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  1. DesignzShop

    my grief

    Not sure if this will help Chris but when issues like this arise I've found it about a 100 times more productive to drop @Lindy a line or two or three 😄 Keep in mind there's a person that deals with issues or concerns that should be dealt with outside the scope of what this forum was really designed for. And TBH, he's really a pretty fair person, when he's not driving a gm product around anyhow. GM guys and their bloated egos you know 😄
  2. DesignzShop

    Your GDPR questions answered

    In many instances one could come up with many many reasons to retain data from "forgotten" users. https://www.mycustomer.com/marketing/data/gdpr-and-the-right-to-be-forgotten-can-you-reject-a-request-for-erasure
  3. DesignzShop

    Marketplace Reviews

    Not really called for here. No reason to resort to this. You may want to consider using your own advice here. @Adriano Faria is exactly right here. Instead of tongue lashing this person, just turn the submission in and let IPB decide if it needs to be available or not.
  4. DesignzShop

    Theme system: Feedback and issues

    These 2 issues are one in the same. If you run designers mode all your changes need to be done in that specific 1st time. If you come back and run designers mode again, that changes which files was edited last. That's where the issue is. If you get it all right the first run, your customers will be able to use the up-grader but if you didn't and needed to go back, your customers changed files will then read it was not edited because it was not edited the last designers mode run. I've explained this several times. Unless IPB can figure out a way for designers mode to remember the changes in that specific version then we'd be good to go but DM is not remembering by version but by designers mode run. Yep.... tried to get someone to hear me on this also. I have a blazing very powerful local server, I can run through themes pretty quick, but not quick enough imo and now the converter has been added into the file dump and replace during designers mode runs adding more to the time yet. As far as the parent child theme issue, that's a real issue and here's why imo. This is the way I want to go however, I like to install a new local version every time one comes out and transfer my themes all to that new version. I do not upgrade my local versions. That means I will lose all my parent child permissions and they no longer exist. When you transfer the themes into a new local version, they all act independent at that point instead of having a parent and the last time I tried this I couldn't even edit any custom html files because the theme was not the parent. As far as time consumption, this is a very big issue for me. Waiting time and time gain to run my themes and wait is a pita to be honest.
  5. DesignzShop

    Categories for clubs

    IPB already sells a forums application, why be redundant? Clubs wasn't designed or meant to have a replication of the full blown forums application. I've belonged to a few clubs myself over the years and really none of them were big clubs (car clubs). So when clubs or groups meet they usually do it in one location. The one location here fits perfect the way I feel about the single club forum and personifies what a club is all about. I also feel a single forum in the clubs case is best because it really does encourage posting. There's no rules or worries about where to post specific comments / topics , no searching for comments through countless amounts of forums and more, it's just quick, easy and convenient and filled with most current topics. Most clubs I've ever belonged too usually didn't have a geek like me in it and certainly most were pc illiterate unfortunately for the most part but... if they had a phone that was another issue which brings me to my next point - mobile. In mobile we want to make it easier for users to get what they want to interact as quick as possible without requirements / extra time of posting to a specific forum. I open my phone, find my club, hit the forum tab and walla, everything I need without the need to do more. My post is just my opinion on my past club experiences so what I say may not apply to every situation but I feel would apply to most. Just my 2 cents here. Regards
  6. DesignzShop

    Is it worth it to upgrade?

    @sotrix Choice 1. For a test install, download a IPB copy and install it to a local application like WAMP etc... Test and develop.. Choice 2. You can also use a live server site to test 1 copy with. Upload IPB to a test url, install it, test and develop :)
  7. DesignzShop

    We're now using Invision Community 4.3!

    Whaaaaaat? Beta? You mean Gold I'm positive
  8. Just daily exercise and life for myself. You could say I geek out on drums in a major way I'm also involved in the industry in small way. If you like it all natural Or with some glitz
  9. DesignzShop

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Unfortunately I doubt this function can be changed in the css. A plugin shouldn't be needed imo to change this either as far as getting the choice to use a default image of our own and one that doesn't change colors not matching a theme or personal design. A default custom setting option to use and change 3 selected colors would be great too and give most of the people who can't code a usable, easy alternative. A option to use our own default image, or a option to not use a default image that doesn't change colors and to turn color masking off, if this doesn't already have that, I'm suggesting to consider adding this. Regards
  10. DesignzShop

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    The pattern is a theme resource yes, but can the random coloring of that fetched image be changed or made to not show multiple colors that do not match most themes? In profiles we can turn that feature off and use our image in it's place. This is an issue in profiles as I'd like to use the letter feature without the multitude of horrendous ugly colors and can't. So I was wondering of we were stuck with that also in this feature.
  11. DesignzShop

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Is there a option like in profiles where we can upload our own profile design as default image? Can we turn fetching off?
  12. DesignzShop

    4.2.7 Release or changelog.

    That's essentially the bug tracker re-incarnated. Gotta say, I don't miss that at all. Messy when you look back to it and created issues, Just my cents there. I hated submitting bug reports to tracker and so much getting listed that weren't bugs and so much getting over-looked. Still not a fan of submitting support tickets but it's a world better than what it used to be imo. Also, this way too everyone gets an answer. Wasn't that way either in tracker. Much more client orientated now imo.
  13. DesignzShop

    4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    Since there's an option for skin tone there should also be an option for any color. This would help tremendously for specific colored themes. I actually designed my icons and colors previously, it'd be nice if users could just change to match. Blue is a popular color for example.. Regards
  14. DesignzShop

    Wordpress style updates for plugins

    Just a little mention here.. An ACP Marketplace would do... At the point of sale in the acp the end user could purchase a app / plugin / theme and have it auto-install When new version is available the user is warned across the top just like they are warned when a upgrade for IPB is ready. Of course that warning can be dismissed. Main objective for this is to let them know a new versions available. Removal of plugin theme etc could be centralized with the products Allow automatic update of 3rd party applications For themes - Remove the theme application in it's entirety and replace it with the new. Remove the xml and replace with the new For themes - Remove the need to have the current upgrade feature for themes. Everything's replaced so there's no checks involved of what's been altered and what has not. It just puts all new in and end of story. Remove the fact we as devs need to address the above by telling our customers they need to do a fresh install every version Devs would get access to a larger user-base that doesn't buy from marketplace A more professional support system for end users A modern detailed stats area like what's being used currently in the acp with pies and charts. Sales, projections etc.. It could give devs a ton more flexibility and knowledge about purchases and customer information. A lot can be done here to aid devs and give clues to things that could propel sales for some. devs could get the ability to mass email customers Possibilities of theft deterrents for themers by how the upgrades are handled. As one example using themes... The same exact way IPB upgrades are handled except we're removing the entire file and replacing each upgrade, License checks and all. Check url / check for license and if not a legal IPB copy send the url information back to IPB for further review and don't allow installation. Make thieves work for it.. Creates a better buying and using experience. It's more convenient and beneficial to have in your acp instead of dealing with another site for everything. You got to go to your acp to install the plugin or theme, why not just buy it there {ACP} too instead of going to another site to download and manually install yourself! It's a modern way of doing things How it's done... By using the current downloads database only devs would get access to that area only to take care of submitting new products and doing upgrades and possibly answering support requests for their specific items, the general public or customers would not get access to this area. All other business can be done the same way for payouts etc... This is just a small portion of the cool stuff that could be done I've thought of. Granted not everything I said above would be added but the mentions above are just examples of the power IPB could provide for everyone.