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  1. The ability to wipe all quoted content (or reference to deleted account name in the header of quote content) would make this a killer tool.
    Great theme. Works perfect. Thanks for sharing
  2. Unless it allows ad integration, we wont be using it. Indeed deploying it would destroy our business model completely. Possibly we'd consider it as a subscriber feature for those that have paid not to have ads in their forum experience. But, as with tapatalk, this isn't a development that as a forum admin we were either looking for or would want to implement. The key issue for us would be the ability to block users from browsing our forum using the invision app, to ensure that the ad revenue we rely on doesn't get obliterated.
  3. Hi... on our site it is limited to ipsLayout_header but still infinite scroll. Could it be something else? 1.3.1 works fine on
  4. Another thing that we have noticed is that the amount of 'Likes' no longer appears on a post in mobile view as it did on 4.1.x. Is there any way to sort this, please?
  5. Not on ours Edit: rebooted browser. Works now
  6. A brilliant feature, but seems to have disappeared with 4.2?
  7. I've just tested this... I don't get a confirmation on my touch device...?
  8. Something for 4.2.x? Still an outstandingly good idea
  9. I've got increasingly uncomfortable with using the file attachment feature on IPS - it seems that on a big forum its almost impossible to monitor or scrutinise what is being saved on your server or what is happening to it. What if - e.g. - users started to use it for saving/trading CP or other illegal content, which would end up saved on my server. The liability issues are not trivial. However, the user community haven't taken nicely to the suggestion that their ability to simply attach photos with one click to a post should be taken away. A hardcore simply wont accept that uploading
  10. Cheers...thought his post was only relating to the plugin.
  11. This has started happening with our site since the recent update
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