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  1. Please consider making this optional and let the site owner determine what's best for our audience. Showing all top news is important. Thank You, regards
  2. Hello, When using the pages block and selecting 6 articles to show just like you display in your demo, the last 3 articles do not show in mobile. I tested this on your demo page for SuperBlocks and the same issue occurs there too. Not positive if this isn't by design and is wai. The way I use your pages SuperBlock is I select featured articles to show in that block. I then use the SuperGrid blocks to display unfeatured articles so I don't duplicate the articles on my index. So those last 3 articles need to display or the end-user doesn't see those articles unless they click into the category itself. Kind Regards I might add if I select to show only 5 articles in that pages block, 3 articles will not show in that feed, only the top 2. The issue seems to be displaying that second line in mobile.
  3. I click to start a support ticket and nothing? What's going on? Did we change how we get support now?
  4. FireFox's latest version blocked the time-line. The setting to change that is in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Site Privacy Protection > Toggle to off
  5. Anyone else having this issue of the Twitter timeline not working? Not seeing the tweets from twitter show up. I already submitted a ticket, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I did have it installed before and it worked great. I removed it about a month ago and wanted to re-install it, now it doesn't show the tweets. Is this set-up as a task either? Just incase someone from staff sees this. Ticket number #73099
  6. Thing is you can take out ranks and pips and with my theme adjust the size of the profile picture and width of profile area. The reference I was making is you can make the width of the profile area to go into the text area to make it smaller. I also wouldn't say people are stupid either. In todays world like I said it's all about me, me, me. If that's what people want, I give it to them, if it's not what they want, I make it adjustable 🙂 Also as I said above, most of the people who use my themes like it like you see it. Whether they post a word, 5 lines or 20, it's about them. If you looked also you'd notice the only thing that's been enlarged in that screenshot is the profile picture. Everything else has stock IPB css as far as spacing goes. I just wrap around it. Pretty simple, you don't want a large post profile photo, adjust it. But I can guarantee most people want the full size post profile photo instead of something they can barely see. I've also never had a complaint about that area or the adjustability of it, most end users don't live in 1990 with everything smashed together.
  7. In my listing below in the screenshots you can see the post profile attachment. The post profile screen is in the middle of attachments. Keep in mind I use everything for an example of a full profile. You can see the text area size was reduced. If you done something like outline and widen the profile and not use ranks or extra fields etc... You'd be able reduce the size of the text area and still be able to have a reduced profile area. Doing it like I did also really shows off each member too.
  8. Can you please consider adding space after a second line of tags start in mobile. I add quite a few tags to my articles and when the line drops there's not enough space between the first and second line and they sit on top of each other. Regards
  9. Your personal preference may be getting in the way of what your community really thinks. As an example I redone my themes post profiles and even made them larger in accordance to where they were. One of the biggest compliments and most feedback I've gotten is how the post profiles stand out. Most users now days are all about the me, me, me thing. Take social media for example. Facebook, Twitter etc... are all about highlighting one person as a general rule. I'm not referring to businesses here, just an individual account. They want to be seen, they want to have their posts, tweets, counts, likes, etc.. out there for everyone to see. Again, it's all about me, me, me.. From my past feedback, users wanted full post profile pictures, highlighted post counts, wider post profile to take up more blank space in the post. By making the profile wider I removed some of the posting area and made each post more about the user than ever before. This may not be for everyone, but like I said, it's been a pretty big hit from the feedback I've gotten. Of course not every individual may not like one approach but in general, but what I've done has far outweighed the no compliments to a bland, stripped down user post profile. Another issue I've seen also in the past is admins / people who are more code conscious tend to want things stripped down. Most end users however want to see more, especially if it's about them.
