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  1. I hope this is just an alpha thing, otherwise new code structure not really step forward.
  2. I am useing build-in ads system with Advanced advertisements and custom theme. No problem after upgrade so far
  3. Sergey_SV

    Radical Tags

    Hi is tag cloud widget already implemented? or will be implemented soon? I would need this to switch from Advanced tags and prefixes
  4. Hi Is there any way to show the tags in the Unread and Activity streams? If I remember correctly, before they were there, but then dissapeared
  5. is this bug in 4.4.8 or in 4.4.7 also? I was just going to upgrade
  6. oh! just stuck with this on my site. some how 5000 URL from my forum are not listed in the sitemap.
  7. it is part of the "Advanced tags and prefixes" app
  8. Great start! but with out ads, difficult to go with it, since 80% of the adsrevenue is from mobile ads. Then pay-to-use-app feature sould be avaliable in the Commerce for the users ) or per-group allowance to use the app
  9. @expeditedshipper Sorry, I do not get your question. Coudl you pls elaborate
  10. @bfarber yeah, I'v been googling it for the last 7 days etensivly. but thess solutions are not working. Before upgrade to 4.4.4 the avaliable heap size was 6gb, and it was running ok since last October. Now we increased this value first to 16 gb, now to 24gb, and it consumes it within 5-7 days, then crashes.
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