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  1. It looks like they want it to function like Facebook the way it is set up, where the messaging works similar to their IM system.
  2. I just updated to the recent version and I'm receiving a template error.
  3. 4.3.3: When a user switches to the rich text editor for the description, two of them display. Also, when a user is tagged in the description, everything after the tag disappears when it is submitted. This only happens during the upload wizard, not when a description is added after the fact, and it happens at random. I am able to duplicate both bugs on my live site with and without third party content, and my test site which has no third party content and a fresh install of the beta files.
  4. More so for members who join for our learning center and don't purchase items from other members.
  5. I have a couple of questions about this as I'm interested in integrating it into my community. Is there a way to report feedback? Is there a way for members to opt out from receiving feedback if they don't want it?
  6. Sorry for not explaining clearly, the recent ticket is not weeks old. I marked the original one resolved after feeling road blocked and took some time to do my own investigating on my test site before I opened up the recent one which was Thursday last week. Mark H. acknowledged it and escalated the ticket to upper tier support. I just received a response 5 hours ago today from Daniel F. that the issue has finally been fixed for an upcoming release. @Optic14
  7. No, this is a bug on their end with no ETA on when it will be fixed. I tried to get this resolved via support ticket to only be given the third party content excuse after I showed them the results with and without it. I had to reproduce the bug on a clean install with a new database and I haven't heard anything since giving that data to them. It's been 2-3 weeks since it was first reported. I want to assume it'll come with a patch for 4.4.2 before a 4.4.3 is released. This happens if the field is changed back to a no value/blank option rendering a 0 for $content and a blank space for $processedContent.
  8. Favorite or "Add to Favorite" button that saves/bookmarks the image inside of a private album for the member. Improve the lightbox for mobile as it lags severely when an image has multiple comments. Add an option in the upload wizard to allow members to upload their own watermark. If not set, the default watermark will be used if set. Option to show album categories as albums or links in a sidebar with the new images collage showing in the main space. Ability to mark an image as mature/nsfw with an account or profile setting members can set to view or hide images marked mature.
  9. This just keeps getting better and better. I suppose a feature request for adding channels within a chatroom would be asking for too much? LOL. That's the only feature so far that's preventing me from buying this and using it as a full-blown discord alternative for my clubs, though it's very tempting with what you've already accomplished so quickly.
  10. Is this something new for 4.2.2? The description says to use $content for the formatted user added content.
  11. The recent patches have resolved this, however, there is now a new issue. Custom fields using the member field type were displaying html. After the latest patch, they're now displaying the inputted member's ID number in plain text.
  12. Don't know if this has been suggested before, but a way for members to be able to send funds to other members via their account credit balance would be appreciated. I am assuming this is possible since there are third party apps that allow virtual points and the like to be sent between members. We have given up on gift cards. It was already a pain trying to get our members used to buying gift cards as a way of sending money to each other, but now that they've been removed from the store and made into a link, we've decided it's not worth the hassle of explaining anymore.
  13. Custom profile fields are showing on the post profiles even if the content is empty when using a select box field type.
    I'd give this more stars if I could. This makes it so easy to not only translate for other languages, but help change the default language if you want to rename certain elements of the suite.
  14. That's definitely not intended. When a banned member logs in, they are shown this message and a list of account warnings if there are any present. It shouldn't let them access any part of the website while they're logged in.
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