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  1. Hello! I want to ask, why are all the (old, v3.4.6) Support-Topics are only viewable for user with an active client account? When i visit my old IPB 3.4.6 Board, i can read "Licensed to ..." in the lower right corner - so this meaning, i`m a kind of active- or no? Furthermore, why are the v3.4.6 Boards "closed", if v4.2 the new state of the Art and the Team dont support it anymore? But let the user help together... Why i need an active account, if i want to stay with IPB 3.4.6? MAYBE i can understand, if you gave the old 3.4.6 Board "read-only" permission, but totally closed....Its a kind of strange "pay-or-die" politic! I re-newed my license many times....for nothing? Only for to read "I need to be an active client"??? THANK YOU SO MUCH, FOR ...NOTHING !!!!!
  2. Thanks, Sir! Your Screenshot-Solution working perfectly !!! What Video Player is your system using?
  3. Ok, thank you Sir! After we was changing the hosts again, almost all the videos have an "html5:Unsupported Video" Error - even a new upload doesnt help. please, can you have a look?
  4. A liitle late....but THANK YOU so much, Sir! I know, it is not your roadwork, construction zone....BUT....do you have any solution, for to show a screenshot in RSS-Feed in IP.Downloads (v3.4.6) as well ??? Thank you in advance! (Please...i know, that you know the solution for this...)
  5. yes...proud user of IPB 3.4.6!
  6. Hi! I have a question: is it possible, to add a video-screenshot to the RSS-Output? If yes, what i need to do?
  7. oh...Mr. Opentype - who never answered my PM - comes directly from his thrones for to answer. ... I CAN WRITE WHAT I WANT, EVEN WITH "CAPS" AND SYMBOLS LIKE "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This is not your board !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In this case, the font-type is not important) What do you think, who you are? 3 Files in the DL-Area and you thinking, you are a coder-guru? you are a font-guru, thats right. BUT STOP TO TEACH PEOPLE, HOW TO style WHAT they WROTE!!! LUCILLE !!!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER JOB.......seems very bloody....BUT DO IT !!!!!! BTW: this is my result, when i`m searching:
  8. a website without a working search is even not worth a penny thats my opinion. we have - wait.... IPB 4.1.x - and we need to wait for 4.3 ???? Good design, friendly people, nice support....yeah! BUT NO WORKING SEARCH ENGINE? Round Profile Pictures, Background upload possible - WUSCHHHHH - THATS WHAT I`M LOOKING FOR!!!!!!!!!!! we dont need the search, if the package is very well adjusted.
  9. Funny Answer. There are a lot of customers WHO ARE CLIENTS (PAYING MONEY) - well, not me, a.t.m. - and you said "THERE ARE PLANS FOR TO IMPROVE THE SEARCH IN 4.3"???? Well, ok, but we can use Google, FB, Twitter and Pinterest - We can use them, what we are looking for, here. No Problem. In the meantime, the IPB-Staff can check the free SMF-Source code, for "how to handle a search question". Let us wait for 4.3, what comes - mhhpfh...calculate.....1 year? - we will see. Thank you so much! Lucille !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smack some heads, let us taste this funny things...
  10. Are you kidding with me? FOR WHAT EXIST A SEARCH FIELD? We have the year 2017 and I NEED TO TRY THE SEARCH SETTINGS or i NEED TO GO (DIRECTLY) TO THE SEARCH PAGE??????? Holy S*H*I*T.... what exactly i need to type, when i want to find results for "RSS feed" ?
  11. Sorry for my harsh words, but i feel ... yes .... angry !! Tried to search RSS Feed and "RSS Feed" even "Feed", Feed also, in the 3.4.x Board here, BUT THE RESULTS ARE 0, Zero, nothing, nada, nichts,... WHAT HAPPEND HERE - Please, can you improve your search engine or integrate the Google search here. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! (This "search function" is a bad reputation for IPB 4.x)
  12. Draffi


    @HeadStand i face an issue with the Newsletter-App after changing the server / Hosting Company. At first, i do a test-letter and publish it manualy (using the green button), but it show that o is send from 6 (all of the team-group). so i start manually the schedule-task for your app in the task-manager, system-setting. Then it shows, 6 from 6 was sending. But unfortunatly, none of us 6 have an email from our new board. Do you have any idea, how to fix that? (I send you the log-files from today as well thru PM) Thank you Ma'am!
  13. Draffi


    Plz, where is the old 3.4.6 topic? i need to read something there...
  14. I have the problem, that - after installing this "app" (BBCode) - my editor is not working properly: eg: i enter "test[SPACE]test" - all is fine! when i enter "test[SPACE][SPACE]test" it connected the words together. Inside the posting it looks like "testtest". When i disable the App, the error is gone. Furthermore it is the same with smileys....can somebody confirm or have an idea/solution for to fix this? And i have no sortable table, is this right?
  15. I was uploading the whole Video again, and now it is working. I dont know, why - but for me it is important that the system is working... thank you!
  16. ^^^ When i DL the Video thru FTP on my local machine, it is working...
  17. two days ago, a member told me that one video is not function. There is an error: html5: Unsupported video but is was working before - i dont know, why or when the error appears - any ideas? (IPB 3.4.6)
  18. Pre-Sales question: Is there ANY way, to show prefixes for IP.Downloads (v3.4.6)? I was reading, that i need to create a prefix with the same name, for to show up. How can i do this (automatic topic creation, when uploading...)
  19. A little late... but "No" - this blocks need the Javascript & the CSS-Files from IP.Downloads. @Marcher Technologies can you help me out to create a new "ipdownloads2.css", for to show the newest Files only in one row, with a bigger screenshot and the description under the screeny? Something like this: http://owlgraphic.com/owlcarousel/demos/images.html Thank you!
  20. it must be possible - even with older versions... http://www.epicski.com/ (When you register on the site above, you need to choose one of the ...10... avatars) featured by http://huddlerhub.wikia.com/wiki/Huddler_Hub (i was looking fo the same thing since month...)
  21. I`m running IPB 3.4.6 with ProMenu All is working great, but i want/need to edit my menu....i need to now how i can archive this (see picture, please) A main menu, with a second menu line under them, what contains a flyout-menu. MANY THANKS !!!
  22. Thank you! sorry...i dont want to OFFER, i want to HIRE somebody for a custom work... my bad. Some weeks ago, you can offer Work here, for an amount of Money, Timeline, Description....and if somebody (coders) have time, they can reply to your offer and you can choose one from them....This section i mean.
  23. Hello! Long time, i didnt enter here, and now i want to offer a custom, paid work (Skinning, a little Code changing)...but unfortunatly, i didn't see the right link... Please, can somebody point me in the right direction? Thank you!
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