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  1. Version 1.4.0


    NOTE: if you're upgrading to latest version, you might want to uninstall old version first. This plugin make your Pages application ready to use some of important "Wiki Markups" Note: Usage of this product requires Pages App Some of Markups can be using: [[article name]] or [[article name|test title]] markup for linking to articles. it's support Blue Links (if article by the name exist in category) and Red Links (If the article by that name wasn't exist in category. so red link are redirected to create article form, which is Title field automatically filled by the none-exist article by the name) All red links after creation, automatically turn into blue links in every place in category. Create Section headings with: ==H2 Section headings== and ===H3 Section headings=== Section headings automatically create Anchor box menu for contents as well. Create Templates articles so users can substitution in another articles by this markup: {{template:templatename}} List of all accepted markups are listed inside of package. Demo: https://turboduck.net/guide/test-drive-unlimited-r3/
  2. @Dylan Riggs why is there even a "more" button when we don't have it in our menu manager, why not just remove it
  3. Few bugs here for now, you can check my site to verify 1, uploading new version will break the theme, I had to removed the old version and then re-upload as new theme 2, menu button shows drop down icons even if it doesn't contain drop down menu 3, The last menu button is complete broken
  4. so after few members complain I noticed Google DNS are blocked by Chinese ISP since few years ago Do you guys have any alternative way for spam presentation
  5. hey... that's what I have been saying the whole time about custom.css... and you misunderstood it the whole time!
  6. Couple more suggestions (tho they are not bugs so no need to prioritize) 1, On forum index page, forum with unread post has highlighted star icon, while read forum has empty star but in sub forum page, it is reversed, topic with unread post has highlighted dot, while read topic which has your reply has highlighted star (this should be changed to empty star or empty dot with same color as the read forum empty star) else it is extremely confusing 2, Add a scroll up to top icon (like how blue lagoon theme done it, the icon pops up after you scroll down one page of length)
  7. nice, thanks for the quick update what happened to url for logo :/
  8. okay I am confused now, I thought custom.css is for the member who want to make change to the theme but don't want to re-do the change whenever the developer release new update. which mean if you want to make change to one of the style in the custom.css as the developer, on the update it will either overwrite the whole css or does not change at all, former will wipe out all member's custom change, latter doesn't update the theme at all with the above problem, I believe custom.css styles are taken priority when all css files are being rendered, so if you were to move the styles to other css files, all those !important will prevent the changes being made was just talking about sub menu of 2nd lvl menu doesn't pop 3rd lvl menu when hovered, but it doesn't really matter that much, so don't worry about it see screenshot, for example, color of calendar time is hard to see also, adding second or more widget will cause double scroll menu, and some items there has layout issue (in this case, the blog entries) this problem affect all widgets, to reproduce, pop sidebar -> add widget -> drag drop two or more to the sidebar
  9. 2nd person purchased! First of all, before I bombard you, thanks for the great theme the biggest selling point of the theme is the side bar, judging from the screenshots you provided, I thought we could make it siting there static, would be nice to see an option for that again the side bar, when it pops, it can block content page for site that has larger width, my suggestion is have two modes 1, auto shift the content to left when sidebar pops, so it will still be center of background 2, just make the side panel attached to the right side of content, so the background is only showing on the left side, or if content width is small enough, some part of the right while i do like the different theme color of side bar vs content page, you might want to work on a different set of css for side bar, as you can see, dark color font work perfect on the content page but when the same style applied to the sidebar, it's not so visible menu bar hover button highlight has quite a large delay when there are sub menu within a menu button, display a small down arrow, just like the sub menu bar does the sub menu of sub menu button does not auto pop content when hovered I see you have a lot of !important properties in css, while I don't have problem with that but some people who like to do easy edits on the theme would just drop a style there and overwrite with !important this is the first theme I have seen that has styles written in custom.css, the problem with that is whatever you wrote in there it won't get updated in the future, since theme upgrade won't overwrite that css file all the image uploads, background, side show, logo, would be cool if you can provide us option to just input a link in conjunction to upload a single file because I use custom php file to auto rotate image give an option to make the content / side bar / menu semi transparent (people who dislike it can just set it to 100%) when you hover the avatar in sidebar, the hover card is shown under / blocked by the side bar as your request: the install process is smooth, but at first I uploaded the whole /upload folder, maybe you can clarify that a little bit
  10. One thing I noticed is when I have bunch pages create all guest and members viewing any of those pages will be shown as Viewing Forums Index any plan on getting those tracking to show, or it is just a bug on my end?
  11. also interested to know, because one of the bug I need it to be fixed was marked fixed for 4.1.9
  12. thanks a lot it seems like they really need to improve their documentation
  13. this problem might seem noob but how do I find out what this part returns \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->short and how do I call a language string let's say the word "blog" that has key "__api_blog_blogs" Is there any guide for finding out these kind of parameters? I tried digging the forum and documentation but no luck thanks
  14. thanks for the reply, one concern is i don't know whether this code will reflect on non-logged in guests \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->short === 'eo_XX.UTF-8'
  15. I am just building one single page, so not using any template just tested with globalTemplate, the code that pulls menu items is {template="navBar" app="core" group="global" params=""} however, it will just pull all the links including some links i don't want and i can't style each one individually I know I can just build one menu myself but i want to preserve the language setting maybe I need to look at what this part stores and build two menu based on the value, any idea? lang="{expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->bcp47()"}"
  16. also you can run a sql to change the existing users setting since the plugin only apply to new registered
  17. in page building, without using IPB template would like to know how to pull menu item from the system maybe something like this {foreach menu} {button} {end} also want to know how to pull activity data as well as applying some filter, and pulling the language button trying looking into documentation and digging in theme, couldn't find it I know there is an output object, but how do I find the calls that I can use?
  18. i am back with 4.x gonna work on some mod and japanese translation maybe :D

    1. Sinistra


      Cool! I am now designing skins for IPS 4

  19. Merry Christmas メリークリスマス (/・ω・)/

    1. Sinistra


      late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! been out of town lol 

  20. Eudemon

    Table bbcode

    please post the actual code that you inserted, this helps me reproduce the problem
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