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  1. Update, ok looks like amazon links are no longer embedding. For some reason. 


  2. Hi, I have your external links rich embed plugin on fz07.org. It has suddenly stopped working. The last link I have tried to have embedded is this. The forum is updated to latest version, and I updated the plugin to your latest version from Febuary. Any ideas? 

  3. All of my forum's markers/pins just turned white. Any ideas or experience with this? I just updated membermap to to 3.5.7 . Forum is v4.3.6
  4. @Mike John Im close to purchasing Videos. I have a question though. Is it possible for each user to create an Album of their submitted videos, like in the standard IPS photo Gallery ? Also, can this support youtube channel feeds, so that new videos can auto embed?
  5. Ok, how do you block guests from viewing profiles?
  6. I make a lot more money from Viglink than I do from Adsense. But I have a motorcycle forum and members post links to motorcycle parts that happen to be affiliated with viglink retailers.
  7. Im not so sure that net neutrality will be a problem for forums. Do we really burn up much data? I think Facebook, Youtube and the like will cost people more. But forums? I dunno. I hate seeing Net Neutrality go away though. Scary times.
  8. hello hello, anyone there? Im interested in a working updated version of this.
  9. Yeah, the only forum Imgur likes is Reddit.
    I downloaded it and activated to for a minute. I like it and will probably use it soon. I just wish that it had a few more options but I'll get used to it.
  10. @Martin A. Do you have any instructions on how to configure the mapquest api on their website? Im liek completely lost with all of the options. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Great easy app. I had this downloaded, uploaded and running in 15 minutes last night. Had my sponsors up in another 20 minutes. Only thing I wish it has was ability to easily change font of Partner's name/title. I noticed that when I share the new page on social media, it displays the first partner on the social media link/image. So, I created a partner named after my forums name and uploaded my own logo, as the first partner. Im thrilled with this, so easy to work with. My sponsors love it already.
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