IPS integrated login system then we need to use something from the list above. We are looking into other solutions but for now were stuck with SHA512. Are there any good articles about moving from IPS integrated login to LDAP? Dovecot supports LDAP
  15. *really big sigh*. If you know anything about Debian and Ubuntu (I know I didn't mention it in the above post) you know that it can be pretty hard to get a working copy of the binaries in a .deb file to allow blowfish algorithms in software other than PHP. We need the passwords a little bit more unsafe (SHA512 x 5000 ($6$rounds=5000$)) since SHA512 is much more widely available.
  16. When upgrading IPS removes custom MySQL changes to tables. We have changed the password field to take more characters since we can't support Blowfish and use SHA512 instead. Is there a way to edit the file that checks and modifies the tables? Where is this file located?
  17. Permission sets. With thousands upon thousands of users, we have a multitude of groups. IPS3: Configurable permissions sets that was easy to select and apply to one or many groups (could have been made easier but was working) IPS4: Manually edit the permission for each group, hundreds of groups. Many many hours trying to correct the broken translation of previous permissions and the effects of changes to the system from previous versions. What used to take minutes (setup a permission set and apply to a few groups) now takes hours not only because the permissions has been fragmented into so many places it is virtually impossible to verify that two or for the matter two hundred groups have the correct permissions. Customer and Guest support. The vast majority of our visitors are non-members, they need efficient ways to communicate with us. IPS3: Support Form, with the ability for guests to send requests directly to a relevant department with customfields. IPS4: This has been replaced with "Contact Us" form in the bottom of the page, messages that are nowhere to be found (not even in the configured e-mail in question). Content delivery and pages. To deliver our homepage to our members and visiters. IPS3: content was stored as articles which had its quirks. But worked after a few adjustments to templates. IPS4: Content is replaced by Databases where more things are pre-defined and as only a single page is allowed to link to a database, I can't even if I wanted to have a page that displayed two records from a database while having another page that displayed a category. It's simply so annoyingly limited that to even get remotely close to what we wanted to do, each category was setup as its own database. Editors. To manage content and update the page and ensure quality of content. IPS3: Editors was a rough setting, allowing editing of everything site-wide. This was madness, so we had to strictly limit the people allowed to edit content. IPS4: There seems to be no way beyond administrators to edit content. Sure there are settings for this, but users allowed to edit content by settings still can't. We have an open ticket regarding this, but this has moved all content management tasks from our managers to our admins for the past month. Documentation. So that we can find out how to do what we need to do. IPS3: The documentation from IPS was extensive and in most parts pretty good. IPS4: Since the upgrade of invisionpower.com the documentation and most content has been completely broken. It has been broken for months. Not even the old IPS3 documentation works very well as most content contains cross-reference links, links that no longer work. I had something here about Adminpanel access, but it was fixed in 4.1.6. All in all: We have spent more time upgrading from IPS3 to IPS4 than we did implementing IPS3 to start with. With what I know today, we should have stayed in IPS3, because there are so many parts of IPS4 that is still very flawed. On the bright side, we love the responsiveness of the site now.
  18. IPS used to have a good documentation. After they upgraded to version 4 the links changes. And now it has been a problem for almost a year. Things that was easy to do in version 3 is impossible in version 4, partly because of missing features but also because of missing documentation.
  19. When I use Chrome, the time for an event is 14:30, and if I logout its still 14:30 However when I use Edge the event is 14:30, but when I logout its 13:30
  20. I don't seem to understand how I can add free stuff in the store? Everything seems to require billing information and a payment method. But if it's free, a person should just be able to get it, no hassle. What am I missing? Our case is that our members can get promotions with other businesses, and we just want to keep track of how many has actually shown interest for the promo. We could use the ads sections, but we don't want ads on the page really it makes more sense to tuck this stuff away in the Store.
  21. Group formatting Pre-box "<!--" post-box "-->Custom titel" This will comment out the original title and place your custom title there instead. You can use this to hide a title as well if you enter no custom title.
  22. Same issue here. The chat room key has expired. with error 5H269/A.
  23. We use the support primarily for external contacts. Users only used it when they had problem accessing the system. Now we really cant use support all that much at all. Thanks IPS.
  24. This was possible in V3. I'm amazed I can't figure out how to do it here. Each department has an id number, but still using the correct link still does not work. /index.php?app=nexus&module=support&controller=home&do=create&id=2
  25. Can we please have a overhaul of the current volatile selector and make it less dangerous to use? Current selector has a high risk of selecting in the wrong way, and by that clearing all other selected items. If we splitt all the lists in two, one of the currently for the user selected groups, and one for the available groups. Then we can do so much more with them (check attached images) and there will be less chance for faults.
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