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  1. Agreed! I've seen this suggested several times before here, and personally I would definitely use this. Ideally the option to re-arrange emoji categories (especially putting custom emojis higher up), and even customise which emojis show in the emoji box, rather than a simple yes/no of whether to show emojis. Right now you either have to have thousands of them, or none of them.
  2. Is the downloads cart you had made available for download/purchase? Or is it specifically customised for your site? I really feel it's an important feature that's sadly missing in the core software, and looks like you first requested it 4 years ago.
  3. Completely agree. I would love to see both of the following options: Only display individual forums for clubs that the member has already joined (so rather than them seeing all 50 clubs in this scenario, they would just see the ones they've joined and are actually interested in). Have one category/forum for 'clubs' within traditional forum view, and then once you click on that, have a list of all clubs (essentially the same as the sub-forum idea @AlexWebsitesalready suggested - although I think it would need to operate very slightly differently to normal sub-forums, because it
  4. The Tag cloud in this is great, but as mentioned above, sadly the app has been abandoned. Would be nice to see IPS incorporate a tag cloud widget by default, as we found it was a really popular feature. And if we're really dreaming here, it would be even better to have the option within the widget of whether to show all tags for the entire site, or specifically tags for the current app. By which I mean, if you're in the gallery, you could opt to have the tag cloud show only tags used in the gallery, and when clicking on a tag, only show gallery items with that tag. Same would a
  5. Thanks for clarifying. My initial instinct was that I must be missing something, as it's the kind of thing you'd just assume would be included - which probably suggests it would be a very useful feature. I imagine if this were an option at least, there's a lot of Downloads customers who would want to enable this for their sites. From a user perspective, I am far more likely to buy multiple things at once, than go through the checkout individually one at a time (especially for small cheap files). I'd probably use this feature on the IPS marketplace too. I can already imagine ad
  6. Thanks, that's great to know! Presumably the admin cp lazy loading setting has to be enabled for the loading="lazy" code to work? We are in an odd situation where we actually don't want lazy loading for forum attachments, but would like it in other areas like profile pictures.
  7. Maybe I am missing something, as I agree it would be surprising if it wasn't a thing already. But within downloads, I can only find 'buy now' button, and so you have to enter your address, payment details, and checkout every single time. As opposed to a normal online shop where you'd press 'add to basket', then browse through other files and maybe add a couple of others too before checking out all in one go. Much more convenient for the user. But also likely lower fees and more sales for the site owner.
  8. I am surprised there has not been more momentum behind this request. Individually checking out for every download item surely reduces the chances of bulk buying. An 'add to cart' button would be incredibly useful.
  9. Exactly. Option to have custom emoji at the top would make so much more sense. I also feel it would be good to be able to choose which emoji appear in the emoji box. Obviously all emojis could still be used on the site, as people could use the built-in emoji keyboard on their device. But in the emoji box in the editor, we don't really need 100s of flags and symbols to be loaded every time - would be nice if we could just select which emojis to show in the emoji box in the editor, since a tiny fraction of them get used.
  10. Could you confirm what you're using to achieve this please? Is it a plugin from the marketplace? And have you found it had any negative impact on SEO, or can you allow crawlers full access still? Thanks!
  11. The issue seems to be with all kinds of streams - activity stream, search stream, filtering by tags etc. The thumbnail image displays really small for the gallery items. In gallery settings the thumbnail dimensions is set much higher, and indeed the thumbnail images are saving at a good size, they're just displaying really small in certain areas. Inside the actual gallery app, it's fine, but in activity/search etc they are shrunk too small. Would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas?
  12. So it could be a setting for users not using a CDN? (I also wonder whether it would still work with something like cloudflare, which seems to work differently to a 'full CDN' like Cloudfront) Obviously I can't speak for everyone, but this wouldn't be an issue at all for me. If someone really wants to go to the trouble of disabling javascript to view it full size, they could probably just register in the same amount of time. I can't imagine many users would even think to do that. But even if some did, it's not that I'm trying to completely block the images or anything, it was more
  13. This confuses me a little, as a registration wall after viewing just 2 topics a day seems like it would be far more of a frustrating user experience than being prompted to signup for trying to view an attachment full size. But ultimately they're both just different ways of achieving the same goal: converting lurkers into actual members. Once they're registered, you have a much better chance of re-engaging them, or them actually participating and leaving replies/reactions etc. Sometimes they need a little extra incentive to join though, as if they can view literally everything without registeri
  14. Hi both, I don't suppose you remember what the issue here was? I'm having the exact same issue with set_resources whilst using a theme other than the default. The thread that was linked isn't visible to me, so I'm not sure if it's been deleted or is an area I can't access (as I'm not a developer). Many thanks
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