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    TSP got a reaction from Martin A. in IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x and IP.Nexus 1.5.9 Security Update   
    If you get the question from your FTP client on a folder, you choose to merge with existing folders. When/if you then get the question on a file, you choose to overwrite existing files. That's what was meant by merge and overwrite. Because you want to merge folders (so no existing files that is not within your patch folder (but is within the selected folder on the server) gets deleted). You usually only get the merge option if it's about a folder. As merging an already existing file with a new file with the same name would not be an sensible option for an FTP client.
    Some FTP-clients will provide the option of "Merge and overwrite" right away, which means it will merge folders and overwrite files. 
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    TSP got a reaction from piotr1970 in New: Device Management   
    Thank you, this looks great!
    I assume this will resolve the situations explained here:  
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    TSP reacted to GlenP in New: Statistics   
    Excellent! I really like the look of the Member Visits tool. Much easier than going through ACP - Members. Are anonymous logins still not being logged or will they show in this?
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    TSP reacted to Kevin Carwile in New: Clubs   
    So whats going to be new in 4.2 that hasnt been around for 2 years already?
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    TSP reacted to Joel R in New: Clubs   
    But a user is applying ... based on what?  
    There's no approval question or comment box for them to explain why they want to join.  I don't see how leaders can justify approvals in Clubs.
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    TSP reacted to Joel R in New: Clubs   
    I saw that.  But are you ... the Most Special Leader??  
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    TSP reacted to Rikki in New: Clubs   
    Yep, precisely.
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    TSP reacted to Joel R in New: Clubs   
    How do I get an invite to the Most Special Club?? 
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    TSP reacted to opentype in New: Reactions   
    You know, you could actually read the article and not just look at the pictures.  It explains it. 
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    TSP reacted to SkimPappa in New: Reactions   
    Gonna have to periodically change the images so the reactions get really confusing on previous posts ?
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    TSP reacted to nodle in New: Reactions   
    Who would have thought that the "Reactions" would get such a great reaction?
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    TSP reacted to Matt in New: Reactions   
    We encoded the binary image data for the heart icon across all the IPS4.2 source files so it really can never be changed. It took a long time, but we felt it was worth it.
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    TSP reacted to Sergey Kuzin in New: Social Sign In Streamlining   
    I did it a long time ago
    It will look like this))

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    TSP reacted to Patreon Lukazuki in New: Social Sign In Streamlining   
    @Sergey your version looks like more thoughtful 
    @Andy design it isnt revelant, there is a some disproportion with left and right side
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    TSP reacted to nodle in New: Social Sign In Streamlining   
    This version looks better & cleaner to me.
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    TSP reacted to marklcfc in Video: 4.2 So Far   
    The border around follow, start new topic, moderator actions, download, mark forum read etc are ugly in the video. It looked better here https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/monthly_2017_03/58c07545c350e_ExampleTopic-ATestForum-IPSCommunitySuite2017-03-0816-18-51.png.b6cc154b2c613d2bafcb156f03671a29.png
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    TSP reacted to Aaron M in New: Device Management   
    Now did Mark break into Matt's account, or did Matt steal Mark's Mac? 
    Seriously though, this is a great advancement for the suite. I hope it does improve the issue(s) stated above with being force logged out on every ACP session.
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    TSP got a reaction from Simon Woods in New: Device Management   
    I didn't look very closely at the images earlier. Giving such large emphasis to the search input in the admin panel in 4.2 is a very good touch!
    And all the settings and information areas for this looks nice
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    TSP reacted to Mark in New: Device Management   
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    TSP reacted to Ilya Hoilik in New: Device Management   
    New AdminCP design is AWESOME. Can't wait to try it out
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    TSP got a reaction from RObiN-HoOD in New: Security and Privacy   
    How about letting us fill in an optional name of your choosing as one of the options? It would both change the name to make them "anonymous", but also make it easier to distinguish deleted members. 
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    TSP reacted to GlenP in Post Color Highlight   
    As a prototype, it looks really good.
    What it really needs now is the ability to toggle it off and on in the editor so I can post as either admin/mod or as a community member.
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    TSP reacted to jair101 in Post Color Highlight   
    Thanks for clarifying that.
    In that case I think it is something that will have limited use overall. At the very least per forum setting is needed, imho.
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    TSP reacted to IBResource ltd. in Theme Tip: Use HTML logic to display content to specific groups   
    in the 3.x versions, we can determine the forum id by $ this->request ['f'] in every template even in topicView and globalTemplate. Whether it is possible to do the same in 4th version?
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