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  1. @Rikki as usual, a brilliant job. Just one highlight I love I could go on here about the love but there's too much of it 😄 One area I was hoping to see settings for was the editor and having that simplified and put into settings. Any plans on that in the future either? Kind Regards
  2. You wouldn't want to bet on that would you? Decades ago in the US reporting was pretty much down the middle and the news was reported as it was. That's what I do. Please feel free to comment on any bias you find. I expect to hear crickets though! Bias opinion is not real news, that's mainstream media fake entertainment news.
  3. I couldn't imagine having to mix and match to that extreme.
  4. I really didn't want to share that here Matt but, you've been probably the most level headed person here about the virus and I'd certainly be happy to share it with you. Thus the reason I have no problem with you looking into my license for the site. It starts with Metro News. Beware, I don't hold back in video and photos. Mainstream media has to abide by FCC regulations. I don't have to because I don't telecast over public airways. One current particular story about the 8yr old boy being hit by a car and then the driver took off could be a little disturbing. The crime scene video is a little hard to watch. I have 3 boys so I can say, it was a tough one to cover and will continue to cover it due to the criminal actions involved and suspect. Also, some of the videos witnesses / and effected victims use some foul language, I publish that too. I want the real results and actions to be present, unlike mainstream media that hides this stuff in their reporting. The latest story about the high profile criminal with bond set at $521,000.00 is one of the best works on there so far. In-depth coverage no one else offered or could come close too. I've spent a bit of money on that story so far getting legal documents for accuracy. I was following that guy weeks before he shot his girlfriend and have several stories on him. You wont see a short story / article either. I really cover the story hardcore. I have covid stories up, you'll see, they are accurate and just cover what's said from our state or local officials with no commentary / opinion. Just the facts of what comes out of our officials. Just like the news used to be many many many years ago. The sites fairly new for the reasons I stated above, I just not too long ago decided to go on my own and be truly independent from mainstream media. But there's some great content on the site where you can view my latest work. I also have to say, Invision was the perfect software for this.
  5. Whether the world is under quarantine or not, let them finish and put in as much as needed. It'll be a while before we see another major release like this. 🙂
  6. Not what I've said Matt. Guessing something like what you've done labels and assumes. I never said anything about me being tested, what I stated was the fact of what's about to happen and the arguments around it and will everyone do it. I just report the news Matt, I don't make it 🙂 In this case I outlined your post to reference there are other solutions being looked at and implemented, my state actually being one of them. Actually the second state in the United States to implement these procedures. I would state my own opinion here but I was told if I did again, I would be banned from his topic. I was told I couldn't talk about the news either or I would be banned from this topic. I was told to stick to the topic title only. I was told this wasn't a news site and not to post to news articles. Funny though, we see that happening time after time here in these last posts and no one is getting banned, I was singled out. If you'd like to hear someones opinion, please allow people to state it so we don't have guessing or accusational comments going on here. You're more than welcome to check my news site out, it's listed for one of my licenses with you. You wont find personal opinion in it in regards to covid. Here's a list for example of the last 3 articles I published Iowa Schools closed for year- (From Governor Reynolds) County COVID-19 UPDATE 4-16-2020 "My home city" - Minute with the Mayor (video) I specifically told everyone here to stop watching main stream media some time ago, and for good reason. For one, it's too political, for two, they are spreading false news. I wont get into the countless ways this has happened, but mainstream media has become the entertainment section of opinion, not real journalism. I am by the way a real news site. I go to crime scenes, I get statements from police, I get statements from Gov't officials and more. I take my own pictures and video and write my own articles. I started my site because before covid I was selling my work to local news stations, that went dry during covid and I wasn't getting paid. Local news refused to report crime and other issues that needed reported on. For example, in my city, strong arm robberies went up around 300 percent, domestic violence went up 60 percent etc... Mainstream media become the covid media and forgot about the community.
