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  1. Hi, One feature that would improve a lot the moderation process would be the option to "quick edit" the topic title from inside the topic itself, i.e. by clicking and holding the title with the mouse. Thanks.
  2. The number of the page in databases in Pages is not applied to the title. Google complains on Webmaster Tools of duplicated title related to this. Please, add page number in the title of paginated pages in Pages.
  3. I hope that lazy load will be also implemented for YouTube embeds in 4.4. This topic is a live illustration why this is important. It would be awesome to load just thumbnail instead of player and to load player only when thumbnail clicked. This significantly improves performance on pages with embedded videos.
  4. I highly dislike the fact that I can not choose what my members have to tell me in the billing information area. I can not remove the preset fields. If anyone is confused, I am talking about the First name, Last name, Billing address, etc.... I don't want to or need to know this information about my customers as they are subscribing to VIP Features and software downloads on my website. PLEASE make it possible to customize this, or at least skip that step. You claim to be highly customizeable, I beg to differ.
  5. Hi there, I've been noticing a significant drop in page viewed on my forum (almost half). I understand that some feature now work without actually refreshing the page but as a publisher, loosing half my pageviews cuts half of my CPM revenues... How is it going to be adressed?
  6. Hello, would like to suggest a feature for UX The idea is to generate profiles photo for members who dont upload a photo (and they are maaaany), it generate simply based on their first and last name with a random background color. There is a nice plugin for wordpress and many other open source projets : http://codepen.io/leecrossley/pen/CBHca https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-first-letter-avatar/ http://uttesh.com/ngletteravatar/
  7. And apparently, that is not a bug. Currently, the login & auth flow works like this: Logging in gives you auth cookies that are valid for one week - auth cookies consist of a member ID and a random string that is unique to your account (but all sessions logged into your account keep the same cookie). Every time you visit the site again while the cookies are still valid, the expiry on the cookies is refreshed, so you will stay logged in for another week. If you log into another device after the original week grace period, you will log out all other sessions, because the value for the auth cookie is regenerated. If you want to log out all other sessions, you need to either change your password (that makes perfect sense) or log into another device (wtf?!). Logging out of any one device will also log you out of the others, but that is a bug that is marked as fixed in 4.1.12. Lets compare it to Facebook's, as I understand it: Logging in gives you auth cookies that are valid for three months - auth cookies consist of a member ID and a pseudo-random string that uniquely identifies that browser. Every time you visit the site again while the cookies are still valid, the expiry on the cookies is refreshed, so you will remain logged in for another three months. If you log into another device at any time, nothing happens to your other sessions, but the new device gets a different pseudo-random string identifier, and you can opt to be emailed to tell you about the new login. If you want to log out all your other sessions, you need to go into settings and click "End All Activity", or "End Activity" on the row related to the login session that you want to terminate. No need to log out of all devices - you can just log out of the one device that has been compromised. How I think it should work, which would require minimal changes to your code, and would make the user experience much better: When you log in, it should not log out other sessions, no matter what. Users do not expect other sessions to be logged out when the log in, so it is completely pointless from a security standpoint (have you ever left a device logged in somewhere and thought "I know, lets log into another device to log that one out"? I didn't think so. Not that it would work anyway, because that device would probably have logged in within the past week anyway). Changing or resetting your password should still log out all active sessions. A button in user settings to log out all active sessions. Login cookies should last longer than a week by default. "Remember me" should actually make it remember you. A month would be sensible, or you could make it an admin-configurable option (though possibly set an upper limit at somewhere like a year). It would be nice if you also supported the tracking of separate logins, so each login gets its own unique token, and can then be terminated individually, but I know that would take a fairly large amount of work. If not, it would be amazing if you could make it hookable by abstracting the member loading on line 148+ of \IPS\Session\Front into a separate function, so it can be hooked. It's fairly easy to override the initial setting of the cookies following a login, but far more difficult to hook the checking of the cookies to log the member back in. If you do abstract it, abstracting the do login part of the checkout login would probably be a good idea, or, even better, leave it to the actual login form. Login alerts would be nice too, but they can also be achieved using a membersync extension.
  8. It seems the ability to disable gif's in avatars was removed in 4.x. We had this feature in 3.x. Please add it back in. It gets very distracting when reading a thread and half the posts are animating images from the corner of your eye.
