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  1. I hope this is just an alpha thing, otherwise new code structure not really step forward.
  2. I am useing build-in ads system with Advanced advertisements and custom theme. No problem after upgrade so far
  3. Sergey_SV

    Radical Tags

    Hi is tag cloud widget already implemented? or will be implemented soon? I would need this to switch from Advanced tags and prefixes
  4. Hi Is there any way to show the tags in the Unread and Activity streams? If I remember correctly, before they were there, but then dissapeared
  5. is this bug in 4.4.8 or in 4.4.7 also? I was just going to upgrade
  6. oh! just stuck with this on my site. some how 5000 URL from my forum are not listed in the sitemap.
  7. it is part of the "Advanced tags and prefixes" app
  8. @expeditedshipper Sorry, I do not get your question. Coudl you pls elaborate
  9. @bfarber yeah, I'v been googling it for the last 7 days etensivly. but thess solutions are not working. Before upgrade to 4.4.4 the avaliable heap size was 6gb, and it was running ok since last October. Now we increased this value first to 16 gb, now to 24gb, and it consumes it within 5-7 days, then crashes.
  10. Hi may be someone have an idea, we have swithced to the Elastic search while ago, when it was introduced to the IPB. At the begining we have trouble with CPU utilisation, but them it was resolved by the IPB team. Since them Elastic was running smooth and reliable Recently after uprade to 4.4.4 we got the trouble with cashing and switch to Redis from Memcache. After this we strarted having problems with Elasticsearch, since it starting to shutdown after 2-3 days with the error "OutOfMemory error Java heap space". There was no change in config of Elastic. We encreased the Max heap space to 24 GB, but this doesnt help. It just constantly consumes memory, until crash. We also upgraded Elastic to 6.8.2, but didnt help also. Any body have an idea where to look?
  11. I think the better solution would be make easier to users to delete the old conversation by themselves. At the moment there is no way to sort the conversations from old-to-new (and without pagination there is no way to scroll to the old times), and no way to multiselect the conversations from the search results.
  12. Hi everybody, is there any way to see some kind of the statistics (results) for the Commerce? I want to know the list of good sold for the certain period.
  13. but I think there is the totally different principle in Facebook and etc.: 1 user - 1 conversation. In forum we could have 1000 conversations with 1 user, so without pagination the only workaround is to swithch to mobile view, where pagination exist. Not corect, Facebook offers the serch within the conversation and Telegram offers the search in all chats with direct link to the post
  14. - search is limited to 1 year time, and not possible to extend in ACP - not possible to manage (move to folder or delete) conversations from the search results - search in current folder/all folders - if the 2nd participant (or all participants) have left the conversation, you still able to send the relpy in to it, without notification that the opponent left it )
  15. I tried to stay as long as possible on 4.3.6 where seach by member was still possible, but then support denied to solve other bugs, unless I am not on the latest version 4.4.4, and I have to upgrade. Have alot of complains from users too about PM search, and kinda difficult to explain them why the PM was sacrificed in favor of further development.
  16. have already risen this topic, seems not in plans for IPB development to maintain messages system....
  17. Hi. is there a way to allow user to use only the Prefixes from this app and not the Tag Prefixes from standard IPS functionality?
  18. is it possibel to add the ability ot manage (delete) the conversation from the search results? there is a possibility to select and delete several conversation in the mailbox, but not in the search results. Without this there is no simple way to delete multiple unnescessary conversations
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