  7. Na Matt, there's other ways around this it appears. However, in the US right now there's a big debate on constitution and whether or not some of what's been done here is even legal. Right now in my state I actually live in, Iowa, here's the headline for today So what you're seeing here is an initiative to test everyone and from the article, it sounds like it will start very very soon. The legalities of it however is another question and so is will everyone do it. Here's another quote from our governor
  8. Please add the ability to add a poll to a pages record or by itself as a record. I run a news site, forums are not part of a local news site in general, but the ability to add a poll would be fantastic. Since the software is sold now by app basis, pages would be deserving of this ability imo. Thank You
  9. This is awesome. It would be nice to use this feature to pull from a pages database category. Having this kind of control over database blocks is what I've been waiting for, for years! I've been running a news site, pulling the story image and having control over that image and title is the dream. That would give us 100 times more control over featureless marketplace solutions. Could you please include a block that does this using the solution you're providing here. To me this is the most exciting update announced. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee.... Regards
  10. On a side note, I found it extremely interesting that the vaccine being used in the article didn't include the virus itself as it seems in the past the virus strain was used for whatever vaccine they were producing.
  11. The progression of discussion, I think that's where we are now. We've all concentrated on the content of the coronavirus in a way here that I believe has brought us to where we should start discussing the positive aspect of what's been learned at this point. I'll start, because I do see hope here in a sea of turmoil. I never knew a vaccine was in trial. This is also positive news. The article was updated today. https://www.kpwashingtonresearch.org/news-and-events/recent-news/news-2020/kaiser-permanente-launches-coronavirus-vaccine-study-seattle in the article above, we certainly have some heros here willing to put it on the line for the better of mankind. In this next article I don't want people to take it the wrong way as if I'm pushing the non - severity of coronavirus. The article doesn't push that. It does shed a light on hope however, that maybe it's not as strong as initially thought from comments being given by a leading virologist and some global studies. These specific studies were important imo because the data from those places is of particular interest to researchers because in those places even people without symptoms were tested. https://www.foxnews.com/health/half-people-coronavirus-have-no-symptoms-data-show.amp I like this article because personally it references the virus may not be as deadly as thought initially. Again, I'm not trying to push or dismiss coronavirus isn't deadly or should be dismissed. It is obviously deadly and should be addressed. The way I see it is any hope is good hope. The downside to this article above is asymptomatic results and how they effect others. I don't have a lot of time to search these articles out of importance but maybe some of you have ran across some positive news like this you could share? At this point I'd personally like to see this thread move into that area instead of all the back and forth. We should at this point be keeping each other informed of what's helping to find solutions to keep our hopes and well being positive.
  12. Sonya, thank you. I think you see where I was going with this. The flu kills large numbers every season, twice a year, but do we stop life and destroy everything over it for a undetermined amount of time? We haven't since the swine appeared in 2009. Millions have died since 2009 from the flu. We must move along and do it pretty quick or no one will have anything. We've went from a couple of weeks, to months to now bi-annual time frames. Some people are nuts to think this is going to end or just keep saying, "Stay in until it's gone" What if it doesn't go away? Then at what point will someone say, ok, we can deal with death tolls as we have the flu. Reality of the matter is, we could possibly have corona for years to come, just like the flu, the reality is we could be dealing with death tolls with corona as long as we have with the flu. At some point, some people are going to have to stop the insanity and wake up to reality. Some may also say, let's stay in until after the curve peaks, then let's go back to where we left off, but then what happens when or if this happens again? Again, I'm, not saying the corona virus is not dangerous, I'm not saying people deserve to die, unfortunately however, this is the times we live in with mass populations everywhere. I wonder what the people who are saying stay in until its gone will say when it does not go away like the flu. At some point most of them will have to say some death tolls are expected, but how long will that be for some. Maybe they'll think about that when they're homeless, jobless and hungry? Reality is not every human will wash their hands when they're supposed to, keep their hands away from their faces etc... Third world countries will still have outbreaks and spread disease just do to poverty levels and lack of information and resources. I will say some positive has come out of this, a lot of people are learning proper hygiene so that should help in the numbers of death tolls in the future where not only corona is concerned but also the flu. @Sonya* Very brave to step into this with a realistic view, cudos! Hopefully you wont be treated as I have been.
  13. I don't disagree with that Matt however, the flu numbers should be going down also along with Covid because of exactly what you are saying in your statement above. Should we of been doing this with the swine? Shouldn't we that concerned about swine due to the sheer numbers and deaths it causes every flu season?
