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  1. I'm sad to say this, but these recent decisions of Invision Power to make it harder for their customers just to prevent Piracy has given Xenforo a complete monopoly in paid forum software. Vbulleting and IPS are running further and further behind focusing on the wrong things. For example my one big issue before 4.5 was IPS inability to create small thumbnails for every image attachment automatically like Xenforo does. you could argue that it does if you change the image size but you will never be able to choose between a tiny or large image, you will be stuck with small images then. @
  2. I'm kinda confused with the image handling. Is there a way to prevent broken external images? Thanks in advance @A Zayed
  3. @Makoto I would buy if this has a paginated tags list on the front end that users can browse. guess it doesn't have that though?
  4. @Mike John Not sure but the thumbnail grabber doesn't seem to work for me in 4.4
  5. You need to change the guest phrase in languages I believe.
  6. About that, This is a general question but maybe you know, what if you set cache remote images for 1 week, does it get the original image from the external server or from withing? I'm confused that if you set the cache duration to 1 week or something the image might get broken after that period, if it needs to fetch from another website constantly. Guess you need to set it on Indefinitely then.
  7. @A Zayed Just wondering what happens when you post an url of an image that is dynamic or protected? will it show a broken image after a while?
  8. you can prune it from the database tag table I think. not ideal but you can if you really have to.
    Great plugin that enables a sorely missed setting for invision power.
  9. Can member create links topics also @Faqole ? oh it doesn't actually add an option to created link topics my mistake.
  10. @Ryan H. could you add an option to select prefix from thread view? currently the prefix selection won't show up. also it conflicts with the prefix system in thread view. when you click on item prefix it enables other prefixes to be selected? any way to disable the prefix default system? I added this css to no longer display the default prefix as a quick fix. div#topic_tags_prefixWrap { display: none!important; }
  11. ok thanks for the quick reply. hope you will add for OP also in the future. If possible
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