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  1. Great. Thanks. Maybe later we can post the conclusion here for others' benefit. Thanks again!!
  2. First: thanks! Second, I have an open ticket with Marc. I told him I have this thread as well. I'll let you guys decide where we continue the conversation. Yes, I have move to category. There is also move to album, but the only way it works is if the uploader to the Gallery is the same person that owns the Club Album. A club owner, or even the site admin, cannot in any way move an image from a club gallery to a club album. So if someone inadvertently uploads to the Gallery instead of to an authorized album, the image is stuck there. The only option is to delete it and reupload to the album. I hope I'm clear. This is not a deal-breaker but my club owners are complaining 😉
  3. Duh. @Joel R, thank you so much. Got it.
  4. @Joel R, thanks for the response. Yes I/we do see the clubs tab, but the image is already in the club gallery. What we're trying to do is move it to an album within the club.
  5. Great explanation, much appreciated. #2 I had understood, no problem. #1, why? 😢 I mean I get it, one can assume that at some point, the larger image could be useful to have (recropping, etc), but for sites with thousands of gallery images, it would me mission-critical to have the ability to reduce the size (and in extenso the weight). As I mentioned above, I have now found an in-elegant workaround (download, resize, reupload). That does seem to work. But I do believe that this is a key core functionality. Question, considering imagemagick is loaded and accessible, what's preventing the limiting possibility considering many other admins are as concerned with space as I am. Again, thanks for the response! Always appreciated.
  6. Not done. This is the field description under 'Maximum image dimensions to save' in Posting/General: If an image larger than the these dimensions is uploaded, it will be resized to no bigger than the dimensions and the original image will be discarded. Resizing images reduces their quality so it is normally best to leave this unlimited unless your community uses a lot of images and you want to reduce disk space use. So which is it? Is the image resized and discarded or not? From testing, no resizing and discarding is happening.
  7. So I just tried something and it worked 🥴 I uploaded some 20mb jpgs; nice and big. I then went into cPanel File Manager and downloaded them. I put them through GraphicConverter, reduced them to my desired max size, reuploaded them, overwrote the file, changed permissions from 644 to 666, and nothing is broken. It takes some work, but if I do it as a batch once a week, it's doable. Unless someone tells me that this is a dangerous scheme, this is how I plan on keeping my image files smaller. So I will let people upload whatever they want (obviously within reason) and then do the crunching in batches once a week. Voilá !
  8. Thanks @opentype. Here's hoping I didn't break anything. Got tired of waiting and deleted two files in cPanel. Hopefully when the cron runs and does not find the file, it won't freak out.
  9. When you delete an image from an album, shouldn't the corresponding file be trashed from the disk? I deleted an image over an hour ago and it's still there. I thought there might be a cron...?? Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Is there a way to create an RSS feed (or an external block) of images in club albums? I can get the RSS feed, but I only get the image title, not the actual image. Thanks!!
  11. Okay, I think I get it. If you upload a large image, IPS keeps that original image in the file directory. It then, however, only delivers (IPS calls it 'save') the image to the size specified in posting. So, in essence, you're keeping two images, the original (any size) PLUS the resized one? The question now is (and I have seen other threads on this) how to go about resizing larger images after the upload? The bottom line is that there is no way to easily get users to upload any size they want and then readjust. We're basically asking our users to be the resizers... Not great, but I think I get it now.
  12. Thanks. So what does the maximum image dimensions to save dialog do? *edit* I'm confused. I just found this 2016 answer from @Rhett:
  13. I've been trying to figure out which of the many threads to use to put a final cap on the issue, this is the lucky one 😇 We all face the same problem, large photo uploads = server storage. Do we agree that there is currently no way for IPS (or a plugin) to resize uploaded images on the fly (e.g. using imagemagick) to a new original size that we determine? I will never need to work with a 5000 x 5000 image and yet, it seems, unless I'm missing a setting, that even if you set the posting/maximum image to save setting at a lower value, the image/file does not resize? Anyone? Thanks!!!!
  14. Hello again @Jennifer M. So half of the problem is solved. Indeed, by setting it up as anyone can submit, anyone can indeed submit. I actually tried anyone in the club, and that works fine too. Anyone in the club can now submit. However 🤤 there remains an issue. If you upload a photo to the club, not into an album, you can not 'move' it to an album. I've tried every setting I can, both as a member and as an administrator, and the club albums do not show up in the move option. In the move option, the only galleries that show up are my own, the ones that I created elsewhere in the site, not the ones created by the club admin. Please note that I did try to sign in as the club admin, the one who created the albums in the first place, and you still cannot move a photo into a club album from the club gallery. Thoughts? Thanks!!!
  15. I think that might have been the problem. I had not even seen that menu option. Thanks.
  16. Hi. Having a problem understanding... We've created Clubs. The club in question has members. The members can post images, but not to an existing album created by a leader. So, if I understand it correctly, there is no such thing as a 'club' album, the club album created by a leader/owner remains theirs? Thanks
  17. *edit* From what I've read, this is perfect! I can't wait to try it out. Will do so in coming days and revert on my results.
  18. @Stuart Silvester thanks for the quick reply!! I will look at both these options and revert.
  19. I am also looking for ways to include Club topics in complex RSS feeds.
  20. Dear Community, I have Wordpress SSO needs. I would appreciate guidance on the best way to proceed, as in whether I need a plugin or SSO support from IPS. Need 1 (the most important): I have an IPS board. I have several external organizations on Wordpress who would like to use my IPS platform as their forum platform. To accomplish this, I need to offer them (multiple WP sites) the ability to SSO with my IPS. Ideally, my IPS board would import their users and grant them SSO access to the IPS community. Remember, it’s several different Wordpress installs synching their users and logins with my single IPS board. Need 2 (less important): I would like to include selected forums on their IPS sites. The best option I can think of is to use RSS. They include and see the feed on their Wordpress site, and then their users click on the selected topic and get brought back to my IPS platform. Best option? Other ideas? Thanks all!
  21. Thanks. So, they're actually on the mandatory completion stage, so they're not at the first registration. So that's the problem. What's bizarre is that the field labels appear, even though there is no data. Anyway, no biggy, at least I know where the problem comes from.
  22. When I get the new member registration notification email, I get a listing of multiple fields, but not all of the ones that the member fills out have the answer, I'm fairly sure that it's the custom fields. The weird thing is that the display name, email and IP have the label and value, whereas the first name, and other custom fields only have the label with no data. Thoughts? Thanks
  23. Thanks!!! Could not find it!! Now did. Okay, that's great!!!!
  24. Same problem. I read that it's a reorder problem (it shouldn't be) but if it is, how does one restore the default order?? So now I have two Overview tabs and one of them actually mirrors the Activity tab??? Is this part of the next fix or is there a solution? Thanks!
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