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New: Statistics

This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release

Statistics can be an important part of monitoring your site and ensuring it grows and responds to your marketing and promotion efforts effectively, and several new statistic tools have been added to the 4.2 Community Suite which we know you will be excited to learn about!

A simple tool has been added that will allow you to look up and list all member accounts that have last visited the site within a specified time period.


Look up members who have visited within a set time period

Additionally, online user (both logged in user and guest) counts are now tracked every 15 minutes and graphed in the AdminCP for you to reference. You can view online user trends over a specified date period, view just guest counts or just member counts (or both), and view the graph in multiple different modes (such as an area chart or as a column chart). By default, the data is retained for 180 days, however you can control how often to prune this statistical data in the AdminCP.


Online user trends graphed

You can also view a graph of member activity on the site. Member activity is defined as any "activity" beyond simply browsing, such as submitting a new post, reacting to any content item or comment, or following any content item or node.


Activity information about your member base

You will also be able to define keywords that you would like to monitor and then see both a graph of usage of those keywords, as well as a table listing all usages of those keywords. You can use this to track usage of competitor names, find out if hash tags you define are trending, or learn if promotional materials are making an impact on your membership.


Keyword tracking can help you closely monitor your community

Along with these additions, we've cleaned up the menu and wording for the rest of the existing statistic options to make their functions more clear.

We hope these additions help you better track and control your community, making the most of your time and money.


Note for developers: A new chart class has been added which allows you to populate dynamic charts using callbacks, in addition to the standard methods that already exist for pulling data directly from a specified database table.



Recommended Comments

I like this new feature :wub:

These stats track also visitors keyword from search engine (like google..)? or it is limited for members (registered users) actions?

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3 hours ago, GlenP said:

Excellent! I really like the look of the Member Visits tool. Much easier than going through ACP - Members. Are anonymous logins still not being logged or will they show in this?

Anonymous logins will remain anonymous and not be reflected by the member visits tool.

2 hours ago, Michael R said:

Will this be able to track duplicate logins?

No, these new statistic tools are not intended to track duplicate logins.

If you are looking to find instances of where an account has been logged into by more than one IP address, you can likely do this by looking at the Device History for an account. If you are attempting to find instances where one IP address logs in to multiple different accounts - why? Several users can visit from a single VPN for instance, but they're still distinct users.

9 minutes ago, BomAle said:

I like this new feature :wub:

These stats track also visitors keyword from search engine (like google..)? or it is limited for members (registered users) actions?

These changes are not designed to track keywords from search engines, no. The keyword tracking feature is designed to track usage of defined keywords within your site.

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1 hour ago, AtariAge said:

"Duplicate Members Logger", but I'm running IP.Board 3.4.x. Doesn't look like it's been updated (yet?) for 4.x, but the author does appear to be working on it.  There's another "CJ Duplicate Members Logger" app for 4.x, but I cannot vouch for that one. 

I use that too on my 3.4.x forum - it uses a "Flash cookie" to identify user machines, so even if you weren't going to upgrade to 4.x, you would eventually need to find a new solution as Flash is being phased out more and more every day, not to mention mobile devices that do not run Flash.

The 4.x tool by CJ I believe uses PHP's Traits feature, which if I'm not mistaken is how IPS is identifying user devices. I plan on taking a good look the the 4.x tool by CJ as a substitute for the 3.4.x addon.

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1. Member accounts during specified time period - Ability to batch select ALL / NONE members to prune or edit?  

2.  Online users every 15 min - Show average for CiC calculation?

3.  Find out if hash tags are trending - did IPS introduce a new feature of hash tags?  


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Great to see some improvements to Stats, very useful indeed. Thank you for this. :thumbsup:

Funnily enough I was thinking earlier today after receiving a newsletter from the ICO that I may have to look at a way to prune or remove non-active member accounts in order to comply with the U.K. Data Protection Act, in relation to the legal requirement to only store personal data as long as it is needed. I'm not sure how it is in other countries, but I asked myself, can I justify keeping a person's name, age, email address etc for member accounts who haven't been active in the last 2 years, never mind 15 years ago. I'm sure this kind of statistical data will help.

However, I too would also like to see more front-end visible friendly stats, such as a dedicated Stats information page. This could be used for content such as most active members, most active topics, longest topics (with most replies), most used and least used emoticons, the usual kind of thing and harking back to the days of of the old Stat mods for earlier versions of IPB, but also perhaps for more modern analytics such as members who engage the most with content, members who visit the most and for how long, how regular etc, perhaps engagement with the community and other members by way of comments and likes etc, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual etc.

A default layout but in the form of widgets that could be enabled/disabled and perhaps drag and dropped. All of the data is there, why not pull it together and allow us to put it on the front end?


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20 hours ago, bfarber said:

Anonymous logins

Would be great if anonymous  is only available in  member's account settings, and admin can choose which  groups are allowed to us it.

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5 hours ago, amator said:

Would be great if anonymous  is only available in  member's account settings, and admin can choose which  groups are allowed to us it.

Ideally admins/mods should be able to see last login for anonymous. Or hell even when they last posted it should update it since obviously they were not trying to hide. We have super active posters that always log in anonymously but the last login time shows like 2014, but you look at their timeline and have posted a few days ago. 

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