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  1. I just want to clarify to the word locked here Matt. Not sure how everyone else feels about locked but what I meant was I wanted the colors we put into the stock IPB fields to stay the color we chose to make them then act like the rest of the color fields afterwards. So if someone for example didn't like a button color we created, they could then change that and at that point when they change it then the revert button should show and the revert button should at that point remember the color the developer made it instead of the IPB stock color. Hope that explains it better. Thank You
  2. @Rikki or @Matt or @bfarber Is this a bug that should be reported or is this WAI? It keeps the custom colors without adding a revert button to the stock colors from IPB after leaving designers mode, just not when it's installed fresh. Kind Regards
  3. Microsoft and their half baked browsers that could only get 2 percent of market share deserved to die. Not only was it half baked for development it was half baked for developers. Just one of many many many many many many many issues for devs and their half baked extension fixes. The most used OS in the history of man and they couldn't get more than 2 percent of market share. Sad and pathetic. IE fix for this, IE fix for that etc... Using old VB Libraries.. Oh but .net was supposed to fix that? Yea right.. ... Garbage. They did it to themselves. https://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share The best decision MS ever made was getting rid of that junk.. Now maybe we can get closer to some standards that actually work. In time they'll screw Edge Chromium up just like they have everything else over the years. I'd bet on that. By looking at the MS forums it also appears not much has changed with half baking or incomplete features and work. Try Brave Browser, it also uses the Chromium engine. Not only that, it has built in ad blocking that renders some sites faster and https for better security. Also there's no 3rd party apps slowing it down and some other features. Fairly newer browser doing very well right now. https://zerocrypted.com/brave-browser-vs-google-chrome/
  4. In all honesty I had serious reservations getting into this thread as far as I did knowing the outcome. It was very predictable unfortunately due to the nature of the subject. This is certainly one of those areas of change that will be fought to the end because traditional style users are set in their ways and refuse to see it from looking outside the box. The angst I knew it would bring kept me from coming right out with any suggestions at all. This could be one of the most compelling topics of the year to come, but I think the nature of the topic will keep it from the justice it deserves. Very unfortunate. I do feel grateful I could contribute something to this however that gave a different perspective. We can only hope some consideration will be given as far as looking into this but I certainly wont hold my breath. I hope developers at some point at least take note, if not, they may be relying on other applications to keep them a float as one continues to sink further into the abyss to keep up with what's goes on around them. This is truly an area IPB could step into rather quickly and make a change that leads instead of follows as they have in other areas.
  5. When creating a theme if we (devs) change one of the pre-defined IPB colors (example: body background) while in designers mode the change stays until the theme is re-installed. After a client re-installs the theme the color doesn't revert back to IPB's however it does show a revert button that will change back to IPB's stock color. I can't even say how many times I'll get notice from someone asking what color went where in those stock fields after they've changed it or reverted it back thinking it would revert back to my themes stock color. Please allow themes to keep the new themes colors (changes) and get rid of the revert button Thank You
  6. I wish I could take the cred for this but I have to give that to the thinkers at Breitbart.. Unfortunately Brandon, a post is just not a post and unfortunately on top of that, not all posts are as valuable as others which makes encouraging members to post more intelligently a necessity. 🙂 It's also necessity to not bury the best comments in some down the line page to be ignored. This is one of the areas forum software is failing.
  7. The Breitbart model works and I'll explain why. Breitbart forces intelligent posting by sifting through the garbage and using the community itself to do its dirty work. For example, when the topic is released everyone can post comments however, the one person who makes the post that best defines the topic is rewarded by putting their topic to the front page, top position. They get there through popular vote and they're post is voted on by the community. From here it forces others to respond to the post that best defines the topic cutting through all the other posts or comments that didn't hit the mark. In other words, posters can concentrate on the best response/comment/answer and work the topic from there creating a more intelligent conversation instead of needing to read pages of comments that didn't hit the mark or went off topic etc... This method also forces more in the community to be the one who makes that post that hit the mark, again, creating more intelligent responses so they can be the one who's rewarded with the best response. The way forums are now, that one good intelligent post gets lost on some page somewhere without never being rewarded and the post goes on with tons of replies bad or good that shouldn't be getting the attention of the one that really hit the mark. I'm forced to read everyone's thoughts, comments or shortcomings wasting my time and everyone else's. The evolution of a post could hit it's defining mark and be recognized quicker and not lost on some page but instead brought forth to create a more intelligent posting environment. This model rewards posters and the community, posters for making the response and readers so they don't have to read a bunch of un-related comments or material to get to the meat of the matter. This model not only utilizes popular content but utilizes the most recent content upfront with no additional clicking. This model does not use pagination either, it utilizes lazy loading of the comments thus removing unwanted real-estate which is also better for mobile users. Just my opinion here, this is a more modern way to get to the end result faster, keep your most intelligent responses in the limelight and rewards both the posters and readers. On another note, we look at features like pagination, is pagination something a lot of other sites utilize? It appears to me that's becoming a thing of the past too being overtaken of course with lazy loading of stored content. I personally have a hard time seeing the benefit anymore in pagination even though I do understand where it' use can have some benefits, but overall I feel lazy loading of information has more benefits. Overall I feel this model encourages posters more so than the regular forum format being used today. Overall I feel it rewards posters and readers much more than the forum software of today. Don't get me wrong, I love IPB and what it does, I'm a hardcore IPB fan and find myself being very protective of it and the ideas implemented in it. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. There's a time however it should look at evolving in a way that best fits content delivery of today and the way people utilize content delivery. Unfortunately or some could say fortunately we live in a world today that revolves around the me factor. More and more people become less about community, that's really why FB, Twitter etc... has become so popular. IMO developers are sidelined with creating more features to compete with social media, that's wrong imo, it's the concept they should be more concerned about. The concept of individualism over community. I will say, the development of clubs was again in IPB's favor a very very modern way to address this issue. It addresses individualism in a way people relate to in the me era. IPB has always been ahead of the curve and this to me proves that yet again. I would however like to see that concept applied elsewhere like in forums at some point in time. Just some food for thought. 🙂