  9. Hi there, As Dailymotion is a pretty popular platform, that would be great to support it in the embedded items! Thanks
  10. been looking for the setting in acp that will allow members to lock/close their own posts anyone help?
  11. Hello, Recently determined that there doesn't seem to be a way to hide certain members / member groups from the search results on IPS4, I think this could be a nice feature to have both for privacy concerns (paid membership data, possible full names, etc.) as well as security (admin account data). Anyone else feel like this might be a good feature to have? Thanks!
  12. IMO it would be a good idea to create some redirect from the topic that no longer exists to the newly formed merged topic upon merging topics. As it currently stands when you merge two topics, one just disappears and the link to it that users may have bookmarked or been indexed in searches just suddenly display an error saying it doesn't exist. If this would instead redirect them to the new topic it would be a much better operation situation.
  13. I heavily used the custom RSS export feeds on 3.4.7 to syndicate to Facebook only the groups I wanted. This feature has since gone with the IPS4 upgrade.
  14. It would be nice if two factor authentication ( a text message to a phone) were to be implemented in the next version. Thanks
  15. I'm assuming this is to do with how IPB works but comparing 2010 and now in Google Analytics, my sessions and users are about the same, this is okay, however my pageviews is almost half, in 2010 I got around 1,000,000, now I get 500,000. It seems unusual considering the sessions/users in analytics being pretty consistent throughout the life of my forum, So I am wondering, is this due to something IPB has changed on how pages are loaded or similar? I mean, I am not bothered if it is, I am just curious to find out what caused it to half.
  16. This confused me (a lot). While editing a post, if the user chooses to cancel the edit, they are presented with a confirmation alert giving the option to Cancel or OK. Which one cancels the edit, the one that says "Cancel" or the one that says "OK". The text in the alert box is so brief as to be meaningless. It would be much more helpful if the alert box were to say "Are you sure you want to cancel your edits to this post?" along with "Yes" and "No" buttons. Confusion averted and resulting in a much better user experience.
  17. In dev mode, you add a comment to the top of each template identifying what it is, which is really useful for figuring out what's causing things to happen or where to hook. It would also be really useful in designer mode, because it would allow the designer to figure out which template they need to edit, rather than having to dig through files to find the relevant one.
  18. The editor being prefilled with the contents of the last post you wrote is the feature that is reported to me as a bug most often, and it is also the source of one of the most common actual bugs that is reported - not being able to delete contents from the editor (quotes, images etc) on mobile. It would make the user experience much better if, rather than automatically filling it into the editor, it just showed a banner (like the rich content paste banner), offering to recover the unsaved data. That way, the user can easily start again from scratch if they want, but if they didn't mean to leave it, they can just click the button on the banner, and their post will be recovered. It would also be more user friendly if the backups were removed after 24 hours or something like that (aside from anything else, it would prevent you from bloating local storage for no reason).
  19. Hello! A small suggestion. Can you add Last.fm embedding? Thanks
  20. Please add a GROUP permisison in Announcements. There are specific messagens/announcements that you want to show to specific user groups only, not to everybody!
  21. If a member is flagged as a spammer, turn the flag RED ... it's a much more visual cue than an open flag
  22. It would be really useful if the system logs included the URL that triggered the error - when the logs were stored on the filesystem, that was the case, but now they aren't, which makes reproducing the issue much more difficult.
  23. At the moment the permanent login cookie lasts only 7 days. Please give us a feature to manually edit this important setting. Seven days is definitely to short. I want to make it very easy for returning users to use the forum. I don't know any site where this setting is only this short. I would change it to 365 days.
  24. Hi, When there is a notification about a new reply in a topic (or some other notification) this presents itself in a black box at the bottom on the device. This can be annoying sometimes, especially on mobile devices where space is limited and you're on a very active community. Suddenly there is this black box that drags your attention away and uses valuable space. You may not want to inspect the new replies right away and instead continue on writing a reply with no desire to see any new posts before you've posted it or continue reading the topic without the black box disturbing you. So when this pops up, could you let there be an opportunity to hide/close the bottom notification box on the current page? It would then not present itself again until you start a "new session" by refreshing the page or visiting another page.
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