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  1. Fingers cross for invision community 5.0 maybe? 😁 I just feel like the videos in the gallery right now feel tacked on the end (perhaps highlighted best by the fact that videos are still referred to as an 'image' when editing them in the gallery). As the internet becomes more and more driven by video content, I would love to see Invision adapt.
  2. A long shot I know, but I'd love to see the gallery become a truly video-friendly place. > Automatic thumbnail option (generated from midway point in video perhaps) > Video compression options > Inbuilt video player, rather than relying on users browser's video player. Would be willing to pay for anyone who developed these features too.
  3. Oh, I would have thought the: "Conversations allowed to start per day" and "Conversations allowed to start per minute" settings would be for preventing spam. What I'm talking about is "Conversation storage quota". If this is in place to prevent new users signing up and sending messages it's very inefficient, as a user can simply delete the conversations once they've sent them and send more, so it doesn't pose any real restriction on spam like the above two options do. What I'm proposing is an option of "Message storage quota". I appreciate it's not something every community needs, but for the 2 reasons mentioned above (and in particular for any forum selling upgraded memberships), I can't help feeling it would benefit a. lot of people I know it's a standard feature on some other community software like vbulletin etc. Having a storage quota for private messages make a lot of sense, but currently that storage quota is based exclusively on number of conversations even though a conversation can be of an unlimited amount of messages. Surely a storage quota of messages is more logical. Let's say it's set at 100. This could be 100x 1 message conversations. Or it could be one conversation between two users with 100 messages. Under the current system, even if I was ridiculously extreme and set the conversation storage quota to 1 per user, they could send 1,000,000 messages in that single conversation, attach 100GB of files (as there is no option to separate their attachment quota based on public vs private contributions) etc. Whilst I am using extreme figures, I have conversations on my site of well over 20,000 messages, so this is a very real problem. It really feels like something that could make a big impact to communities that need it, and would surely be relatively straightforward to implement.
  4. Apologies for the wrong terminology. I don't mean limit the number of replies per specific conversation, I mean limit the total replies that can be stored within a user's inbox. I would assume the reason for the current setting of 'max conversations allowed' per user-group is for: a) saving storage space b) providing an incentive to upgrade your account to get more inbox space The current system doesn't fully do either of these things. Whereas, if there were also a per-usergroup setting of 'total messages/replies' (not just total conversations allowed), I believe it would do both of those things much better.
  5. Just want to bump this. Is there an add-on for it or something? I don't understand the current system at all. Surely it defeats the whole point of 'limiting' the amount of saved private conversations if each conversation can be of endless length. There could be a single conversation with 10GB of files and a million messages.
  6. I realise you can't give a set date, but is 4.5 reasonably close (i.e. within the next few months)? 🙂
  7. The current system seems very limiting, as although you can restrict the number of conversations per user group, there is nothing to stop a conversation going on for a million messages in theory. Surely it would make sense to be able to specify the total message capacity of a user's inbox, not just the conversation capacity. Thanks.
  8. Please could an option be added to make certain menu bar links nofollow if we wish, as currently they are all automatically and unavoidably dofollow? Thanks.
  9. True, although I would still like to see something similar to the plugins above where you can see who's online when browsing a thread, without looking at each user's profile (or loading their individual member cards). The glowing ring around the avatar is actually really nice in the free plugin. It works great for now, but I am just worried as the plugin hasn't been updated since 4.2, which is why it would be great to see this included as a standard option in IPS in my opinion.
  10. Thanks. I guess that sort of does a similar job to what I'm proposing, but how I'm envisioning it is much closer to Tumblr. Members can run their own blogs/feeds, but then when they see something else they like on someone elses blog/feed, they can just hit the reblog button and it'll be shared straight into their own blog/feed. Not copying and pasting as such, and certainly no links involved. Rather than blogs on our site being used to write full articles, I envision it much more as a social network feed with single items of content. You might post a few pictures of your own, then a quote, but then you see a great image from someone else so you reblog/share that to your own blog/feed too. Your blog is your own curated feed of content, which people can follow if they like the same type of thing as you. I'm explaining it quite poorly - it's essentially just the tumblr reblog but on ips blogs. But the reblogging should be just a click of a button when you see the thing you like. Ideally a more integrated system than just sharing the link to a piece of content also on the site.
