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  1. Hi, As above, been a few days now since the Live Topic ended and still says "will be added shortly" in the modcp. Any ideas, please? Cheers.
  2. Ours cuts off at the 3rd. Still works in the ACP
  3. This function last reported for us on the 3rd April - is there an issue with it or did we break something? Not a major issue, just handy for noticing patterns at a glance. Page Views function seems to be functioning normally 👍
  4. Brilliant. Thanks. I always forget about that.
  5. Any chance of changing "users" to "members"? As it makes us sound like a bunch of addicts 😄
  6. We switched to SMTP2GO and it's been great.
  7. Has this been done yet? Critically important feature.
  8. The ability to wipe all quoted content (or reference to deleted account name in the header of quote content) would make this a killer tool.
  9. We are getting a lot of complaints on our forum. Good to know on point of being sorted.
  10. waccoe.com


    Hi... on our site it is limited to ipsLayout_header but still infinite scroll. Could it be something else? 1.3.1 works fine on
  11. Not on ours Edit: rebooted browser. Works now
  12. A brilliant feature, but seems to have disappeared with 4.2?
  13. Something for 4.2.x? Still an outstandingly good idea
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