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  1. The Heff

    Status Update

    I wasn't criticising your content, simply answering the one question you posed. I never got confused by the purpose of a status update myself, but have observed the lack of awareness in others. I think we're, rather unfortunately, becoming a culture that pays little attention to detail and so features like this are prone to misuse. FWIW, I disabled them and not one person asked about them once I'd done so.
  2. The Heff

    Status Update

    Nope. I've seen email addresses, telephone numbers, personal enquiries, all posted publicly via status updates. People don't take the time to read descriptions like that, they see a field on a profile and proceed to use it. I disable status updates on every installation. I don't see the point of the feature unless there's an attempt to mimic social media. 🤢
  3. Like some other communities, I've noted a slight decline in registrations over the years as social media has pervaded through society. My registrations stats in the ACP showed this decline. However, now it shows that registrations have in fact been increasing. This is not correct and would leave one to a false conclusion that registrations are experiencing a growth. The culprit? I believe it's the prune members feature introduced for GDPR, by way of an unintended consequence. This makes the registration stats useless for anything longer than the data retention period. A minor inconvenience, but that graph was useful to monitor performance over time.
  4. Just a thought, and I'm assuming you're self-hosted, but if the potential for upgrade failures causes you such a huge amount of stress, have you thought about moving to IPS's Community in the Cloud? Firstly, you know that the hosting environment are perfectly compatible, and IPS can directly support all upgrade related issues because they are hosting it for you. It might be the solution to some of your woes. I liked my CIIC service, but I required additional capability at the time that isn't offered by IPS so went self-hosted. I haven't experienced any major issues with upgrades in quite some time and I upgrade religiously, every time an update is released. The times that I've encountered issues have, often, been a result of the hosting configuration. (Not always, so I'm not claiming the software is perfect, but it is pretty good.) It makes me wonder, though, whether your hosting environment could be a contributing factor to your issues? Not intended as a criticism, just a couple of ideas to mull over.
  5. The Heff

    Copyright - Removal Of Content

    This is an easily avoided situation with the right configuration. We allow members to upload items into our gallery or to link to items from off-site, but never to embed them as an attachment. Members retain control of their galleries and can remove any images they've uploaded as they desire. We will not remove post content on request, regardless of whether there are any images in said posts, because those posts will only contain embedded images sourced from either the gallery or off-site. Either way, we are not hosting said images in the post directly. Members wishing to stop displaying their images can do so by removing images from the source, be that our gallery or elsewhere. We would never operate in a way that a member loses control of their own images. It does not help to build trust. We would remove a gallery in the event that a member was banned from the site. It's a policy that has served us well in the years we've been online.
  6. The Heff

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    No sense of adventure. 😛
  7. The Heff

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    Release date please? 😛 (I kid of course!)
  8. The Heff

    Tapatalk and Invision Community 4.3

    I've used a similar phrase in the past! Tapatalk is awful in my experience. The UI was clunky, it doesn't allow the use of all the features, and caused me issues after every upgrade. They produce a premium software, so they should keep up. They don't, so it got binned.
  9. If I understand correctly, you can do this. I do it on mine. <h3 class="ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title">TITLE</h3> <ul class="ipsDataList"> <li class="ipsDataItem"> <div class="ipsDataItem_main ipsPos_middle ipsType_normal"> TEXT </div> </li> </ul> I used the above code to make a 'welcome' block, to encourage first posts: Notice that the title bar and text are formatted the same as the lower two blocks in that image, which are both existing blocks provided with the platform.
  10. The Heff

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Here's mine, a small astronomy community based in the UK, but open to all: https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/ It uses two skins, both from @ehren. We use minimal mods, these being the automatic welcome mod by @Mike John and the Chatbox by @onlyME - both top quality applications that we really value. I've been using IPS software since late 2011, and Ehren's skins since about the same time, and have never looked back.
  11. Hello, I've recently started using the promotion feature, however I have noticed a slight quirk based on how embedded images are hosted. If the images are uploaded to either gallery or as an attachment, the promotion feature uses these images as one would expect. If the images are hosted remotely, and the software is set to proxy the images, these images are not used and one must be added manually. This leads to an inconsistent experience for end users who wish to use this feature. Thanks 🤪
  12. The Heff

    4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    Thank you very much - I had no idea that was there. I'm a happy person! I did search for compression previously and it doesn't return a result: (just FYI) Thanks again.
  13. The Heff

    4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    I wasn't aware the compression level could be controlled via the ACP. I can't find this - where would I look? I'll lift the limits as you suggest. Thanks - I wasn't aware the software behaved in this way.
  14. The Heff

    4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    It's not that a message isn't being displayed, it is, but that users then don't know what to do about it. I know exactly what to do to rectify this, I'll either reduce the dimensions of the image or compress the image, but my users aren't always as capable. This error message means 'computer says no' and they give up on the gallery, opting instead for third party hosting. What would really work for users to be told their image is too large and then have an option to continue with the upload and for the image to be compressed for them. I have no idea how difficult this is to achieve, but this is what I see happening on other sites and it makes it such a flawless user experience.
  15. The Heff

    4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    I can't help but notice I haven't received an answer despite being the first to ask a question.