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  1. Alismora

    Deactivate generic Blog Feature Photo

    This can easily be done via CSS, however I don't have the blogs app in order to give you the line of code that would help you out. I went browsing into Invision's own blogs, but I'm not sure if these selectors are the same across the software, but you could give it a go just to see. If not, someone with blogs will have to help you out. I noticed your community was linked in your signature, so I went and viewed the source to find the right selectors. Just add this to your custom.css file: .cBlog_grid .cBlog_grid_item__image { display:none; } This will get rid of the blog photos, but then the category title will overlay the title, so you'll have to adjust that to your liking.
  2. Alismora

    Custom Notifications - Supporttopic

    @Fosters I'm having some issues with the app after recently upgrading to 4.3.6 I don't know how major of an issue it is, but to put it short, we can't send notifications anymore. Even with default criteria for recipients, it'll only send the notification to a couple percent and then it'll get stuck on a random person and continuously spam them repeatedly with the same notification and stop distributing the notification to the 90%+ of the members who haven't received it yet. I've tried it several times and the person it gets snagged on is always different. The only way I can quit the task is by uninstalling it. There are no error messages of any sort that I can provide to you since it doesn't give me any. We send notifications to around 5k people on average, but it can be up to over 7k at once. Unless something is timing out, I don't think member amount is the culprit here. I'm using 1.2.2 of your application on 4.3.6 with latest patches.
  3. Alismora

    Staff Applications System

    Update: I was able to figure out the issue. There were errors being thrown about certain custom application fields: IPS\Db\Exception: Data too long for column 'field_10' at row 1 I have all fields set to text and/or text area with unlimited characters, so I'm not sure why it would say the data is too long? I did remove one that wasn't needed and changed field 10 to text area instead of just text. It seems to have fixed the issue for now.
  4. Alismora

    Staff Applications System

    @Adriano Faria Hey there! We just started using this app last night and I've hit a bit of an issue. We set this up straight out of the box and it seemed to be working excellently right away, but after about a day of having members apply to our staff positions, we noticed that not all the apps are being submitted properly. Here's the first app submitted that went through without issue. There are more questions, but for the sake of space, I only screenshot the top part. However, this is the next application. I confirmed with this member that they did indeed fill in all fields as instructed since they are required fields, but only her description is showing up with all the other fields blank. It happens sporadically. The first application went through fine. The next 2 had everything missing except for their description. The application submitted after those two looks fine with all the information showing up, but then again the next one after that has all but the description missing. Some of the apps sent in had none of the custom application fields attached to it at all. Looked like this: I did remake 3 out of the 4 applications to remedy this issue and I'm keeping an eye out for any future applications not showing up correctly. I've sent test apps to all 4 and they went through successfully, but I wanted to make you aware of this anyway. We're using this application straight out of the box on 4.3.6.
  5. Alismora

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    I've been catching up on all the 4.4 updates and I'm intrigued by some of the new changes coming, however, I did have a question about 4.4 in general. The first update stated it was set to release by the end of 2018, but I haven't seen mention of it in the others. Is it still on track or will we see it pushed to 2019?
  6. Alismora

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    Is it at all possible to expand the commerce notifications? One of the biggest suggestions from my community (and others that I've seen posted here) is to receive website notifications for support ticket related things, such as: When you're assigned to a ticket When a member has responded to a ticket you're working/assigned to When tickets are marked a certain status automatically using the auto-resolve feature When new tickets come in (The commerce overview widget is ok, but it's easily overlooked.)
  7. Alismora

    (Request) New Notification Options

    Yeah, that's what I've explained to my community, and it's what I meant with this statement below: They're requesting that it be an entirely separate notification instead of it being bundled up with "makes a post" so that they can continue to receive post related notifications, but not worry about gallery uploads they don't necessarily care about and vice versa.
  8. I'm requesting these on behalf of several staff and members of my community who have begged me in some capacity for these options the past several months. I'm not sure if any of these are possible, and some will see them as useless (please remember that not all communities function the same and have different needs), but passing along the recommendations regardless. General Notifications Someone I am following uploads an image to the gallery [Notification List / Email] Make this a separate notification instead of bundling Gallery uploads in with "makes a post" (Member) Someone replies to a support ticket I created [Notification List] (Staff) Someone replies to a support ticket I am assigned to [Notification List] (Staff) A staff note has been added to a ticket I am assigned to [Notification List] Groups A member leaves a group I am leader of [Notification List / Email] Profiles Someone unfollows me [Notification List / Email] The notification marked red is the one that gets requested almost daily. I run a creative marketplace and the gallery is a very popular way for artists to display their talents. They are discouraged from receiving notifications from members they follow and/or following members in general because they cannot disable gallery upload notifications separately from other content it's bundled with. If there's only one notification they would get to choose from the list to be added, it would be that one hands down.
  9. Alismora

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    @Fosters Hey there, I just updated to 3.0.0 and I've run into some issues. First Issue: It no longer renders the topic title placeholders. Here is a screenshot showing 1 application before we updated, and 2 applications we received after the update to 3.0 Second Issue: The poll options sometimes don't show up. We have it set to show the generic "yes" and "no" options.
  10. Alismora

    Raffles System

    @Adriano Faria Hey Adriano! I've encountered a template issue that I'm not entirely sure of how long it's been acting up, but it was brought to my attention when a member attempted to do a giveaway in their club. There are no issues with setting up the giveaway and whatnot, but after it's created, if anyone clicks on it, we receive this error: [[Template raffles/front/view/view is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I've tried to do some of my own troubleshooting by switching to the default theme and uploading a fresh copy, but the template error still persists. My website uses 4.3.5 with all patches.
  11. This is probably the wrong section to put this, but I didn't know which one suit it best. I did some searching for marketplace refunds and I'm not having much luck finding any useful information. Who do I contact and where about getting a refund for a plugin/application purchase from the Invision Marketplace? I purchased a plugin quite some time ago and several attempts to contact the developer later, I haven't received a single response, even after leaving a poor review on the plugin itself stating the lack of support. The plugin has never worked for me regardless of my many attempts, and is now not needed due to some of the recent updates to the core Invision application. Apologies in advance to the staff member who moves this if it's in the wrong spot. Thanks!
  12. Alismora

    Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"

    This can be done by editing the friendly URL for the clubs page. ACP: System > Advanced Settings > Friendly URLs Tab > Do a Ctrl+F search for Clubs to find the friendly URLs related to clubs you want to change. Make note only to change the actual word "clubs" in the "Friendly URL" field, not the "Real URL" field. You should not change/remove anything else listed in either fields as well.
  13. Alismora

    (R41) User Block

    Doesn't seem like this is still being updated, but with a few minor template and css edits, got it back up and working for 4.3. Willing to help anyone who wants it.
  14. I'd like this, too. Having more built-in engagement related features is always a plus. My current workaround is using the built-in quick registration along with an awards application to force members to upload a photo during registration. This in turn grants them an award and lets them know those awards/achievements exist and help promote activity that way. Who doesn't like earning achievements for simple tasks?! ?
  15. Alismora

    Gallery Lightbox Lags via Mobile

    Bumping since this is still an issue.