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    liquidfractal got a reaction from Alfonso Moreno in Weekly digest summary?   
    Not implementing a feature when you happen to want it implemented doesn't mean they're ignoring your idea.
    Remember that IPS just completed a generational update - there are other features more pressing than this in terms of what the broader customer base wants.  There's nothing to say this will never appear in a future version.
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from MadMaddox in Notices - Supporttopic   
    I agree...this would make the application a lot more customisable and powerful.
    I also notice that when you create a Notice which is, say, fixed position on a screen that you aren't able to edit it to be a floating or transparent Notice - you have to re-create the Notice.  Was this intended?  It would be nice to be able to make those edits instead of copying the Notice into a new Notice.
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from SC36DC in Feedback on Clubs   
    I don't know if I'm late to the party on this and it's already been mentioned, but:  I'd really, really like to be able to create file categories (which function like sub/folders) to organise Club files.  
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    liquidfractal reacted to Joel R in Feedback on Clubs   
    I can't, in good faith, recommend Group Collaboration by Kevin anymore.  It was a nice run while it lasted, and it's far more powerful in terms of its functionality, but I started catching template errors when I needed something solid to offer to my Club Leader.  At least with Clubs Enhancements, you can disable without any noticeable front-end impact besides the homepage.  The plugin's main benefit is in its backend utility, such as deleting / reordering / converting nodes.  
    It's a choice between two very distasteful futures and I'm swallowing it because Clubs will be professionally supported. 
     With Club Enhancements ... yes.  You can convert a community node into a club node, and vice-versa.  That saved me.   
    With IPS default ... no way.  
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    liquidfractal reacted to jair101 in Feedback on Clubs   
    Pretty much, yeah. I also want to invest heavily in Clubs, but find myself underwhelmed by its current status. Thank you for taking the time to summing some of the issues in an organized and structured way, hopefully IPS takes notice. 
    And in general, if one of the best selling apps on the marketplace is called "X enhancements", where X is an app you develop...you need to think hard if there is something missing from your offering. 
    To me, I hate to be dependent on 3rd party resources, so far it seems that I am either dependent on Group Collaboration or on Clubs Enhancements. 
    @Joel R Was the switch from GC to Clubs easy? I think I might try with GC as there is a lite free version afaik. If things goes south with its support (which I frankly expect as Kevin's apps have not seen any recent development lately, barely any bugfixes), then I want to be able to fallback to Clubs. 
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from Paul E. in Email/notification for rank promotion?   
    For those sites which reward dedicated contributors with added privileges, prizes, Group promotions etc., it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to add an option for a site's administrator to be emailed/notified if a member reaches a certain rank.
    I'm not sure if something like this exists - I've been searching the AdminCP and couldn't find anything.
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    liquidfractal reacted to Paul E. in IPS Rules Application   
    Sure, that might be a consequence. Just throwing out ideas off the cuff, but consider having a developer indicate something like a service-level agreement at the outset at the time of purchase. "This is $10, but no guarantees it will continue to work in the future" vs. "with ongoing support and maintenance for the 4.x series"
    And I would think that the trigger to have a resource opened up to the community would be after some inactivity or by the developer communicating their intentions to IPS. Maybe Adriano wins the lottery, moves to a private island, and lives this rest of his days sipping from coconuts. He decides that he'll sell 10 of his extensions to Kevin, 20 of them to Scott, 40 of them to Veronica, etc. He updates his extensions to indicate the new account supporting them. Or maybe Adriano can't be bothered by all that, and drops off the face of the earth, jetsetting around the globe with supermodels and the uber rich, and doesn't log into his account or make any updates or respond to any support requests for a year.
    In that last case, the hypothetical clause kicks in and IPS says "Hey, this stuff appears to be unsupported. We've reached out to the developer via e-mail three times, called him once, and no response. In 30 days, we'll make it available at your own risk as open source."
    I may just be suffering from too much cabin fever, but I think it's a novel idea.
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    liquidfractal reacted to Adriano Faria in IPS Rules Application   
    Then I believe this marketplace would be abandoned in a not distant future. While not closed, prices would increase considerably. You wouldn’t see $10 resources anymore, as someone else can “take” resources ownership, people would try to earn the maximum they can while they have the ownership of their OWN work.
