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  1. Hi all, are there any settings that need to be changed from the default when it comes to using IPS with cloudflare? I am not talking about optimisation, but instead from a perspective of ensuring everything runs as it should without any issues. Thanks a lot.
  2. I was so disappointed to see 4.5 seems to have no video improvements at all. I appreciate there's only so many things that can be prioritised, but I just feel like video content is so fundamental now, and yet video support still feels so far behind with ips. I mean the gallery feature literally still calls a video an 'image'. Would love to see some kind of video encoding, ability to generate thumbnails, and a custom/standard video player etc. Would totally transform the gallery (and forum) experience.
  3. Hi everyone, sorry for an incredibly simple question, but once paid for an app on the marketplace (on this website) if it has 'reoccuring payments' do these automatically bill via PayPal? I cannot find any trace of them on my paypal account, so does that mean at the renewal term I would check out once again if I wish to continue getting support/updates for the app? Confirmation would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Fingers cross for invision community 5.0 maybe? 😁 I just feel like the videos in the gallery right now feel tacked on the end (perhaps highlighted best by the fact that videos are still referred to as an 'image' when editing them in the gallery). As the internet becomes more and more driven by video content, I would love to see Invision adapt.
  5. A long shot I know, but I'd love to see the gallery become a truly video-friendly place. > Automatic thumbnail option (generated from midway point in video perhaps) > Video compression options > Inbuilt video player, rather than relying on users browser's video player. Would be willing to pay for anyone who developed these features too.
  6. Oh, I would have thought the: "Conversations allowed to start per day" and "Conversations allowed to start per minute" settings would be for preventing spam. What I'm talking about is "Conversation storage quota". If this is in place to prevent new users signing up and sending messages it's very inefficient, as a user can simply delete the conversations once they've sent them and send more, so it doesn't pose any real restriction on spam like the above two options do. What I'm proposing is an option of "Message storage quota". I appreciate it's not something every community need
  7. Apologies for the wrong terminology. I don't mean limit the number of replies per specific conversation, I mean limit the total replies that can be stored within a user's inbox. I would assume the reason for the current setting of 'max conversations allowed' per user-group is for: a) saving storage space b) providing an incentive to upgrade your account to get more inbox space The current system doesn't fully do either of these things. Whereas, if there were also a per-usergroup setting of 'total messages/replies' (not just total conversations allowed), I beli
  8. Just want to bump this. Is there an add-on for it or something? I don't understand the current system at all. Surely it defeats the whole point of 'limiting' the amount of saved private conversations if each conversation can be of endless length. There could be a single conversation with 10GB of files and a million messages.
  9. I realise you can't give a set date, but is 4.5 reasonably close (i.e. within the next few months)? 🙂
  10. The current system seems very limiting, as although you can restrict the number of conversations per user group, there is nothing to stop a conversation going on for a million messages in theory. Surely it would make sense to be able to specify the total message capacity of a user's inbox, not just the conversation capacity. Thanks.
  11. Please could an option be added to make certain menu bar links nofollow if we wish, as currently they are all automatically and unavoidably dofollow? Thanks.
  12. True, although I would still like to see something similar to the plugins above where you can see who's online when browsing a thread, without looking at each user's profile (or loading their individual member cards). The glowing ring around the avatar is actually really nice in the free plugin. It works great for now, but I am just worried as the plugin hasn't been updated since 4.2, which is why it would be great to see this included as a standard option in IPS in my opinion.
  13. Thanks. I guess that sort of does a similar job to what I'm proposing, but how I'm envisioning it is much closer to Tumblr. Members can run their own blogs/feeds, but then when they see something else they like on someone elses blog/feed, they can just hit the reblog button and it'll be shared straight into their own blog/feed. Not copying and pasting as such, and certainly no links involved. Rather than blogs on our site being used to write full articles, I envision it much more as a social network feed with single items of content. You might post a few pictures of your own, then a
  14. I am surprised to see a simple online status indicator (a fairly standard forum feature in my opinion/experience) is not part of the core IPS software, especially given that it would likely be quite easy to bundle in given there is already functionality elsewhere to see when a user is online. I realise there is a free plugin for this - which actually seems to work perfectly - but it has not been updated for a few versions and it doesn't seem like there are plans to do so. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7853-online-indicator/ I also found another paid plugin which seeme
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