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  1. what's the difference sending to a usergroup that has email you specified as test?
  2. Eudemon

    Tags block

    i don't think there is currently a way to do that would anyone interested in tag cloud block?
  3. most likely due to cache, since you disabled guest download, can't figure out what forum you have download topic generated to PM me test user to your community I can double check
  4. I believe he meant countdown as daily / days / week download / bandwidth threshold exceeded cool down timer
  5. currently no, but i do plan to look into that
  6. this is support topic for
  7. i like your energy lol my plugin (not this one) is waiting for approval
  8. Version 1.2.1


    This plugin enables few features for download Optional Add Sign in button and highlight text when file require login to download, redirects user back to the page after complete Optional Add download button that show on top of pagination of auto generated topic on click redirects user to the download page Plug and play, author will auto follow the generated topic based on his follow setting, IPS default just creates the topic with no follow Optional Disable user from editing auto generated topic Optional allow open linked file in new tab External links submitted to download will open in new tab instead of redirect user away from your community And more ... this plugin will get more features added Planned feature: Notification setting auto follow new update on download Auto promote user on file approval (maybe) show reason why they can't download if exceed quota for download / bandwidth / wait time All my Apps support Follow best coding practice Support language translation Reuse default system element as much possible ensure compatibility of theme and other component updates Edit logging Permission sets
  9. I can make a plugin for this, prob useful for community that host lot of files and also to promote VIP memberships
  10. so basically have a custom redirect that override default redirect after subscription action then?
  11. after thinking about it, it should have its own table, and use an unique id as foreign key that way we don't need to store same value over and over again this also helps to build a tag suggestion base on existing tags (similar to @ function ) I am about to wrap up a plugin, depending how many ppl interest i might work on it
  12. not terribly hard to have a db field for each post row store hashtags, on clicking returns search result of all post containing the tag also good idea to add searching weight value to regular search for tags
  13. like i said in previous comment, user define custom action based on the app and target html, for example you can target create post button and supply your custom text as a step, you can rearrange your steps current 3rd party marketplace ain't structured for collaborative development of multiple dev per resource, if i am going to implement it i rather do it on my own
  14. I have an idea, but since IPS and other dev are interested in it, not gonna waste my time making something duplicate
  15. welp, depends how hot it is 😎 I can make visual cues with default and custom cues text and steps you can add based on current app and target element
  16. are you exposing your port to outside access, mysql default 3306 you can test locally via command line connect mysql -u username -h hostname:port -p
  17. check and make sure share via email is disabled, attackers use this and then modify the content and title I got burned after spammer used this 'feature' to sent one million emails, I wish IPS is more open communicating potential loopholes with its customers, even the expired ones with that said, you may try running sql to clear the backlog in your db
  18. UPDATE files SET filename = replace(filename,'{','-') for s3, might be better to write a simple script, get an aws credential, fetch filename, replace special char then update old key with new key, aws sdk is widely available for many laguages
  19. don't worry I am just bored of quarantine for existing files, you can run a query to update db, keep in mind you also need to query update s3 keys as well, prob not hard to do thru aws command line
  20. have a look at /applications/downloads/modules/front/downloads/submit.php you can prob have a hook to filter out special character in filename before upload, not tested
  21. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/UsingMetadata.html if this is what you talking about, you prob want to do some pre processing to alter the file name both in your db and s3 key
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