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  1. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at limiting the number of blogs per page, For those whose blogs are their landing page are taking to long to index. Instead of 24 blogs, perhaps a setting in the admincp to limit it to 8-12, or whatever amount?
  2. Is it written somewhere that explains the Blog system and hierarchy? I want users to only be able to post into one of the several Blog categories. So I don't want them to be able to "create a new blog". I have a few other questions but want to reference any guides that explain things. Understanding the hierarchy would help me understand this filing system this uses. Found this to review;
  3. Nice admin feature, needs something on the user level too.
  4. For those who use tags on their sites, it would be a great feature to have a cloud block that can be added to each app page from the block manager, or admincp.
  5. Presently in grid view all blog posts are displayed on one page. This is problematic if the sites blog is the landing/index page as it displays all the blog entries which can have an affect on page load, but more importantly seo rating. With the new version is there a setting in admincp to limit the number of blog post displayed per page?
  6. So if the blogs is the index page of your site, will it list all the blog entries on the page, or is it broken down to a certain amount per page?
  7. Does the seo improvement mean the blogs can be filtered down to pages as opposed to all on one page?
  8. Perfect, works like a champ! Thank you!
  9. I would like to put a global background image on my site. But I know very little css. Is this possible?
    A very nice theme for my site. Pete has been very helpful with some fine tuning on my site. Very supportive of their product.
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