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  1. Plus you gave away what you really look at in your spare time. 😄
  2. Each forum, sub-forum get's it's own grid image. If there's sub-forums under a grid category it should show just the sub-forum category name text. That's normal. If that's not what's happening to you then I'm not sure.
  3. Type this into Google The average lifespan of a business Now, we have to take in some considerations here. One thing to consider is fad's and trends. Let's say Joey M is correct in this statement the internet business's can survive longer depending on what it is. Facebook could conceivably do better than the average given the length it's been around already. But by how much is the question. Facebook has gone through it's biggest hurdle a few years back where a lot of people took a turn and got off of it. It could take that turn again depending on how it runs it's business.
  4. There's a lot of right things being said here but there's also some misunderstanding of the individual platforms offered by IPB. I've dome some experimenting and what I've found out is IPB's creation of Clubs can be used exactly like Facebook. When A member signs up, give them permission to create their own club page, like a facebook page. Clubs has pretty much everything FB does. Doing this takes your community however in that direction for sure and the way it's implemented is actually in some ways better than facebook or twitter etc.... When i said there was right being said here,
  5. All I really got to say is IPB knocked this one out of the park. HOMERUN! I better add also I'm also really impressed with low bug count in betas. The dev team is organized better than ever.. It's taken some years to get everything on the track it is but I feel it was well worth it and well worth the wait. Should I be giving @Lindy some credit here?? If I do will @Matt pull the Lindy factor line on me? 🤣 This is really such a well rounded product now all the way around. Great awesome job IPB!
  6. @Rikki as usual, a brilliant job. Just one highlight I love I could go on here about the love but there's too much of it 😄 One area I was hoping to see settings for was the editor and having that simplified and put into settings. Any plans on that in the future either? Kind Regards
  7. You wouldn't want to bet on that would you? Decades ago in the US reporting was pretty much down the middle and the news was reported as it was. That's what I do. Please feel free to comment on any bias you find. I expect to hear crickets though! Bias opinion is not real news, that's mainstream media fake entertainment news.
  8. I couldn't imagine having to mix and match to that extreme.
  9. I really didn't want to share that here Matt but, you've been probably the most level headed person here about the virus and I'd certainly be happy to share it with you. Thus the reason I have no problem with you looking into my license for the site. It starts with Metro News. Beware, I don't hold back in video and photos. Mainstream media has to abide by FCC regulations. I don't have to because I don't telecast over public airways. One current particular story about the 8yr old boy being hit by a car and then the driver took off could be a little disturbing. The crime scene video is a li
  10. Whether the world is under quarantine or not, let them finish and put in as much as needed. It'll be a while before we see another major release like this. 🙂
  11. Not what I've said Matt. Guessing something like what you've done labels and assumes. I never said anything about me being tested, what I stated was the fact of what's about to happen and the arguments around it and will everyone do it. I just report the news Matt, I don't make it 🙂 In this case I outlined your post to reference there are other solutions being looked at and implemented, my state actually being one of them. Actually the second state in the United States to implement these procedures. I would state my own opinion here but I was told if I did again, I would be banned from hi
  12. Na Matt, there's other ways around this it appears. However, in the US right now there's a big debate on constitution and whether or not some of what's been done here is even legal. Right now in my state I actually live in, Iowa, here's the headline for today So what you're seeing here is an initiative to test everyone and from the article, it sounds like it will start very very soon. The legalities of it however is another question and so is will everyone do it. Here's another quote from our governor
  13. Please add the ability to add a poll to a pages record or by itself as a record. I run a news site, forums are not part of a local news site in general, but the ability to add a poll would be fantastic. Since the software is sold now by app basis, pages would be deserving of this ability imo. Thank You
  14. This is awesome. It would be nice to use this feature to pull from a pages database category. Having this kind of control over database blocks is what I've been waiting for, for years! I've been running a news site, pulling the story image and having control over that image and title is the dream. That would give us 100 times more control over featureless marketplace solutions. Could you please include a block that does this using the solution you're providing here. To me this is the most exciting update announced. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss
  15. On a side note, I found it extremely interesting that the vaccine being used in the article didn't include the virus itself as it seems in the past the virus strain was used for whatever vaccine they were producing.
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