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  1. Though profile fields allow multiple selection of options multiple selections cannot be selected in the member search engine. For example, Profile field options: Country: America Eu Uk Etc In the member search when searching that profile field I should be able to ck both EU and UK and have the results turn up.
  2. When receiving a personal message in an ongoing message [more than one page] clicking the notification takes me to the first page of the multi page messages rather than either the message received or the last message. Is there anyway to take the person to the message received or last page of the message in a multi page message?
  3. What changes were needed in order to make Stripe functional? Last night I added Stripe as a payment gateway. Do I need change anything since I enabled stripe well after the latest Invsion update?
  4. As is now the widget on profiles shows only the last five profile visitors. Is there a way to increase the number to display? I'd like our members to be able to see at the least the last 50 visitors. Perhaps a click to show more a page that shows a more complete list?
  5. Might want to ck Firefox plugins etc. I prefer Brave Browser for my own reasoning and haven't ran into that issue before. Brave is created by the ex-CEO of Firefox. https://brave.com/download/
  6. Just out curiosity which browser were you using? Might be helpful to know!
  7. Time to block CA residents. Nothing new as CA wants to block air travel to states it doesn't agree with. Namely, states which are outlawing abortion. I've been following CA internet laws for some time. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Recently CA sued a popular Christian dating site because it only served two biological genders. Likewise, in my niche we have men and women bible studies. CA residents aren't worth serving in my opinion, after all the representatives they elect are making these policies. Shame companies subject themselves to CA internet laws by locating themselves in that communist state.
  8. Just curious how lazyload affects people using ads? Don't ads load with the page regardless of scrolling without lazyload? Seems that this would cut "impressions" down quite a bit?
  9. Before I purchase this I need a special application filled. I need an invitation system where one paying subscription or group can invite non subscription or others from a different group to join their group through paid for subscription. Basically, members need to be able to invite other members into a specific group with purchase option. Does this invitation have this and if not will you consider implementing it? Thanks, William
  10. Having a minor contrast issue with the gif icon blending into the background in mobile.
  11. Is there a way to change the video size and change the size for videos already posted? Probably has to do with my template but they are too large: https://www.christforums.com/videos/view-43-let-us-never-forget/
  12. I intentionally moved our server from out of CA after reading of a new internet bill which holds a server located in CA subject to penalty of law any information located on the server which IMO goes against the Liberal/Dem narrative. Religious groups for example are coming under fire. Basically anybody can put their face to an article and claim damages. I just thought it would be safer to remove our site from CA. I wouldn't doubt if organizations try to enforce the GDPR in America. That is, foreign laws on U.S. soil. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB1424
  13. Thanks, renaming the folder worked. Odd thing is that the folder has existed for some time and wasn't a problem up until a recent Cpanel/WHM update.
  14. My videos application no longer seems to work. The page is blank: https://www.christforums.com/videos/ This may have something to do with a recent Cpanel/WHM update? Also the video link in menu manager is no longer able to be placed [moved] as a sub menu.
  15. Can't you just delete the plugin then reinstall the plugin to blank the widget? That is, if this is the only widget you're using.
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