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  1. I was visiting Live Leak and noticed what they did with the theme changer option. Appears a better location for this feature because it's in the profile drop down menu and being there seems to make more sense. Even putting it into the user bar after login. Your profile menu already contains the things needed for your personalized user experience. Makes a user experience more personalized by including it their area instead of at the bottom on every page/app Tidys up the apps/pages Quicker access to change a theme by being in a more sensible place. I also think for those admin that use a light and dark theme they could name one night mode and one day mode and this may get more attention there and solve the dark/light mode issue for manual adjusters instead of auto timed day/night mode. I understand admins can name that now to the suggested above, however, I feel it may get more attention and take off better for that idea in the profile drop down or bar. This part is a hypothetical of course but the 4 mentions above I feel are real reasons to consider making the switch. Live Leaks example
  2. It would be nice to have a acp option to use a single color instead of multiple colors for the svg profile letter background. thanks
  3. Read a good article on the rise and fall of RSS. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/a3mm4z/the-rise-and-demise-of-rss
  4. I got an early visit from Santa this year. I called him up and told him to move "X" amount of $ from savings to checking for an early Christmas and walla!! A mint white 1976 Silver Duster w/ 47000 original miles and a Un-molested 98 Mustang GT showed up
  5. Tried to sign up to make a purchase, but was unable due to the site would not let me., can I get some help.


    1. DesignzShop



      Please make purchases of our products here at IPS. We decided it was better to sell just off the IPS site instead of both places.

      Kind Regards

  6. California still can't violate your first amendment rights. It may be a journey to get relief through a higher decision but that's exactly what they count on, the normal citizen to not have enough resources to fight something like that all the way to the top.. Most of the time however a local judge will rule on constitutionality, most of the time you'll win. Just because a local law says you can't swear in public doesn't mean it's unconstitutional to swear in public.
  7. A couple of years ago Google really started concentrating on local organic results. They announced this many times along with page changes and how ads are displayed plus how paid advertisements effect the search results. Search term link below google switches to local organic results and it even gets a bit more simpler than this https://moz.com/blog/google-organic-clicks-shifting-to-paid Around this time and a bit before you'll notice that's when everyone started seeing changes in their results. So basically if you wanted at this point for your site to be seen using universal organic terms you'd need to resort to a descriptive site name to pull results and content to match or pay to play because we all know that's what this about.. Cash is KING! @Christforums Yes, Google is a politically motivated company and have always been, same with yahoo. This is no hidden secret and if it's the first anyone's hearing of this you may want to do some research starting with the latest leaked Sundar Pichai video. Google has had many many years of known bias. Google and their employees are nothing but a political movement. https://pjmedia.com/election/bombshell-report-90-percent-of-google-employee-political-contributions-went-to-democrats/ https://www.businessinsider.com/google-staff-love-donating-to-the-democrats-govpredict-2018-9 https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/24/google-employees-are-funding-california-democrats-in-midterms.html https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Google-exec-stands-by-sentiment-in-deleted-Tweet-13293504.php
  8. There may be a alternative solution here.. Your only choice as the software is now is to move the users into a moderator group and individually assign each one permissions as to what they can or can not do in that group. If you didn't have a lot of users this would work, if you had a lot of requests for memberships, it may be tedious to say the least, but it is a solution. How this would work also is you'd create a new profile field and chose not to turn on "Show publicly on member's profile". That way this only shows to the moderator group or staff. That's the only option now as I see it unless someone creates a specific plug-in for you. You could hide each custom field you create doing this but not the entire page. Kind Regards
  9. I'll drop a pm by Monday .. On a side note, a co-worker tells me 50 is old ? .. I like your answer better ? I also agree, both Adriano and Mike are very reputable devs here at IPB and have been for many many years. Their success is obvious from the time they've successfully released products for the community. Kind regards
  10. If I may ask, at what age is considered old? ? Maybe when one gets their first aarp notice ? ?
  11. No I haven't! Didn't know it existed yet... Your accusation is completely, utterly false. On top of this I've had literally not one reason yet to use something like that. Keep in mind I didn't know this tool was available as of yet, so very plausibly, The information was created because someone purchased something and it's coming from that purchase / sale. Did that person agree to any clause from IPB saying that information would be divulged to any third party from the sale? Not sure ... This isn't a general statistics number like how many sales did we have this year, it's a direct way to see purchase / renewal purchase information for a specific site that was derived from a sale. This isn't a content issue either. Whatever the scenario it's no reason to throw out accusations and get your panties in a bunch! IPB will surely come in and answer this, calm down.. Please put me back on ignore too.. So where's that check tool located?
  12. More than likely GDPR is playing a part in this due to the release of private information. Is verifying someones website a violation of personal information? Possibly because it's combined with their purchase and it's a third party verifying that information.
  13. Why not just purchase an hours worth of legal advice from a pro instead of depending on others with no legal background? As a bonus for getting real legal advice you may not get sued ?
  14. Wait till Lindy sees you sneaked a screen of that!! ?
  15. Not sure if this will help Chris but when issues like this arise I've found it about a 100 times more productive to drop @Lindy a line or two or three ? Keep in mind there's a person that deals with issues or concerns that should be dealt with outside the scope of what this forum was really designed for. And TBH, he's really a pretty fair person, when he's not driving a gm product around anyhow. GM guys and their bloated egos you know ?
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