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  1. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    Thank you very much - I had no idea that was there. I'm a happy person! I did search for compression previously and it doesn't return a result: (just FYI) Thanks again.
  2. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    I wasn't aware the compression level could be controlled via the ACP. I can't find this - where would I look? I'll lift the limits as you suggest. Thanks - I wasn't aware the software behaved in this way.
  3. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    It's not that a message isn't being displayed, it is, but that users then don't know what to do about it. I know exactly what to do to rectify this, I'll either reduce the dimensions of the image or compress the image, but my users aren't always as capable. This error message means 'computer says no' and they give up on the gallery, opting instead for third party hosting. What would really work for users to be told their image is too large and then have an option to continue with the upload and for the image to be compressed for them. I have no idea how difficult this is to achieve, but this is what I see happening on other sites and it makes it such a flawless user experience.
  4. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    I can't help but notice I haven't received an answer despite being the first to ask a question.
  5. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    There are some really great changes there. Users on my forums often get confused by file upload size limits - it's my main barrier to users using the gallery. Are there any improvements to either make it clearer what those limits are or to dynamically reduce the file size through compression as it's uploaded?
  6. Will IPS host any Elasticsearch services itself, for example for use with CIC packages?
  7. 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    I can't see this answered anywhere: how will the suite handle the introduction of new emoji? Will there be time-lag where the new emoji do not work or are not recognised?
  8. 10 hours and no comments on an SEO blog?
  9. New: Complete Your Profile

    Any chance this might make it in an upcoming release?
  10. QOTW: What was your first computing memory?

    What, nobody first used the Acorn Electron? So many memories.
  11. QOTW: What is your favorite TV show?

    I've seen everything, but Enterprise was a bit shallow in comparison to the others. A missed opportunity. I agree - DS9 became acceptable after season 4. Prior to that, it was like watching a soap opera on a space station.
  12. QOTW: What is your favorite TV show?

    @Stuart Silvester Rockin' the TNG! Are you looking forward to Discovery?
  13. Auto Welcome Support

    Willing to test the notification.
  14. Tapatalk alternative ?

    Tapatalk is a hideous app IMO, but my users seem to want to use it. It's nothing but a burden and bars them from using all of the features. I might just remove it and let them scream.
  15. I've seen a huge increase in completed profiles since the launch of that feature, however not so much an increase of actual new user participation. Whilst it's great to see more new users taking the time to complete their profiles, this yields little long-term benefit if they don't actually contribute. I'd like to see the ability to prompt contributions included as part of the 'complete your profile' feature. It could include such options as: Make a post Perhaps allow admins to configure a forum for this to go in, such as an introductions area Start a blog Upload an image Comment on something Purchase something Upload a file etc. Thanks