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  1. Hi, Where to insert the word "Posts" please? Thanks!
  2. Has this been done yet? Critically important feature.
  3. The ability to wipe all quoted content (or reference to deleted account name in the header of quote content) would make this a killer tool.
    Great theme. Works perfect. Thanks for sharing
  4. We are getting a lot of complaints on our forum. Good to know on point of being sorted.
  5. waccoe.com


    Hi... on our site it is limited to ipsLayout_header but still infinite scroll. Could it be something else? 1.3.1 works fine on
  6. We are having this issue....IPS Support have told us it's a problem with our mysql db, which was working fine prior to changing to ES
  7. Yes, I have posted in a couple other threads relating to this especially concerning elasticsearch.
  8. Yeah it's definitely not cheap. external elastic will help only if you have resources issues that we don't have at all. Have reverted back to MySQL.
  9. We are also experiencing the same issue. Support have said it is a server side problem, and our host said it is a problem with the elasticsearch, so we have left the search as MySQL external elastic will help only if you have resources issues that we don't have at all
  10. where abouts is this option please?
  11. Yep. Completely crashed the site. Database was fine but file system got cooked. @ASTRAPI helped us out.
  12. We had to restore our file system and got Support to do the update for us. We were off-line for about 3-4 hours.
  13. We updated to 4.3.1, now users on mobile have to tap twice on the 'Like' button (we only have the 1 reaction available) Also on desktop the 'Like' button tries to animate as if it is trying to show all available reactions, despite there only being the one. Only a small issue, but is there any way to get it to behave like it did on 4.2.x? Cheers.
  14. Another thing that we have noticed is that the amount of 'Likes' no longer appears on a post in mobile view as it did on 4.1.x. Is there any way to sort this, please?
  15. Not on ours Edit: rebooted browser. Works now
  16. A brilliant feature, but seems to have disappeared with 4.2?
  17. Is this something that could be looked at in a future update? With a 13 year old site a lot of member emails are out of date, leading to bouncing emails, etc. A forced email update/revalidation function would be a huge help. Edit - or does anyone have a good plugin to hand? (or planned?)
  18. Image links stopped automatically embedding since 4.2.1 (you can't click drag the image into the editor on mobile) Is this intentional? Cheers.
  19. I've just tested this... I don't get a confirmation on my touch device...?
  20. Something for 4.2.x? Still an outstandingly good idea
  21. I'm trying this. have followed the steps in the documentation but get the following: Could anyone offer any advice please?
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