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  1. that's weird, i just tried it myself and it worked for me ...
  2. just few point of improvement base on your code you can just have one of this, this pushes all adsbygoogle globally (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); you can also store `article:eq(0)` to a variable then select whatever within it, so you don't have to repeat the same code, you can also shorten all the statements above with one line tenant condition
  3. yes const yoyo = '<b>tofu is life</b>' $("article.cPost:eq(0) [data-role='commentContent'] p:eq(2)").after(yoyo)
  4. use JS to inject your ad code into post via something like $("article.cPost:eq(0) [data-role='commentContent'] p:eq(2)").after("your code here") above shows ad in first post, after 3rd paragraph
  5. how I solved it was to uninstall then reinstall it
  6. you have the header display set as flex, and justify-content between, meaning each element inside the flex container will take up all remainder space between the other element since you only have logo and then user nav, it will make logo all the way left and nav all the way right of parent element to make logo center, simply add an empty div before the <a> logo and give some width
  7. in your theme setting you have it set to 194% height, i'd say first work on that
  8. can you explain how syncing usergroup work?
  9. 1.2 update New: Optional allow open linked file in new tab External links submitted to download will open in new tab instead of redirect user away from your community
  10. number of download left is easier to do, does IPS have fixed permanent number download? or maybe that's their own mod the cooldown timer, say 1 every 24 hours might be little trickier
  11. took a look, can be done but very ugly code because official function i can hook into is huge currently still in my plan to do list (maybe i can find a workaround)
  12. I have kinda working coding but if i release the plugin/app it would have been taken down in 7 days due to not having active license so i didn't bother, thanks to IPS policy
  13. you have access to phpmyadmin? go to the database find the table and click repair
  14. it's adsense, nothing to do with application, you need to configure it on adsense
  15. it's automatic ad, google uses algorithm to determine the placement, go to your adsense setting and view issue page and add location exclusion
  16. I have tried manually adding subscriber, unfortunately they don't expire and since no payment info was submitted they never get charged
  17. 4.5 update added New: Optional Disable user from editing auto generated topic Planned feature: Optional open linked download in new tab Notification setting auto follow new update on download Auto promote user on file approval (maybe) show reason why they can't download if exceed quota for download / bandwidth / wait time
  18. select dropdown menu and not provide any item or external and add #
  19. how do you recommend implement light / dark theme ? make a copy and change color scheme to dark or is there a switcher option
    There are issues with browser (gradient color) and club compatibility (double blocks showing), at the time of this writing with latest update contacted author via PM three times, have not hear back after 2 months
  20. 4.5 update has been waiting for approval for past 4 days
  21. I agree, I developed my apps for my own website, decided to share in marketplace if other find any use I didn't develop in intention to sell lot of copies marketplace already has filter for each minor releases, if i and IPS following best practices, then almost all cases patch update of system shouldn't break it it's been more than a year since last minor release, if I have to keep my license active just for other to be able to download it, I will be deep net negative this hurts the customer who purchase the plugin won't be able to install it or update it, it also hurts my reputation
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