  8. Topics evolve as they go, who's to say the evolution of a post shouldn't be at the beginning instead of the end, whose to say the end results aren't more refined due to the evolution of the post? I guess one could contemplate here, why is social media so popular vs forums. Could it be because users get the information they need right up front thus saving themselves time reading through a bunch of material or making extra clicks? I have to wonder with all the money these companies have if they've studied which ways people want their content delivered and is most successful? Maybe it's time forum software re-evaluates what people really want or use and why? Times have changed and so has the way people want their content delivered. I myself agree with how forum software works however, that may not be the most successful way content gets delivered or the most accepted way the general public utilizes content delivery.. I can say my way seems to make the most sense and is reasonable, but the numbers do not show that. Do we want to be stuck in a retro way to do things or do we evolve? Again, the numbers say evolve or sit in the back seat like forums are doing now. Somewhere somehow a happy medium must be searched out for forums / topics and posts. Once a post gets over a page the fresh content starts to get buried and forces the user to click to the end of the thread. Why is that so? It seems to be the norm or standard now to try and make web-pages and content easily accessible instead of "down the line" so we don't lose their interest and have them walk away, why wouldn't those standards be applied elsewhere? We see how sites like FB, Twitter and Instagram for example utilize those standards but let's look deeper into other sites that are successful that utilize the same standards as social media. For example, and I think Disqus is a good example. Disqus powers some major hitters out there, top news sites like Fox News and Breitbart. When we look at Disqus's website we see for engagement https://disqus.com/features/engage/ Disqus has found a similar major success in a standard thread and post as social media even though it's not. What about other methods like popular posts up top and everything else below that content? We see a popular post will be at top and people respond to that one post in real-time and threads like a forum post for responses. It appears to me current content AND popular content is preferred over stale content up front in most successful sites of today. Besides all this, most people don't have time between work and family to read through a hundred pages, or 50 or 25. The title content should explain the content of the topic well enough the end-users can make their own determination based on their time schedule on how much they want to digest, if digestion means getting to the end at the front and the numbers show that, then more than likely something to accommodate that should be considered. By looking at content delivery now, the preferred methods of yesteryear no longer can keep up or are very applicable to the needs of many. As I said above, who's to say the evolution of a post shouldn't be at the beginning instead of the end,?
  9. BTW - as you can see I covered that also right off and re-iterated it before you posted. So you are wrong..
  10. That's what it's about exactly for you.. discussion vs arguments... hmmmm, let's see... Then ignore it.. It was their reply which they can have. I understood it..
  11. AS you can see I added So yea, I did get it, both ways..
  12. This has nothing to do with reversing any order, she's simply asking to have the latest threads at the top of her forum. Many times users revive posts and the latest "Could be in her situation" relevant information depending on her forums subject or premise it's based upon. Maybe the relevant latest posts have priority over older content, again, depending on her forums subject. There are other use cases that could be involved here also depending on her content matter. That's a particular situation where one size doesn't fit all. Many forums need the latest content up front and prioritized. It's actually a good idea for just about anyone that has a active forum. Let me also mention if she wants the latest post at the top of the threads the same applies for revived topics. It's a Invision forum, they make the rules, You posted so you're open game like you treat anyone else. What if someone made demands of you like that? We all know exactly what you'd say or have to say about that. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. My guess is she could care less about you or your forum. Just because your forum doesn't work like that doesn't mean hers is the same as yours. BTW -- @Victoria Hopkins is a IPB Client.. @sunset Wow, a member since 2004 and only 37 posts. Good to hear from you.
  13. @opentype Specific case use in custom applications. Let's say I created a slider for my themes however (Which I have had for years in my themes), I want to give the user the option to include or exclude the slider from a specific page they've created, your suggestion seems a bit much work for that. I can create the necessary field to just add the page name they can exclude that application from or add it to. Another example would be let's say my end user just wants that slider on their pages index as you enter their site, they should be able to do this easily by targeting that page instead of the need for that to be used throughout pages. I can also let's say for forums do this, I don't see why it should be so difficult for a single custom page. If I want to add a background for example to a specific forum I can do that by ID, you can't do that with a custom page without the process you are referring too. Custom pages should be identified and target-able imo.
  14. Hello, Maybe I'm missing something here and someone will correct me however, not sure I am wrong. It appears we can't target specific custom made pages but we can target pages that include for example a article with [data-pageID="xx"]. So for example this code below could target a article but not the article index. body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="pages"][data-pagecontroller="page"][data-pageID="2"] If I have created a custom page named for example "mycustompage" and it's just a html page with no database I should be able to target that page specifically using the pages specific page id but I can't seem to do that. Actually the code above should target pageID=2, the second page I made in pages acp, instead it targets article 2. Can we please get a way to target specific custom pages for css themselves? I suggest being able to identify a specific custom page by using it's name or better yet creating a new id or controller for pages. body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="pages"][data-pagecontroller="page"][data-pageID="mycustompage"] body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="pages"][data-pagecontroller="page"][data-custompageID="x"] or body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="pages"][data-pagecontroller="mycustompage"] body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="pages"][data-cmspagecontroller="x"] Let me also add we don't need to use a name, a new ID or controller could be introduced just for pages.. Again,, maybe I'm missing something here, if I am I apologize for the ignorance. Kind Regards
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