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from DeRealDeano in How to make a "Random Quote"/"Tip of the Day" widget   
    So the following is really just a bit of PHP code I found and have been using for a while that lets you create a custom widget which picks and displays a random line of information from a file.  Random quotes can be very useful for engaging your members obliquely - giving them food for thought or ideas they may carry with them throughout the day after they leave your site, or they may even become topics for discussion or debate in your community.  Random tips are extremely useful for those of us (like myself) who don't yet have time to develop FAQs or "how-to"s for the suite's many functions.  You can use this to offer useful tips unobtrusively to your members, giving them a chance to explore the site's functionality while they browse your community.
    I'm sure there are several similar solutions out there, but this is what I've been using for some time now and it works just fine.  I offer this as-is, with no promise of troubleshooting or guarantees.  This code is not mine and I do not take credit for writing it.  If you have problems you can respond to this post and I'll help if I can, but I do not guarantee any technical support - I'm just sharing what works for me.
    You will need Pages in your suite in order to use this tip.  You will also need access to your site or server's folder directory (e.g. through CPanel or equivalent).
    Go to Pages in the AdminCP and click Blocks.  Then click the the Create New Block button.  For Type, click Custom; in the Content Editor category, select Manual PHP. On the next (Create New Block) screen, fill out the information as you want (name, description, key, etc) in the Details tab.  When finished, click the Content tab and copy/paste the following code into the text box:
      $file= "yourfile.txt"; $quotes = file($file); srand((double)microtime()*1000000); $randomquote = rand(0, count($quotes)-1); echo $quotes[$randomquote]; do not enable caching as this will be a dynamic widget whose content will refresh every time the widget is loaded.
    Save your new custom widget.
    The next thing you need to do is create the file referenced in the first line ("yourfile.txt" for our purposes; name it whatever you want, but make sure the first line matches the file you're about to create!).  With these default settings, this file needs to be in your root (public_html) directory.
    So make a blank yourfile.txt, and to add an item of data simply edit the file and add a line with <div> tags.  For example, to add a quote:
    <div style="font-family: Georgia;">Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. - <i>S0REN KIERKEGAARD</i></div> One instance per line.  Change the style to suit your needs with whatever on-the-fly code you like.
    One more example I use: to insert a random tip on using the IPB suite, just create another custom widget using the above directions, and rename the file to something different (tips.txt or whatever).  You can do something like this:
    <div style="font-family: Verdana; color: green;"><strong>TIP:</strong> Put your mouse pointer over a Forums topic to generate a brief preview of its content.</div> Again, one line like this per line of the file.  You get the idea.  So now, wherever you place your custom widget, every time that page is loaded you should see a random selection from your file.
    I'm not a professional developer at all, but the only possible drawback this might pose is that every time this widget is invoked it calls a PHP function which reads and references a file, which in theory may slow things down a bit if you have a ton of users.  But this might be negligible.  As to whether or not this would work better than creating an Invision database of quotes/tips and calling that, I have no idea.
    At any rate, I hope this helps someone out there who, like myself, was looking for an easy, straightforward solution to generating random quotes/tips.
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from looifgames in How to play the shovel...   
    Dig it, baby....dig it.
    (I hear his #1 request is "Ace of Spades" 😁)
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    liquidfractal reacted to opentype in deleted members disappear from invoices?   
    It’s a classic unsolvable dilemma, since from the privacy perspective (e.g. GDPR and others) you HAVE to delete data from the server or at least that would be the user’s expectation. 
    And in fact, IPS has used this very same scenario against ways to make deleting user more easily. 
    Personally, I only use Commerce for the transactions. My bookkeeping happens elsewhere. 
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    liquidfractal reacted to bfarber in deleted members disappear from invoices?   
    Typically, laws like GDPR give you some grounds to not remove a user's data if you have a certain business relationship and have bookkeeping requirements just FYI. Check with legal experts in your area if you are unsure about the best way to handle that.
    As for the suggestion itself, it makes sense I suppose and will raise internally.
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from sobrenome in IPS Dark Theme Option   
    @Rikki made a dark theme for the core suite some time ago if I'm not mistaken.  Not sure if it's been recently updated though.
