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  1. You're not alone with this, I can see if that if it's a non-default user photo you get this output: With as img path of "/applications/core/interface/file/index.php?file=/monthly_2019_01/Untitled-1.png.26edcbdc76a12029d2e3edbe1899c2c9.png" (404 Not found) Where as default photo and other areas of the user photo which do work follow the URL format of: "/uploads/monthly_2019_01/Untitled-1.thumb.png.a0ff1c23cd7642d033c2e300aa049c01.png" Seems to only occur in the author panel (cAuthorPane_photo) on forum content.
    Clean design, minor issues occur every odd update however Pete is the most responsive and dedicated developer i've came into contact with yet. Got my moneys worth in support let alone the theme.
  2. Ahhh so unfortunately this doesn't sound like full SVG support just yet, however I imagine we can build around it? Is there still plans to support / enable SVG files as an alternative for .PNG/.GIF for true scalable quality as well as semi-transparent animations?
  3. @bfarber Will the SVG support be functional for multiple colours, transparency and animation and or even Windows based apps rather than just "apple" .
  4. Very limited in its explanation though and only really mentions apple systems. Looking for genuine support for animated / coloured SVGs on all systems.
  5. SVG files require alot of work and brute forcing to get the desired affect compared to a png file. Why use an SVG file? Infinite scaling +/-. Can be animated with semi transparency and maintain its quality unlike gifs. I've read a few posts that gently comment on it being "in the pipeline" however nothing confirmed.
  6. Custom Fields for products / packages that are pre-defined by the owner / admin. An example would be a simple status where products can be assigned an online, maintenance, offline status and you can handle requests to said product accordingly depending on status. (Using the REST API to check if a product is online and functioning but currently custom fields can only be used to control product stock levels).
  7. Another feature would be the ability to log OAUTH API calls as well; rather than just standalone rest API calls.
  8. Can we possibly see Proof Key for Code Exchange(PKCE) implemented for OAuth2 / REST API in the future? I noticed that by default the login controller appends a CSRFKey to the login request so I'd imagine it'd be possible to apply something similar for the users who want to use their community as an OAuth server for their desktop application (public, no client secret) Until then I'm going to have to use Resource Owner Credentials / implicit which is not advised anymore.
  9. I've been doing alot of research and about 6 hours of solid browsing and now I'm admitting defeat. I currently have the client simply submitting hashed user details to a custom php api responsible for user authentication as well as database queries. I was wondering if it's plausible to setup InvisionCommunity to act as an OAuth2 server which can serve member details via REST to a Native Desktop application where users will login using OAuth2(my site) to retrieve their user details. Has anyone managed to get this working, if so can you throw us a few pointers both the available IPS docs and what's publically available aren't cutting it. Is it even worth using OAuth2 as i'm not wanting 3rd party logins? OR is there a more secure alternative method to do this?
  10. Auto revoking a users invoice / transaction when they initiate a chargeback. Currently having to do this manually.
  11. I've seen only 1 post regarding this and was wondering if there was a real guide on how to set up the following: Paid Subscriptions that expire either monthly or yearly THAT DON'T AUTO RENEW(just expire on their own, user has to manually purchase after) (If its that renewal tab then I'ma hate myself for a while)
  12. I successfully installed IPB v4 but I'm noticing when i try to create a forum under a category I can't because I haven't set its parent. However.... I can't?
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