  14. And your point is? The numbers up to age 64 are extremely close. This is called the general public and we already have been informed as to who this effects the most. As a matter of fact, the flu is much more dangerous and deadly to infants as clearly shown on your chart and by my information. Where's your concern for this? Why so dismissive over infant death or flu? I have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren, 2 are infants below 9 months old. 1 at 9 and 1 at 1 month. I'm 52, my concern is not with me, my life is half over, my concerns are for my grandkids. 2 Years ago my oldest son had the flu, I knew how dangerous it was, we had a infant die here from it, I was telling him to self quarantine back then for fear it could put my grandson at risk. People thought I was nuts because I'm a germaphobe. This is also why covid and the flu bother me equally, I love my kids and grandkids and am not so much so worried about myself. A lot of people here have no clue what Swine was or how deadly it was when it came on hardcore here in the US in 2009, I remember it like it was yesterday and was ticked as all get out because no one took it seriously and really acted like it didn't exist, just like a lot of youth of today does. they can't remember and all the youth of today sees is years of work to get it down to where it is now, over a decade later and what's possibly a million of deaths later. Everyone already knows people above 65 are at greater risk of severe illness, that's not been argued, there's no vaccine as of yet for the covid strain that's hardly changed structure since this outbreak began, however the flu (swine) is ever changing and getting worse, even with a vaccine. No ones arguing the coronavirus is not deadly, but people are ignoring the facts about swine like they don't matter. We should be taking swine just as serious as covid, why aren't we and why are people like you ignoring and constantly dismissing that and trying to condemn people who make the comparison? Even the CDC uses them as comparisons! The sheer number of swine infections should concern you just as much because those sheer large numbers create large mortality rates, especially in kids up to 4 years of age.
  15. Obviously Corona numbers will grow, but also so will the flu.. This post is also not a downplay of the corona virus, it is fact however. Neither articles have political bias and contain current information that was updated yesterday and on March 31st, 2020. Also keep in mind everyone is staying home, the flu numbers should drop also due to spread containment. Keep in mind these are US numbers only, not global numbers. https://www.rochesterregional.org/news/2020/01/flu-season-2020 So far this season, there have been 45 million flu illnesses, at least 300,000 hospitalizations, and up to 46,000 deaths from flu, of which more than 100 are pediatric--a higher total at this point of the year than any season in the past decade. https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-in-us-state-by-state-breakdown Here's a look at the 10 states with the most COVID-19 cases. 1. New York: 92,381 cases 2. New Jersey: 25,590 cases 3. California: 10,018 cases 4. Michigan: 9,315 cases 5. Louisiana: 9,150 cases 6. Florida: 8,010 cases 7. Massachusetts: 7,738 cases 8. Illinois: 7,695 cases 9. Pennsylvania: 7,016 cases 10. Washington: 5,991 cases States with outbreak-related deaths include: 1. New York: 2,373 deaths 2. New Jersey: 537 deaths 3. Michigan: 335 deaths 4. Louisiana: 310 deaths 5. Washington: 254 deaths 6. California: 216 deaths 7. Georgia: 163 deaths 8. Illinois: 157 deaths 9. Florida: 128 deaths 10. Massachusetts: 122 deaths 11. Pennsylvania: 90 deaths 12. Connecticut: 85 deaths 13. Colorado: 79 deaths 14. Texas: 70 deaths 15. Indiana: 78 deaths 16. Ohio: 65 deaths 17. Virginia: 35 deaths 18. Nevada: 32 deaths 19. Maryland: 31 deaths 20. South Carolina: 31 deaths 21. Oklahoma: 30 deaths 22. Arizona: 29 deaths 23. Wisconsin: 28 deaths 24. Alabama: 28 deaths 25. Tennessee: 24 deaths 26. Mississippi: 22 deaths 27. Kentucky: 20 deaths 28. Missouri: 19 deaths 29. Oregon: 19 deaths 30. Minnesota: 18 deaths 31. Vermont: 16 deaths 32. North Carolina: 16 deaths 33. Arkansas: 12 deaths 34. Delaware: 11 deaths -. Washington, D.C.: 11 deaths 35. Iowa: 11 deaths 36. Kansas: 10 deaths 37. Rhode Island: 10 deaths 38. Idaho: 9 deaths 39. Utah: 7 deaths 40. Maine: 7 deaths 41. Montana: 6 deaths 42. New Mexico: 6 deaths 43. Nebraska: 4 deaths 44. New Hampshire: 4 deaths 45. Alaska: 3 deaths 46. North Dakota: 3 deaths 47. South Dakota: 2 death 48. West Virginia: 2 death 49. Hawaii: 1 death
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