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    liquidfractal reacted to EmpireKicking in ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale 2019   
    Good to see the sales but the addons that I like to get are not on sale.. god damn LOL 
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    liquidfractal reacted to Adriano Faria in Auto Follow Content   
    Nope. This one here will make new members to auto follow a club and its features. The other required existing members to click in the follow button. 
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    liquidfractal reacted to Adriano Faria in ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale 2019   
    My files with discount for the Black Friday: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/114025-adriano-faria/content/?type=downloads_file&sortby=file_updated&sortdirection=desc
    A little bit more for Black Friday: buy any file with price starting from $12 (original price $15) and get one free of $9 (original price $10). Just send a message with the chosen file and you will get it for free. 
    1: This is valid while Black Friday is happening. File won’t be added after Black Friday is over, even if you purchased it during the Black Friday.
    2: Send a message if you purchased a file yesterday so I can add a file to you.
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    liquidfractal reacted to opentype in ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale 2019   
    “Buy one—get one free“ deal for all my products:

    P.S. You can use this offer multiple times, e.g. Buy my product A and get B, buy product C and get product D …
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    liquidfractal reacted to bfarber in The problems with "private forums"   
    Quoting and attachments are both supported in Commerce tickets, both when pulled in via email and when a client manually visits the site and replies to a ticket. 🙂 
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    liquidfractal reacted to Joel R in ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale 2019   

    Random stock photo of Christmas imagery to get you in the mood
    The IPS Marketplace Black Friday sale is the largest and premier sale that goes on once a year, exclusively during the Black Friday season.  The sale goes from November 11 - November 30, so hurry for the best sales on your holiday themes, must-have plugins, and innovative apps.  These will be the lowest prices of the year.  Mainly because Marketplace contributors are too damn lazy to do this any other time of the year.  
    All of the most trusted and respected modders from the IPS community are participating again in our IPS Marketplace Black Friday sale.  Our list of participants is a Who's Who of the Invision scene:  Spanner, Adriano Faria, Newbie LAC, Mike John, DawPI, onlyME, Fosters, OpenType, Faqole, A Zayed, Invision HQ, Ehren, IBTheme, Pete T, Steve00, Mark Round, TAMAN, Veilon, Heosforo, Lis Koduje, Brian A, Teascu Dorin, and pretty much everyone else. 
    We're the only third-party forum community that comes together for the Black Friday sale, as a sign of community spirit during the holiday season.  We're proud to extend and support Invision Communities in new and wonderful days.  As admins of our own Invision communities, we know how important it is to customize the design and functions of our communities and create special experiences for our users.  
    ❤️ and 🎁 from the IPS Marketplace
    (Instructions for Marketplace contributors: please add a post with links to your Marketplace files on sale)
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from TDBF in The problems with "private forums"   
    Thanks for your response Daniel.  Yeah, I am involved in active dialogue with all of my clients; I had originally tried your suggestion but it didn't suit my needs, and @jair101 that's an interesting idea, but yes, I'll be making multiple threads.  In fact, Clubs may also offer my clients some added functions they may use to their advantage.
    So yes, I'll be creating Clubs for each of my clients.  Is this the time to inquire about getting a categories option for clubs in a future version so different kinds of Clubs (i.e. group/client) can be organised separately? 😉
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from Daniel F in The problems with "private forums"   
    Thanks for your response Daniel.  Yeah, I am involved in active dialogue with all of my clients; I had originally tried your suggestion but it didn't suit my needs, and @jair101 that's an interesting idea, but yes, I'll be making multiple threads.  In fact, Clubs may also offer my clients some added functions they may use to their advantage.
    So yes, I'll be creating Clubs for each of my clients.  Is this the time to inquire about getting a categories option for clubs in a future version so different kinds of Clubs (i.e. group/client) can be organised separately? 😉
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    liquidfractal reacted to opentype in The problems with "private forums"   
    The clubs feature has that functionality. 
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    liquidfractal reacted to Daniel F in The problems with "private forums"   
    Is it a one way communication or are you also creating topics? If only your clients are creating the topics, you could use only one forum for al the communication with your clients where you'll disable the "Users can see topics posted by other users?" setting.
    But as @opentype said, you could also use clubs and create a club for each client.
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    liquidfractal got a reaction from Allegheny in Extra Fields search is useless/do not work the way it is   
    I'm sensing a pattern in recent posts, and that pattern is: IPS Search could definitely use a major upgrade.
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