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  1. Might want to ck Firefox plugins etc. I prefer Brave Browser for my own reasoning and haven't ran into that issue before. Brave is created by the ex-CEO of Firefox. https://brave.com/download/
  2. Just out curiosity which browser were you using? Might be helpful to know!
  3. Just curious how lazyload affects people using ads? Don't ads load with the page regardless of scrolling without lazyload? Seems that this would cut "impressions" down quite a bit?
  4. Before I purchase this I need a special application filled. I need an invitation system where one paying subscription or group can invite non subscription or others from a different group to join their group through paid for subscription. Basically, members need to be able to invite other members into a specific group with purchase option. Does this invitation have this and if not will you consider implementing it? Thanks, William
  5. Having a minor contrast issue with the gif icon blending into the background in mobile.
  6. Is there a way to change the video size and change the size for videos already posted? Probably has to do with my template but they are too large: https://www.christforums.com/videos/view-43-let-us-never-forget/
  7. Thanks, renaming the folder worked. Odd thing is that the folder has existed for some time and wasn't a problem up until a recent Cpanel/WHM update.
  8. My videos application no longer seems to work. The page is blank: https://www.christforums.com/videos/ This may have something to do with a recent Cpanel/WHM update? Also the video link in menu manager is no longer able to be placed [moved] as a sub menu.
  9. Can't you just delete the plugin then reinstall the plugin to blank the widget? That is, if this is the only widget you're using.
  10. Minor issue: untranslated in File Storage Settings
  11. New version installed without a hiccup. There was a minor issue that wasn't taken care of after the update. Just brining this nitpick to your attention Jackal. When first visiting profile: https://www.christforums.com/profile/1-william/ The music length of file is untranslated [see screenshot] After refreshing the page the length of the file displays:
  12. Just a thought. If a static player was added to header so that it would play non stop while navigating throughout a site when visiting a particular profile after already playing songs from a previous profile the newly landed page would load a playlist into the media player to play after the current profile is done. I hate it when people have ideas and no way of knowing how to make them into reality so I'm reluctantly conveying this to you. But when working with developers I find explaining ideas as coherently has possible helps them to make it into a reality.
  13. After upload a numeric value is added to the beginning of the file name. For example, Creed-Torn is made into 15445453453_Creed-Torn.mp3. The file after uploaded can though be edited. Just bringing to your attention that a numeric value is added to the file name after upload. I like your product Jackal. Any plans to make the media player pop-up from the page so the song is not interrupted when navigating away? Ya know one of the best players I ever ran into was at the header of a page that remained static or absolute as I navigated the whole site. That way music was able to play non stop while navigating the site. You do great work Jackal. Much thanks for a product that I think may add some personalization to people's profiles.
  14. A couple of areas that also need be addressed. From minor css to untranslated lang. Anyway to show only the title of the song without adding the numeric value to the beginning like in the 2nd picture to the song title? Overall, installed without a hitch and works great: https://www.christforums.com/profile/1-william/
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