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  1. A neat design I must say. Well its true as a forum alone its tough now. Not many active members on any of them. The future would be integrating social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into forums.
  2. I much prefer to use my name in forums. On rare occasion where one prefers not to Quora has the solution Write Anonymously Note : Unable to upload photos
  3. How often do we come across people who work without asking for anything in return.. We have samples like this all over
  4. Great think you can categorise them
  5. I like the Russian and the Persian version too
  6. In India we have a passion for these. http://www.kashmirfirst.com/articles/other/121230-the-karakul-cap.htm
  7. Just a reminder what the world has come to. In my school days your could live an entire month on a 100 bucks
  8. In my younger days 25 years back that could get 15 good houses. Today maybe one or two.
  9. Just one million cant even get you this.
  10. A great feature as usual. The option of Block IP Address, Block User next to Report Reply would be most welcome
  11. It is a clean design no doubt, but somehow it looks dated, needs refinement. In-house themes is what it needs. Do check what a difference a theme makes in www.shopify.com The third party themes dont impress me at all. Not much done with the layout
  12. A serious threat to forums https://youtu.be/6Zxy_dScjsM Our education and parents teach us if you have nothing good to say don't say anything
  13. This topic has been coming up lately on virtually every forum. Facebook overtakes forums. Facebook has its own terms and conditions. Many times they embarrass a member publicly by deleting their posts. In my city senior police officers have been put through this humiliation. In Facebook there is nothing like hierarchy. Once you comment on a six month old post the newer ones get buried deep down. if you want to own and hold your head high without the Fear of humiliation then forums are the way to go. Why are forums slowing down. Firstly its the cost of forum licence and hosting. Facebook is free. Secondly there is lot of trolling in forums. Facebook is very tough on this. The user can completely block a members if he is bothering him. If there are too many spam complaints the account is altogether closed down. In the long run the solution is to integrate forums and social media together as seamlessly as possible. Facebook Twitter Instagram and similar platforms need to be integrated into forums. Without this forums will slow down. To mention here Invision Power is not just a forum . It blog, Ecomm, Gallery and of-course with the right CMS coding a complete solution for an organisation. If they are able to deal with trollers IP is going nowhere for a longtime to come.
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