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  1. I am testing 4.5 and cannot for the life of me find where to set resizing limits. Do you know where to find that setting?
  2. I just need the auto image resizing feature.
  3. phucking apple. I wonder if they charge their programmers to use the bathrooms? Is there an additional charge for toilet paper?
  4. Ok, this is awesome, thanks guys!
    A good plugin so far. I kinda trust google to find my keywords, and I know that Google says that it doesnt use keywords for ranking, but this plugin is good piece of mind. Seems to work well, as is described!
  5. I like the spacing. Its cleaner and it may solve my forum's issues with google saying that elements are too close together, spacing issues.
  6. Holy crap, 4.5 is gonna be major. Im looking forward to this and I might dump my custom themes and go back to default. Although many members like our dark theme. Any projections for launch date of 4.5? Like, maybe hint if it will be this fall? Or will we be wearing winter jackets in the USA when this drops? Hint hint??
  7. I placed out Corona Virus thread in a section that only logged in members can see. It is a 17 page thread and I am letting people post almost whatever they want to, as long as no arguments break out. So far, this is working out well and allows people to let their fears, frustrations out without tarnishing the rest of the forum.
  8. Loving the resize before uploading feature
  9. It would be great if we could incorporate blocking guests from uncovering spoliers. We have vendors that give our forum members discount codes for their products. I don't want guests to just come visit, get a fast discount code and not even join the forum. I cannot make the vendor boards invisible to guests, as there is content there that advertises the vendors, to the public. I also do not want to have to create a separate board to put discount codes in. How about implementing permissions for the spoiler function so we can block guests from uncovering spoilers? I suspect that other forum admins would find this useful for many other functions.
  10. I own powersports forums. The members post links to the parts that they buy to upgrade their bikes. It works out well for me and I also write articles about certain parts, with affiliated links, of course. I'm about to drop adsense completely, actually. People just phucking hate it and I expect forum traffic to increase as a result.
  11. Will the app be compatible with Viglink as normal? Will my Viglink and other affiliate codes still work in the app? I have affiliate agreements that are starting to outperform adsense, so Im not to worried about adsense compatibility.
  12. How do you install this application?
  13. Thank you very much! I forgot where that was.
  14. I had created a home page with some blocks on it. It was distracting to mobile users so I deleted the home page. Now, the website defaults to our "articles" page. How can I make the main forum page the default page again?
  15. So, I'm about to set up subscription for premium members. I have some already that in the past have sent me money once per year via paypal to be premium. Reading the documentation, it says that if I add someone manually, they will not be paying. So, if i add someone manually, can I make it so that they can renew on their anniversary date? (I have everyone's anniversary date recorded off site.
  16. Update, ok looks like amazon links are no longer embedding. For some reason. 


  17. Hi, I have your external links rich embed plugin on fz07.org. It has suddenly stopped working. The last link I have tried to have embedded is this. The forum is updated to latest version, and I updated the plugin to your latest version from Febuary. Any ideas? 

  18. Cruizin

    Member Map

    All of my forum's markers/pins just turned white. Any ideas or experience with this? I just updated membermap to to 3.5.7 . Forum is v4.3.6
  19. NVM, figured this one out.
  20. @Mike John Im close to purchasing Videos. I have a question though. Is it possible for each user to create an Album of their submitted videos, like in the standard IPS photo Gallery ? Also, can this support youtube channel feeds, so that new videos can auto embed?
  21. I did a search in here and read all the guides, cannot believe this isnt covered anywhere. How in the holy heck do I upload the google verification file or html on my cloud based ips forum? I tried in Mega tags, doesnt work.
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