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    Top rated mod, top rated support. Thank you @onlyME
    Excellent work, excellent support! Every time you surprise me! Only five stars for you
  1. I installed the new version but nothing changed in widget... Also the problem here persist...to move or split any reply, i must disable the plugin first
  2. I did it and the only thing changed was that i can't go to posts anymore....when i click a post brings me in the main page. I attached an image with thumb widget and IPS widget and what i mean... when i click a post in your widget i go (right) in the last post, but i can't see it in the widget
  3. I use PHP Version 5.6.32-1and IPS 4.2.8 and one suggestion : in widget when i choose posts, i see the topic creator and not the last poster.... it would be nice to be like IPS widget (last poster and the start of the post)
  4. Hello, very nice plugin ! I have a problem tho, i can't split any post.... I checked and the problem is in line 277 $container->canChangeThumb( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id ) What can i do to fix this ?
    Works like a charm ! Excellent support ! Thanks a lot
  5. Indeed I believe that previously this link redirected to the first unread message, while now it always points to the first letter in the conversation. Is this a bug, or a way to change this behaviour? Thanks.
  6. I don't know if someone suggested them but anyway.... - In 3.X, i could see who was reading the topic, when i was inside.... i would like it in 4.x too - to have an option to put a redirect topic in any forum/club - to have an option to put default emoticons (and if they want more to open the categories), also to have an All option - to have an option to see topic count per member - to have a button in the end of a page to take me in top of the page (there is plugin) - to have an option to ignore topics/forums/clubs/blogs (like ignore members) (there is plugin for
  7. I installed and checked it today. I had a topic with 3 replies. I changed the fourth to be between the first and the second. The post changed position but in a while i have the notification "2 new replies" and it added (again) the 2 posts which was already there.....after some minutes again added 2 new posts (the same).... If i refresh the page, they disapear and in few minutes again the same.... Also in topic list, i see the old last poster and not the new one.... Any help ?
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