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  1. yea i prefer db save as 'user preference' using localstorage method if they clear browser cache or switch device, it will just go back to default
  2. if you were using cloudflare before, try clearing cloudflare cache, i believe there is a constant file setting to set your default site url, i remember looking at db there are secure and non secure url variables, you should also provide a link to where problem occur to better assist
  3. there is a group mention plugin in marketplace
  4. have you done the usual cache clear, and updated site url to load assets in https? browser would block script if site is loaded in https but asset is not
  5. you have link to an example gallery page that doesn't work? maybe i can take a look the other method I mentioned is using aws sdk, and a package called s3 fuse or something that mounts a buckets to your server like a regular folder
  6. ... I have fulltime job and working on other stuff on my free time atm you might want to wait and see what they have for 4.5
  7. how do you sync with the app, using s3 fuse?
  8. actually I do have plan of writing plugin for that
  9. Yea I wish their development team is more open for communication, so us 3rd party devs ain't shooting in the dark with that said, I am currently working on different plugin on my free time, will circle back to this topic
  10. two things, enough people interested in it, and the IPS dev does not have plan to implement it
  11. I have other commitments i need to do, if you look at it from dev perspective, I am not gonna spend time make something that eventually gonna get replaced by official platform if they do decide to implement
  12. when i tried 100% off it worked for me, not sure that makes a difference again I agree with you that we should have option to apply coupon to individual subscription if you get official response they won't be adding this, i might be able to write a plugin
  13. technically if you set a coupon to apply to all product, then it can be applied to subscription but yes I agree we should have coupon option for subscription also, if you manually add someone as subscriber, they don't get move back once expiration is reach, this also is an issue
  14. just want to clarify it won't send post before register for immediate and late notification or either one?
  15. We are working on that (and also on the problem with unapproved/hidden content) and it will be probably fixed soon. Sorry for inconvenience. do you have an ETA for this? I currently have the mod disabled, if not I will be getting spammed bot posts
  16. with "allow guest post before registration", the app notifies on every post that never passed registration, is there anyway to exclude those?
  17. I know you mentioned it doesn't work on sidebar on your des, but if i use it as homepage can I still add sidebar to it? what about two column with css grid?
  18. can the bot post category condition automatic respect private forum just like the other discord integration? instead of having us clicking every single public forum to select it (and having to remember to add it in the future when new forum is created)
  19. Eudemon


    do you have option to auto choose most popular content (most likes)?
  20. if you have a post consist only quote, how do you click outside of quote? (assuming regular member who doesn't have source icon
  21. it's an user generated custom php system so no way to setup each page one by one, with links like mydomain.com/tag/something, mydomain.com/category/something, mydomain.com/user/something if i put index.php in page app, wonder what can potentially break or just have to test and find out
  22. in that case how do I point page to my custom php system while making it look like in the root actually that's the first thing came to my mind using htaccess, but it would potentially break some folder structuring, just wondering if there is a cleaner way to do it my issue is making custom php system as landing page, while making IPB apps act as part of the site
  23. I am talking about actually moving the root directory for IPB installation because I want to have custom script there as my landing system. so moving IPB in /community and making sure other apps follow same naming schema
  24. If I move IPB to /community How do I map the other IPB apps to something like: domain.com/blog/ instead of domain.com/community/blog/ currently I think htaccess is one way, but is there anything natively supported by IPB? --- btw anyone who has latest version, does it give you option to auto get notified on posts you made or reply to.
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