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  1. Giray


    Yup, I definitely trust the two people in question. If you could, that would be awesome. It's not critical... if you're too busy. But if you can, great.
  2. Is there a way to automatically assign a 'follow' of a forum to a new registrant? I would love to automatically give a follow of certain forums to new members. This is especially important in Clubs. When someone signs up for one of my clubs, I would love it if they would automatically 'follow' the discussions. Thoughts?
  3. Giray


    HI Adriano. Thanks for fixing this. Question: the fix for someone taking the quiz twice and it showing the first score only, will it fix retroactively? I have two people who had that problem. Or will the fix only address new quiz takers after the fix? Thanks!!
  4. Hi all. When I promote a forum post to 'Our Picks," all is perfect. In fact, I can post from any other module, and all is good. When I post from a Blog, the blog category shows up AND it adds multiple br breaks above and below. Any idea how to fix that? I've looked in templates and can't find it. Could this be a bug?
  5. Hi Mike John. I have them set to NOT auto approve on those member categories. See screen shot below. Also, regarding tag support, I do not see 'enable tags' in my categories. See screen shot below. THANKS!!
  6. Hi there. Do we agree that there are no tags in collections? It seems like such a natural marriage... Thoughts? Thanks!!
  7. Thanks @TDBF. This looks perfect. Question, will it work with standard IPS advertisements? Thanks again!!
  8. Hi there. I seem to be having an issue with approvals. My members' permissions show them as not able to auto-approve. And yet, when they post an item, it gets approved automatically. Thoughts? Did I miss a setting somewhere? Thanks all!!
  9. Ouch. So that means that even if we remove the ad from the club list, it'll show in the topics, calendars, etc... right? Hmm.... 😩
  10. Bought and installed 😎
  11. Thanks @Makoto. If I decide to go ahead with this, I'll reach out to you for a quote...
  12. Thanks Joel. Really appreciate the insight and shared experience. The good news is that there are five yahoo groups that want to join my platform. 😎 The bad news is that there are five yahoo groups who want to join my platform 😓 I think I'm going to save myself some heartache and give it to them straight. If they want to come over, they're simply going to lose what they have to date. Not great but I really don't want to get into a nightmare migration scenario. Thanks so much for the info!!!
  13. Thanks Matt. Would be useful. @Joel R, I'm all ears ... 👂👂👂
  14. We have a client who might want to migrate to our platform from their Yahoo User Groups. Any options? Ideas? Thanks!!
  15. Currently, when we create a topic on auto welcome on behalf of the member, we agree that the 'notify me' and therefore the 'following' are negative, right. In other words, the member is not notified of replies? If that's the case, which I believe it is because they do not show as following their post, it makes it difficult to alert them of the post. Thoughts? Thanks. PS. Still lobbying for changing hours to minutes on the posting delay 😥
  16. Hi. Is there an easyish way to hide ads in clubs? I'm using the IPS advertisement system and wish to place the ads, for example, under the header but not in clubs. Thoughts? Thanks!!
  17. Postbits are getting unmanageably large. Would be good to easily collapse the entire postbit.
  18. Agreed. I'd pay for this app. Surprised @Mike John doesn't charge for it.
  19. Giray

    Radical Tags

    Makoto, bad stuff happening with the latest install 1.5.0 I'll message you if you'd like but it's causing me grief with a cron error and a problem with a process.
  20. Yup, indeed it is. And everyone is grateful. But as soon as you put something out there for people to use on their commercial sites, there is a degree of responsibility that goes with it. This said, I have zero problems with the app, other than my little issue of delay, but just saying, from a very general standpoint, that free needs to also work in a commercial context and, correct me if I'm wrong, most people who buy IPS, do so in a business (or non-profit but still mission-critical) context. In closing, I really think this should be core IPS! It is such a powerful tool.
  21. Still no minutes? At least decimal hours? Tough ask? An hour is too long and immediately confuses them. Otherwise great.
  22. Giray


    Still having having a mini issue. When I put a product into the newsletter, only a link (scrambled, at that) appears in the newsletter. There is no image or product description. Is that normal? Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? Thanks!! **EDIT** Also, just saw that my stats are at zero. I've asked three people and they assure me that they did open and clicked. Thoughts? Thanks.
  23. Hi @Fosters. I like the greyed out concept. Excellent. Question: is the greyed out list visible to admin only, or to all? I'm guessing to all? Or is it permission controllable?
  24. Just to be sure... there is absolutely no way to create an RSS feed of a Club's calendar? More to the point, there is no way of doing so with a date limitation!? Those who know my board know that we run Clubs for real-world clubs and they are simply asking for an RSS feed of their club activities... Can't seem to do it or am I missing it somewhere. I've told them that they can use an iCalendar subscription, which they like, but they also want an RSS... Thoughts? Thanks all and for thsoe reading this today... Have a happy new year!!
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