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  1. it is part of the "Advanced tags and prefixes" app
  2. and the answer in the new support desk is.... " If you have a ticket number, I can certainly then take a look." So could you pls give the people temp access to the old system so we at least could copy those numbers?
  3. ok! just submittet a ticket about lost of all tickets.... lets see how this will fly )))
  4. Great idea! it is like migrate the community without the posts ))) kill all the questions and unsolved bugs, and just make a fresh start!!! BRAVO!!! I was just about to ping the support team about 3 acknowledged bugs, you promised to fix already 2-3 releases ago, and so far didn’t, but you just disarmed me ))) because I have no prove those bugs have ever exist and need to create a new tickets )))) you should at lest left the access to the old system in read only mode, to respect the people who was reporting and proving the bugs.
  5. Great start! but with out ads, difficult to go with it, since 80% of the adsrevenue is from mobile ads. Then pay-to-use-app feature sould be avaliable in the Commerce for the users ) or per-group allowance to use the app
  6. I think the better solution would be make easier to users to delete the old conversation by themselves. At the moment there is no way to sort the conversations from old-to-new (and without pagination there is no way to scroll to the old times), and no way to multiselect the conversations from the search results.
  7. but I think there is the totally different principle in Facebook and etc.: 1 user - 1 conversation. In forum we could have 1000 conversations with 1 user, so without pagination the only workaround is to swithch to mobile view, where pagination exist. Not corect, Facebook offers the serch within the conversation and Telegram offers the search in all chats with direct link to the post
  8. - search is limited to 1 year time, and not possible to extend in ACP - not possible to manage (move to folder or delete) conversations from the search results - search in current folder/all folders - if the 2nd participant (or all participants) have left the conversation, you still able to send the relpy in to it, without notification that the opponent left it )
  9. I tried to stay as long as possible on 4.3.6 where seach by member was still possible, but then support denied to solve other bugs, unless I am not on the latest version 4.4.4, and I have to upgrade. Have alot of complains from users too about PM search, and kinda difficult to explain them why the PM was sacrificed in favor of further development.
  10. have already risen this topic, seems not in plans for IPB development to maintain messages system....
  11. Hi. is there a way to allow user to use only the Prefixes from this app and not the Tag Prefixes from standard IPS functionality?
  12. is it possibel to add the ability ot manage (delete) the conversation from the search results? there is a possibility to select and delete several conversation in the mailbox, but not in the search results. Without this there is no simple way to delete multiple unnescessary conversations
  13. I have also asked this questions for the messenger in separate topic I am really missing to search by name, longer search period (more than 1 year) and ability to do something with messages from the search results (delete, move and etc.)
  14. Hi I really non positively surprised with the development of the personal messages (PM) system in the IPS community First thing - the search in the PM in the 4.4 is buggy (pagination is not working correctly and etc., have couple of tickets submitted). But this understandable as new development probably. BUT Why IPS is cutting the functionality, which was already there??: 1. First you limit the search for 1 year, and hardcode this in the source, with no ability to change in the ACP. 2. In 3.X a people was asking for the ability to search by Author name, and it was introduced in 4.3.x, and I was happy! :))) but in 4.4.X I found that you again withdraw the ability to search in PM by Author. I do not know the reasons behind this, but these features are very important for the old communities. My community is 15 years old, and I am still have some data in the old PMs which I do not wat to delete and want to be able to find it. One more thing, is the easy way you can clean up your mailbox... there is none!. I can search the mails, but I could not select them from the search results and delete the unused conversations. Either I have to open all one-by-one-and-delete or nothing. So the PMs start piling up... and without the good search function it is just becoming a mess... Could you pls reconsider the PM strategy and bring removed features back!
  15. Seems that IPS is taking the hardcoding limits to the next level, first it was the search in PM which is hardcoded to be limited to 1 year, now this. What next?....
  16. hmm.. this is a good topic, I just found out that Google have no problem display the Ads in the messenger and profile pages on my site. Only in forums locked for guests it is not... So it is somehow able to crawl there...
  17. Hi did you have a chance to test this? there is no random option there
  18. Is it possible to display random products from the Commerce?
  19. think so too. Search is not working also
  20. Fro me this is not sufficient, because if I jump by link not to the first message but to the first unread, I have no clue that the topic is hidden or not. I agree that it is ggod to have the hidden posts different color, but the whole topic background shoudl also be not white (defaut).
  21. It would be great to be able somehow make some product groups unavaliable to certain usergroups. I know I can do it product-by-product, but this is not very cool to edit a lot of products. The usecase for this - I want to pause some part for the store, and not showing this products at all, but I do not want to edit 50 products "not show in store" and do not wat to delete the group structure.
  22. Hi. Thinking about buying this one. two questions 1. have the issues in post above above been investigated? 2. Haev app beeing tested with 4.3.6?
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