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  1. Same here. Our original community was shut down abruptly without warning and we literally scrambled to get a second place together. (I was only a member at the time.) After about 4 years of bad decisions, neglect from then current admins, and a bunch of messy details in between, I found myself with the entire community in my lap within the span of 2 months after only volunteering to help out with some technical related things.
  2. I'd buy the app if this became a feature.
  3. Would be nice to have a new ad location available within gallery image collages/grids. As a user is browsing images, there could be 1-2 placeholders for an advertisement banner to show up on each page. Example of how it's done on DeviantArt:
  4. Is this going to remain exclusively dark? I would love if there was a light version as well for accessibility reasons.
  5. I'm in 37 servers and can assure you none of them are gaming-focused. 😎 Discord is being used by people from all walks of life even though it did start out as a communication platform for gaming guilds and clans. Most of my servers are focused around artists and artisan crafters. I lied, I found one belonging to a twitch art streamer who sometimes plays games. Invision bums me out sometimes because it seems like their client base is saturated with gaming communities and questionably legal marketplaces, though I'm basing this on who I've encountered in my short 1+ year so far in this forum. It's severely evident in the marketplace with a lot of plugins, and themes especially, heavily geared towards those in the gaming side of the internet. I've said this before, but I usually have to do some sort of extra customization to get most third party content to work in the way we need it to. Discord was an easy decision to make and so far it's been extremely positive.
  6. @opentype That's interesting, and I don't mean that sarcastically. I have yet to find anyone who doesn't use it, let alone heard of it, but then again I am in a completely different demographic than most people here.. which I might have made minor complaints about once or twice. 😅
  7. I had this concern as well, and I rectified it by integrating Discord directly into my website using an app in the marketplace here. Members must have a registered and verified website account linked to their Discord. This is the only way to receive an invite to the server which is randomly generated and unique to each member. Anyone who attempts to join without an account, or without linking their Discord account on the website, is promptly kicked and a DM sent to them explaining why with a link to register to the website/link accounts. I have assigned read-only channels that update with new content as it's posted on the website respectively. The updates provide a title and/or a tiny glimpse to what was posted that when clicked brings my members back to my website to interact with said content. This is something some members love because we don't have an application and unless they're on the website, they don't receive their notifications until they revisit the site or check their email spam. Think of it as a hacky way of getting push notifications. Nothing in our Discord replaces anything on our website. We make it very clear from the get that our server is a privilege, not a right, provided for our members to have casual conversation and post about things that aren't normally the topic of discussion in our community, which is art based, though we don't discourage talking about art if they want. We do not allow them to buy, sell, trade, etc. and even encourage them to self-promote their content from the website in multiple areas. My VIP members receive a special Discord role as well, which I have had some members tell me directly that they purchase a VIP subscription solely for the sake of vanity even if they don't really utilize other benefits. Who doesn't like fancy colored usernames to stand out from the crowd. 😉 This is 100% automated as well. Discord is becoming a big part of a lot of people's lives no matter what type of community your roots are in, and I've learned from past mistakes that there's no point fighting change, you must adapt to it or be left behind.
  8. Bumping this. The second suggestion is severely needed as over a year later, we're still experiencing the issue both on our live website and test website. When someone scrolls to read comments on a gallery image via the lightbox, it lags, and I've seen other clients complain about this issue in the past. I posted a video of evidence in this topic:
  9. Just popping in here to ask if the option to report reviews will ever be added? It's the only thing preventing me from purchasing this. We need a way to properly monitor reviews left with malice by allowing members to report reviews left on their profiles.
  10. Is there a reason why status update replies are not included in the activity feed as separate entries? We've created a "wall" so to speak to encourage engagement between members that uses the built-in status updates system and none of the replies show up in activity which is misleading considering how active some status' can become. We use the all activity rss to show what members are currently doing and it helps no one when replies are attached to the status at the original time it was created instead of updating to the time of the last reply.
  11. There is this, though there is no permanent way to force a user to automatically follow content. Even set with this application, they can easily change their settings. I wouldn't really suggest you take that power away from a user either, since this can easily lead to spam and unhappy members.
  12. Is the entire rules series abandoned now? No developer response in 5 months.
  13. You can create a product with renewals instead of using the subscription manager.
  14. I think this is a factless assessment considering an average of ~47% of my traffic comes from Mac computers and iPhones respectively across 3 websites. That's thrice the data against yours. There are thousands of websites that use Invision that probably hold similar statistics against the handful of people who are posting in this topic that you claim don't care about waiting for both platforms to have fair access to these notifications. We all want them, including the "dinosaur" iOS users. Why should Invision only cater to your website by rushing out a grand scale feature that excludes hundreds of thousands, if not potentially millions, of community members in the process? How would you argue that to be a good move business wise to add it as a core feature and force an unknown, but probably large number of their clients to pay for a feature they can't yet use? Because one guy with only 1% of Apple-based users threw a fit in the forums about how his community is too entitled to wait for better options to come that benefit everyone? I absolutely hate it when people argue the necessity of something using subjective information. Your disdain for Apple doesn't magically disregard all of the Apple users that do exist outside of your community, and nobody deserves access to features any more or less regardless.
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