  10. Rikki just answered you and dealt with it extremely well by answering your question and did listen and explained why. One reason I've been with IPB for this many years is because of their open design instead of bunching everything too close. this isn't the 1990's. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it needs fixed. Obviously by Rikkis answer it's WAI. Yes we do, and I think it's just fine and so do many many others. Have a nice day
  11. It's all good Rikki imo... Some people will be late to their own funeral..
  12. Well, I'm not sure about a penis extension after having 3 kids and being married over 30 years but... I probably should of had some cut off 😄 The Mustang is my everyday driver young man ... or is it young lady? Just to cover all my bases here 😄
  13. That's a bad analogy right there... 😁
  14. A possible solution could run along the lines of what you're saying. IPB could consider detecting IE, providing a pop up that says something like "IE is not supported and it's recommended to upgrade to a more secure / modern browser for your safety. We can not provide a webpage to IE users, please try another up to date browser like the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge to view this page." Then automatically dither the page so it can't be viewed. Just a suggestion, may not be a ideal suggestion and maybe someone has a better idea.
  15. I don't buy into it. In software systems nothing is fully secure. You take it as it comes. That's been common knowledge since day 1.
  16. I understood exactly what you were saying. As I said before, feature updates usually come along during a major upgrade like what we just seen for 4.5. That means most of the time what you are getting on standard upgrades are bug fixes, security and vulnerability patches,. That's a long time between feature upgrade versions. incentive must be provided for renewals. Security and vulnerability patches are just that. Incentive to pay for renewals. Plus it pays the person who takes the time to fix the breach. If IPB just gave this away, you'd have many not renew at all. To keep paying people and running a business you can't just open up the freeloader lane.. As a matter of fact, I never really used the paid for features with my license, Not even spam prevention most of the time. Really never needed it. I always renewed for security patches to keep my investment safe. When a security breach is identified someone works to fix it. They should get paid. Yes? I'm not trying to be harsh here. I think you've been a outstanding member here The Old Man, I'm just a firm believer people need to eat and get paid for what they do. If they volunteer to do something for free that's a whole other story. That's not the case however when you work at or run a business.
  17. In your first paragraph,, I would of contacted support over that since the item was listed in marketplace. I'm also sure if Lindy knew about someone pulling something like that they'd have a issue. I'm positive someone would've looked into that for you. Your renewals go for more than 3rd party app upgrades, security updates, IPB services, software features and more. I don't have to pretend on anything. 4.5 is bringing a whole new way of working marketplace. Mlst the people I see selling it now have been here a while and sold a few things. I'm not sure however on IPB's policy on new devs. That's something you'd have to speak @Lindy with. I do know Danial and Stuart are pouring over apps, code, databases etc... before anything gets approved. That means you're getting a quality product that works out of the box. Were also as devs now forced to include any changes in the change log so they know what to review on resubmissions. There's more to that submission process also.
  18. I know IPB has taken the action needed however, when a illegal sites in another country there's only so much anyone can do. I myself have turned in the site you're referring to Google several times and so has some others. Nothing has been, ever. So then what's the purpose to upgrade other than features which are only added during major upgrades? How's IPB supposed to turn a profit, pay devs, pay for support and other bills, taxes etc... etc... Renewals are a major asset to IPB or they wouldn't have them. here's a great example, I make themes and also charge recurring fees every 6 months, so do most other devs. Why do you think we do that? It's not because we are greedy. It's because a 35.00 theme doesn't cover future support, development of new features and more. After IPB gets its cut, I get $27.50 USD I will wrap up 35.00 USD and more sometimes with a lot of customers in a half hour of free support alone plus I've lost the cost of the sale of my theme. Am I supposed to double the cost of my theme for answering support on what's most of the time custom situations outside of the realm of my theme? There's a laundry list as to why a person may need additional support including giving out free support for those other devs who refuse to follow the IPB css framework again just as an example. "Well I downloaded this plugin and your colors don't match" It's not my fault someones plugin uses it's own css but yet what do I do? Charge them? No, I take care of my customers the best I can. I'm not in this to break even or make no profit, considering I make a little profit as it is. This thread has seriously become left field.