  11. I am surprised to see a simple online status indicator (a fairly standard forum feature in my opinion/experience) is not part of the core IPS software, especially given that it would likely be quite easy to bundle in given there is already functionality elsewhere to see when a user is online. I realise there is a free plugin for this - which actually seems to work perfectly - but it has not been updated for a few versions and it doesn't seem like there are plans to do so. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7853-online-indicator/ I also found another paid plugin which seemed to do a similar thing, but with all these extra plugins comes more cost, more maintenance, more updates, more uncertainty about future versions etc. It would surely be much better as a standard setting in IPS where a little light/dot next to a username or avatar can show someone is currently online. The plugin was clearly very highly used based on its stats, so I don't think I'm alone in wanting this without needing further plugins. Thanks a lot. (PS. Apologies for the idea spree - last one I promise).
  12. Firstly, having used IPS in the past with the standard mainstream payment gateways, I just want to say thanks for creating such a great, seamless experience for users when paying. Unfortunately, I am sure there are a fair few of us who run sites deemed too high-risk by the likes of PayPal and Stripe (and it is far more than just hardcore adult sites that fall into this category). I realise this may be a long-shot, but I just wanted to throw out there a request for integration with a 'high-risk' payment processor, such as CCBIll (or any other processor that accepts a wider range of sites). I am aware there is currently a third party plugin for $500 for partial ccbill integration, but for a more hobby-based site this is a large upfront fee, and it does not appear to work seamlessly with commerce features in the same way paypal/stripe would (no payout options to members etc). Your entire site's revenue being dependant on a third-party add-on is also quite risky in itself, so the idea of IPS supporting something like this in its core functionality would be incredible for many of us. (This is certainly not a criticism of the developers working on third party plugins, just a desire to see IPS offer their own version). I realise the fundamental problem here is not to do with IPS, but instead the way all high-risk niches are lumped in together regardless of a site's track record or specific usage case. However, we have to work with what we've got, and there are some payment processors that do allow a broader range of sites and communities to accept payments. My (wishful) request is for one of these high-risk payment processors to seamlessly work with IPS in the same way stripe and paypal do. I think there are a surprising number of people who can't use the standard payment processors due to their restrictions. I just wanted to make this thread as it might sound like quite an obscure need, but 'high risk' includes things like virtual game currencies, fantasy sports league prizes etc - the amount of communities that would benefit from the inclusion of this type of payment gateway would be huge. Whilst it would be a big win for site owners like myself, it would hopefully be a win for IPS too in terms of attracting new customers to their commerce package. I already know of two other website owners would purchase an IPS license if this type of integration was included. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. Certainly looks like it could be a good temporary solution, and I appreciate the developer's work on it. Having said that, the comments suggest it's quite buggy and lacking a very key feature (the 'premium reactions' concept the first reviewer refers to), and the execution of it (e.g. giving users an error message rather than just not showing them the reaction) certainly isn't quite how I'd hoped it would be. I realise I'm being very picky here (and perhaps a little wary about having to rely on yet another add-on that has mixed feedback and infrequent updates), but I still maintain that improved reaction control would be brilliant as a core feature in IPS. I think a lot of people would use it.
  14. I use Twitter style emojis as our community decided they look far more appealing than native. However, opening the emoji box can take quite a long time (relatively) as there are a lot of images to load. As every single emoji loads all at once when the button is pressed. The thing is, we use probably 20 of those emojis tops on a regular basis. Now, we want to support all emojis of course, but when that smiley tab is first clicked, I'd love to be able to customise which emojis show, or at the very least load one category at a time (e.g. smileys and people, with the option to then load a different category if clicked on). This would surely reduce the load and lag time of getting all the emojis at once. What confuses me, is the IPS community forum we're on right now seems to have already reduced the number of available emojis. For example, I see 9 flags. Yet on my site, we have 256 flags! If there isn't already, I would love to be able to customise which emojis initially show, or at least exclude certain categories / be able to remove certain emojis. I realise this is a minor issue, but it has been brought up several times how long it takes the emoji box to load, and then how unnecessary the vast majority of the emojis are. It would actually really boost our forum to have more control over this. Thanks for your consideration.
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