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  1. Ignore Topics

    Works like a charm Thank you Adriano. Would be great if it can be ignored topics from Clubs.....
  2. (BIM42) Chatbox

    Hi - excellent work - many thanks to onlyME! Is there any trick (even complex ) so that the shoutbox apperars on top of every page (e.g. when viewing the forums or in any section of IPS?).
  3. Member Map

    Dear Stuart, I wanted to check more what is the problem with the code of the old version (Member Maps 1.0.9) so I installed a clean version of the test board with 1.0.9 today, entered my APIs Console key (as explained here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key ), and magically everything worked: The map appeared, I was able to add a custom marker and my location (as a member) using google geocoding. So I am very happy (previously in my live board I was getting a stuck screen with 1.0.9). Were you aware of this? Maybe there is a way for those of us that really need the custom markers to "downgrade" to the (working?) old version, until you upgrade the beta version? Please explain what is/was the problem more specifically, including some technical details if possible, please! PS: As I see, Google Maps JavaScript API v3 allows for up to 25k requests/day, which seems very fine for me!
  4. Member Map

    Hi! In our board we were using Member 1.0.7 and had created (and still wish to use) some custom markers. Starting from a few weeks ago, the main page stucks when I load membermap, and as I understand this is related to the application not supporting google maps API v3 yet. (@stoo2000: Is this true? I see some part of the javascript code having been converted to v3 API. Can you please explain what forced you to move to BIng maps API? (sorry for asking - I am sure you have been asked this question again!). I then upgraded to 1.0.9 (after seeing that the 2.0.0 beta does not support custom markers yet) but still I get the same "stuck" page. So, (as others ask above) will custom markers be supported soon, or you encountered problems for implementing this in Bing maps API and you think this will be delayed? Keep up the good work!
  5. One very simple change to admin/applications/forums/modules_public/extras/stats.php to sort the groups, e.g. for IPB 3.3.4 is: Line: 378 Change: 'select' => 'm.*, m.member_id as my_member_id' To: 'select' => 'm.*, m.member_id as my_member_id,field(m.member_group_id,4,6,14,9,7,12) as group_sort' and Line 395: From: 'order' => 'm.members_display_name', To: 'order' => 'group_sort,m.members_display_name', where 4,6,14,9,7,12 are the group IDs for my custom moderating team, i.e. 4 is the Root admin, 6 is Admin, 9 is Global Mod, 7 Mod etc. Be sure to list all IDs of your team there, otherwise the unknown IDs are listed first.
  6. Download: Shoutbox

    Michael I just did the new update, no issues with templates any more (indeed the problem was caused by these two old problematic templates). However, I had an issue, and I don't know if others had the same problem: Global Shoutbox did not appear in every page (although I had "Display on: Every page", but just in the Board View. This was solved when I changed back to "Board View" and then to "Every page" and now everything seems ok.
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    In the last Shoutbox upgrade to 1.2.6 (which works great by the way), I experienced the usual upgrade problem (which I now know well how to solve). Problem is as before just two templates (namely hookGlobalShoutbox and hookActiveUsers) and I now checked my ibf_skin_templates table and I see double entries for these two entries both set as root master templates (template_set_id=0, template_master_key="root"): - the first has the correct template_content, a current creation date(the date of my last installation) and all other template_* fields set to zero. - the second has the wrong template_content, a very old creation date(2009) and template_user_added=1 (all other template_* fields set to zero). Therefore, I believe the latter root templates are the ones causing the update problem and I am thinking of deleting these two records with template_user_added=1. Do you think it's safe to do that, or maybe some other change/action is needed (maybe to cache or anything else)? Thanks in advance, Michael!
  8. Download: Shoutbox

    OK, sorry, I reported it there.
  9. Download: Shoutbox

    Dear Michael, Please check and add the following bug fix in your code about Shoutbox Archive (we have agreed this with Terabyte in the past, but it seems it's no more present in your code). In modules_public/ajax/coreajax.php you should replace lines 367,368: $a = gmmktime( $y['hour'], $y['minute'], 0, $y['month'], $y['day'], $y['year'] ); $b = gmmktime( $z['hour'], $z['minute'], 0, $z['month'], $z['day'], $z['year'] ); with: $a = gmmktime( $y['hour'], $y['minute'], 0, $y['month'], $y['day'], $y['year'] )- $this->registry->getClass( 'class_localization')->getTimeOffset(); $b = gmmktime( $z['hour'], $z['minute'], 0, $z['month'], $z['day'], $z['year'] )- $this->registry->getClass( 'class_localization')->getTimeOffset(); Since all shouts are recorded with server time to the database, querying with gmt time is not correct. So we need to convert the time user provides to server time before running the query.
  10. Download: Shoutbox

    Michael it´s the second time the global shoutbox hook templates do not update at all after running a shoutbox upgrade. It almost made me crazy before finding out what's going wrong. Can you think any reason why this is happening? Can it be an upgrader issue or an issue with my forum? And is there any way now to force the import of the template xml files to the database (and master skin?).
  11. Download: Shoutbox

    I would like to report a bug related to the shoutbox archive (I use version 1.1.2 - haven't tried it in 1.1.3). In the images below you can see what happens after a large word without spaces is posted to the shoutbox (I am not sure how large it has to be for the bug to occur). Specifically, I examined the shoutbox archive, where I have e.g. 3 pages of shouts. The first image shows Page 1 (which is ok) and the second Page 2 (which is NOT ok): As you can see, there is no vertical scrollbar in page 2, plus the page selector (and some posts) have gone out of the window limits (as I discovered by checking individual elements in firebug). Furthermore, a horizontal scrollbar is added, but it's useless since you cannot move the text with it! So it seems like a "skin-type-of-problem" - can anybody fix this?
  12. (T31) Group Format

    Hi, Does it work fine with 3.1.3? Terabyte, are you planning to do any further improvements/revisions to it based on 3.1.3?
  13. Profile views update

    ..but the problem is they WANT to see profile views, they just don't want members to be able to increase their own profile views.
  14. Some of my board users suggested that a user should NOT be permitted to increase his "Profile views" by viewing HIS profile (although I wonder who could be so vain to care about his profile views). By checking the code, I think this can be achieved by adding the line in admin/applications/members/modules_public/profile/view.php: if ( $member['member_id'] != $this->memberData['member_id'] ) before: $this->DB->insert( 'profile_portal_views', array( 'views_member_id' => $member['member_id'] ), true ); Do you agree? If so, IPB could consider adding a setting to allow this change without having to modify the code.
  15. Update IPB External Translations

    Hi (and sorry for the late reply), You said "you created the folder called translate", so you problably did not follow Step 1 from the instructions above. Otherwise, the "translate" folder would be automatically created and would contain the cached files from your database to be translated. More specific instructions for step 1: ACP>Look&Feel>Manage Languages>(Click on the down arrow at your language)>"Translate Externally...". This should do the job and create the folder with the files. Then do the other things you mentioned and it should work.