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  1. Oblivion Dark theme with orange focus

    This looks cool. Does it include that InfoTicker?
  2. Portal

    Mike, My portal blocks are not showing. It's weird because they were before. Are you able to get on my site now?
  3. Clear Notifications

    Uninstalling until we get an update. Worked at first.
  4. Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Nobody tried this yet? I'd like to see orange instead of the blue.
  5. Clear Notifications

    I installed it and it worked fine in the latest IPB. Than a couple days later it don't work. Any ideas?
  6. Unread Topic Badge

    Works great. Thanks.
  7. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I've been on cruise control with 3.4.6. Don't be talking about attitudes like mine being the reason for developers leaving. I stated a FACT. Another FACT is a lot of the developers left because 4 is a pain for them. Heck. Even Ryan himself runs 3.4.x. I know 4.x.x is more complex. I also know that some addons are with upgrades/updates no matter the version. Want to see somebody that stands behind his products from day one? Check out Devfuse just to name one. I have NO PROBLEM paying for addons that are stood behind for the long haul. To charge again is deceptive and greedy in my book. It's part of upgrades/updates no matter the version if it is not specifically said so in the item description (in which case I'd at least acknowledge and possibly purchase). Some say so. Some don't.
  8. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Not true. There are others who don't make people pay all over again. You label it how you want I won't be paying again. I'll label it greedy.
  9. Stop Forum Spam

    It NEVER slowed down my 3.4.6 forum ONE BIT. I call BS on the other review.
  10. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    When I bought it...I understood that it would continue to be upgraded/updated too. Those are new versions. This sucks man.
  11. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Yeah. I bought it. You're seriously telling me I'd have to buy it again?
  12. Bulk PM

    Hello. I bought your Mass PM for my 3.4.6. I see you renamed and updated it for the new IPB. Is my purchase still good for this version?
  13. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I bought this a while ago and faithfully used it for our fishing reports section in my fishing forum. After the big update to the IPB newest version, I still see prefixes yet the application isn't installed....yet. I don't see the download link but it is not in my Purchases. Can you please give me access so I can download and install it again? I'm really hoping that the settings carried over in my database. Thanks, Jamey
  14. Remove Group Name from Posts

    Worked perfect. Thanks!