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  1. I reread the entire section and indeed, I think I'm not the only one that would like to have some more control over style. I guess we have to dig down into the templates and css, but I think there are basic changes you could implement in the supplied CSS, down the road? If I select two items in a multiple item field, the output is a comma with no space separating the two items. There shoulda at least be a space. Thoughts? If an editor field comes after any other field, the title of the field is single spaced (stuck to the previous field) but then the first line that was typed in the editor is double spaced (that's using plain text). Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. BTW, just tested it in Links and works BRILLIANTLY!
  3. Just a heads up to anyone using 'Collections' by Mike John. Template System does not seem to work there. HeadStand makes it clear that she cannot integrate with all apps, but just wanted to flag this one for anyone using it. Collections actually do show up in the Containers, but then the sets act funny in the front end. Actually, the set does not show up in the front end, it does in the back end but I had a 'stray' field sneak in from another set. I want to make clear, I love the application, it's great and I recommend it. But if you want to use it with Collections, it won't work. {said with lots of affection for the programmer, who is amazing, having worked with her in a past life!!}
  4. Hi E. Clubs do support custom fields but now with the Club Categories plugin, I would need to create different sets of fields. But no, I don't want to use you for custom work for this. If this community works I have another need, much more core to the project, and then yes, absolutely, you'll be hearing from me. But for now, enjoying this one. Really great job. I've been playing with it all morning!!!
  5. Well, so far I'm enjoying Template System. It has helped me immensely on the calendar side. My only remaining wish is the ability to use it with Clubs & Club Categories. I have different 'types' of clubs and have no way to tailor the fields. Any chance at all? Thanks!
  6. Hi. No answer 😞 This said, I think I'll give it a shot anyway and see how it goes. Buying it now.
  7. I wanted to add something... The little space on the right of the three picks obviously disappears after you narrow the window. What bothers me is that it appears when you respect the 1340 max rule and add widgets on the right as per the standard template. In short, the three picks should be optimized for the max 1340 window. Hope that makes sense. **edit** I just noticed that the our picks section on invasion's homepage has the little scroll arrow on the right which would fit perfectly where mine is missing. Hmm. Thought it might be a Safari glitch, but tried it on Chrome as well. No arrow and still have the space. **edit** I AM AN IDIOT. Never mind. Figured it out. Apologies. Had maxed out the picks to 3. Now it's fine. Mods, feel free to close or delete this topic 😞
  8. Hi. I've put an "Our Picks" widget on the forums home. The three do not fill 100% of the width. Glitch or do I have to go into the templates? Image attached.
  9. Hi. Thought I would share a couple of thoughts on Collections now that we've been installing/customizing it for the past few days. Overall, great app. However, as with all apps, there are board-specific needs. I'll share these here. Hopefully, you can let me know if (a) I missed any (i.e. that they are there and that I was too thick to spot them) or (b) you might consider adding this to future releases. Here goes. Is there any way to have different extra fields per category? Is there any way to add some fields to the Collections landing page thumbnails? I would have like to use the landing page with both the thumbnails and then an add-on block with items (filtered) in a list format, ideally with pagination. That would allow us to have thumbnails of the latest or featured or whatever, and then a listing underneath for those who do not wish to go to the category listing on the right and drill down. It would be awesome to have the ability to create multiple review fields, not just the five stars of the item. Example: Rate the build quality. Rate the price value. Rate the xyz. Then the stars would cumulate both within the question and overall in the master star rating. Ideally, when someone reviews, they should be able to post their stars during the review process and to have those stars visible in their comment. That way others would know how you rated. It also helps to look up all the positive or negative reviews. Is there a Promote button somewhere that allows us to pick an item and have it appear in the Invision Our Picks section? Again, thanks for a great app, just thought I would share our own little quirks.
  10. Hi there. Couple of pre-purchase questions (not deal breakers). We agree that we can assign different field sets 'per' calendar? By any chance... I bought Club Categories (TheJackal) to have different 'types' of clubs. I need to have different fields for different club categories. Do you think it'll work? Same question with Collections (DevFuse)? I need to have different fields for different categories. Thanks!! PS. long time... 7 years.
  11. Hi, I've set my support desk to reply from department, not the staff member and yet, the replies still come from the staff member. I tried by creating a new request for the member and same problem. I get: [staffmember] has created a support request on your behalf. I thought it would have the name of the [department] instead. Thoughts? Thanks running on 4.4
  12. Hi. If I post a calendar event that has a venue with an address, it generates a map (using Mapbox). The problem is that on the Event Stream view, the map appears and goes way over the frame. Thoughts?
  13. Excellent. Installed. Works great.
  14. Giray

    Radical Tags

    Before I get into all the details, is anyone having problems with the Tags and calendars? If I set a calendar to 'closed' or 'prefix' mode, no matter what I put in where, the event tells me that I don't have permission to add a tag. Also, nowhere does the option to set a prefix come up. Again, anyone with general tags/calendar problems? If so, I'll get into greater detail. Thanks. {have another issue too, will post separately}. Oh, and no feedback on previous post yet. Oh well...
  15. Hi. Tried to drag the Newsletter Signup block to my community, tried different pages. It comes in, I edit it, I exit and it's gone. It does not stay visible on the front end. Thoughts? Thanks.
  16. Just purchased. Just to make sure, though, we agree that there is no way to change the Extra Fields between categories? I have different categories which require different fields. Thanks! ****
  17. Thanks. Figured as much. Just wondering why no regex? It wouldn't be much of a stretch? My guess is that this system is simpler, but then again we do use regex in other parts of the community... No worries!
  18. Agreed. There is no place to put a secret phrase in your application. There is, however, a place to put it in on the Screenshotmachine site. All I am telling people is to be careful not to put one in there. If they do, like I did, then they will get an error. Your application is not the problem, it's just a matter of knowing what to do, and I did not.
    Links Directory is an essential application for anyone operating any type of thematic community. It provides members with amazing added value. I'm very happy I bought it. Also, as a coder, I can tell you that Adriano's coding is very very clean. Nice work.
  19. Found the problem. If you are using Screenshotmachine with a free account, if they do not ask you to put one, do not put in a secret phrase! I removed it, added two new links, and now it's working! I'm not sure if it will refresh the old links, however. I think I have to delete and replace each one. But now it's working like a charm. Edit Did not have to replace. Just deleted the secret key and then the browser cache and I'm good. Thanks for looking in to it Adriano.
  20. Hi. Using Free. I saw that too, no hash code and yet that's the image that comes up. Bizarrely, yesterday for about one hour or so, one of the links worked and then it disappeared again. I checked and I still have 95 screenshots left on the free account, so that's not the problem either. Hmm. Not sure what to debug next? Thinking...
  21. Hi Adriano. Any luck with this? Tried posting an additional/new link as well as refreshing the old ones, and still nothing. I did try directly on screenshotmachine - using their onsite screenshot generator - and there it works, so their own site is still functional. Thanks again!
  22. Weird 🙂 Having the sender in the email, or not, does not make a difference. I invited 'Harry George' and I got: 'zawry George' - notice no special characters, just the word 'Harry' became 'zawry'. However, 'Johnathan' came back like 'John' with the question mark character. Hmmmm.
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