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  1. It’s literally in the article... at the end.
  2. That’s very odd as on the iOS app I always end up at the last post, with no visibility of the posts before it.
  3. The more I use the app the more I enjoy using it. It’s refreshing to have proper push notifications and a decent mobile interface (not that I am knocking the current mobile interface, but I like the app a lot more). It’s still got some kinks to be worked out but Rikki and the team are burning through the feedback at a rate of knots. Thanks for the efforts with this.
  4. This assumes it would show differently in the editor, which is not necessarily the case. The CSS could apply there as well. I hadn’t considered that. 👍🏻
  5. Gah, who fixed this? It now makes no sense. 😥
  6. If I’m to be totally honest, I’d prefer this be done through the editor. The whole point of a WYSIWYG editor is to be able to see how it’ll look when posted, not for it to be displayed differently to how it was composed. I therefore think this is a good feedback post and something best accomplished through the editor.
  7. Yes, but this requires that the emoji is the only child of the container it is in. Since text is not considered a child it doesn't work.
  8. That's because the emoji is the only child: <p> Hello&nbsp;<span class="ipsEmoji">😃</span> </p> The text does not count as a child. I'm not sure what the answer is though.
  9. The Heff


    Google translate can be of help: @Fael Se você deseja hospedar seu site, precisará ter adquirido a licença de auto-host. Supondo que você tenha feito isso, poderá fazer o download na área do cliente. Traduzido usando o Google translate. Desculpas por qualquer linguagem ruim!
  10. I believe IPS is adopting a mobile first approach to IPS 5, which may alleviate the issues you're seeing. That's obviously some way off though. I can, however, see the benefit of this capability. It would allow responsive themes to be developed for specific user agents and for the theme to be tailored to that device. Instead of, for example, hiding an element on a smaller screen it could instead simply be removed entirely. What I'd really like to see is the ability to select different layouts based on device used. As it stands, responsiveness simply pushes the sidebar down on smaller devices. I'd like the ability to have a sidebar on screens with the real-estate to display it and the ability to define a completely different layout for other screen sizes. In this way a block at the top of the sidebar could, for a mobile device, be given the prominence the admin desires, rather than having it pushed down with the sidebar.
  11. I’ll reiterate: they tested it. Issues were numerous, including lack of push, odd navigation problems (e.g. going back was counterintuitive compared to a native app experience), the PWA shortcut needing to be removed to resolve caching issues, etc. As I said, and in my opinion, PWAs aren’t there yet.
  12. Yes, this! There seems to be a lot of focus on "my users don't want a multi community app" and "PWAs are coming". It's not that simple in either regard. The users of my community with Tapatalk often used it for only one community... Mine. They treated it as an app for my community, and therefore it became a single community app. It did not bother them that they could add other communities nor did they care about the fact that it was as generic as possible in order to work on different software. The pain was felt by me, in keeping Tapatalk working and up to date. Eventually it became too much hassle, so it was removed much to the ire of many users. An app offering would be a welcome return. The use of PWAs is increasing, so I will not argue the semantics of that. I haven't yet, however, met a single one of my users who knows what a PWA is, how a PWA works, how to add a PWA to their device, etc. In fact, when I advised certain staff members of my community about PWAs they tested them and were not impressed. In short, they'd prefer what they termed "a proper app". I've no doubt that PWAs will improve over time, but for now it's not there.
  13. I’m liking it. I noticed a bug which is on GitHub, some slightly odd behaviour when typing. It’s slick though! 👌🏻
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