  19. That's how businesses evolve. When a business evolves into something I don't like I leave to fit my needs elsewhere. That's what most people do, that's how that works.
  20. Not really but... IPB is not XF or anything else. You choose IPB and now you expect them to change their business model for you. You know what to do if you don't like it or can't afford it! That's called a suggestion, no ones forcing you to do anything. Calling IPB greedy however especially when you choose their business model or expecting them to cater to you over covid is very unreasonable. Using covid to deplete a business of funds is out there. My mortgage company didn't let me off the hook for covid nor did my vehicle finance company. I guess you should of better planned out your finances and future. Well, if you would of comprehended what I said, I ran it for 13 years, in other words I don't have it anymore. My little drummers forum when I did have it was visited by the biggest names in the music business from Alice Cooper's current drummer to many more big names you couldn't even imagine. Many of these drummers are still friends of mine. Successful site it was I could afford and maintain with proper planning. So I guess maybe you should stick to your small joystick Garry's kiddie community with better planning or use a application that fits your budget better. If you're crying over $15.00 USD or renewals you obviously have financial issues and planned poorly.
  21. We've been down this road before a few times. The majority want IPB to take the reigns on applications for several reasons ranging from bad development Devs going awol Devs taking to much time to release and the list goes on and on and on. I'm sure @Lindy could mention the ones I didn't plus some. Devs can list off their site but you need to ready for what could happen if things go wrong. As a dev I can tell you the process for us to get our applications and themes in the marketplace is a bonus for the purchaser. You get a working product right out of the box that's been tested and poured over by IPB to make sure you are getting a quality properly developed product. It's not easy for devs to get accepted due to the stringent requirements, but that benefits the buyer in the end imo greatly. losing 10% profit? try 20% in the real near future. Do I agree with that? I think it should be less like around 12-15% but that's not my choice. it is my choice however to go through the painstaking process to make sure IPB customers get a great product. I ran a popular drummers forum for 13 years. I went into it not expecting people to pay me anything, I left it that way too till the end. If you're developing something with dollar signs in mind I wonder how much of a passion that really is to you. If you can't afford a forum and what it takes to keep it and your members safe imo you should stick with free software. At least with free software you can keep security patches up with current releases on time. It's like buying a new car, Should I get a Cadillac and pay tons in maintenance costs or should I get something when something goes wrong I can fix affordably. You certainly want to keep maintenance up and your budget is obviously saying if you buy the Caddy it could be struggle which may end up leaving you without transportation. To each their own, that's for sure, but if you want to get into the big league with paid software you should expect there's recurring costs involved. getting something better means developers are being paid and there's a business to run. business's can't run on every Tom Dick or Harry wanting to skip renewals either. People have to eat. As you know with free software, those developers are making money in other ways to put food on their table, pay bills and whatever else it takes to feed themselves and their families possibly. Realistically looking at this, the entire suite to renew is around 110.00 USD every 6 months. You have 6 months to save a hundred bucks. If you can't save a 100.0 USD in 6 months, you may want to consider a free option. Bottom line, IPB is a business and must work as such to survive.
  22. I dropped a forum I had for 13 years, I asked IPB to move that license url to another url that also was using a IPB second license. Then I used the 2nd url on a different domain because it was a full suite, they did, no charge,, I have never had a issue with this probably because I don't switch urls often at all. Point is they were great and done this a couple of years back when this policy of a 15.00 charge was in effect. Second, I never understood why people want to let their license overlap. I don't think I ever let that happen for myself in all the years I've been here. I always wanted the latest version so I could keep my sites safe with current bug fixes and security updates. My members and my investment meant that much to me.
  23. Any eta on when this will be 4.5 ready?
  24. 4.4.10 is also not detecting a upgrade. Strange... Oh well. Looks like maybe I'll just need to manually do it when it comes time.
  25. it could be before 48 hours. Besides this you have a community in the cloud account.
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