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  1. I’m posting this from an iPhone right now. I quoted this message earlier and then the quoted text box. At that point I see a crosshairs option in the top left of the quoted text box. Click on it. At that point the entire box should be highlighted in a blue outline. Once you see that blue outline, then click delete. That will remove it for you. This works when I tested in both Safari and Chrome.
  2. If you’re doing that, just toss the files somewhere in a sub folder, and then restore the MySQL database. If you want to actually access and login to the old instance you’ll need to edit the Xenforo config file to specify the new absolute paths and URL (and possibly the DB credentials). You will also need to fix some file permissions. If you’re not bringing the old board actually online you just need the files and database to point the converter to it.
  3. I moved my Xenforo files to a different folder location. (I moved it to a folder called archive.) The reason I did this was to still have the old board available for reference if I needed. That let me put my IPB files in the site root.
  4. You can pin as many topics as you like. From the page that lists all of the topics, check the box next to each topic you want to pin. At the bottom of the screen will be a button that looks like a pin. Click it and choose “Pin”. If this does not work, try switching to the default theme. It may be possible your theme is either out of date or broken.
  5. 1. There is a setting to prune the IP address from user posted content after X days. I don’t believe there is a way of saying don’t log IP addresses in any shape or form. (For example registration or password reset etc) 2. It’s transmitted to IPS, so yes an external service. It’s not happening in your instance. 3. I don’t believe so in the default Theme. I could not find a setting to toggle this. However if you create a custom theme, or modify the existing theme code you could achieve this.
  6. My biggest challenge was when I did the conversion, I consolidated some of the groups. On the old Xenforo instance, there was Supporters2018, Supporters2019, Supporters2020, etc. When I moved the site to IPB, I made a new Supporters group and consolidated all of them into the one group. The only “challenge” I had was that users groups ended up listing “Supporters” multiple times. Outside of that, it was pretty painless. After the conversion and before you turn back on your new board, I would suggest making sure you go back and check permissions for each member group as those don’t automatically get set. Personally I would run through EVERYTHING to make sure all of your settings are correct. You’ll spend several days afterwards catching minor oddball things. Like needing to add permissions for mods to bypass rate controls etc.
  7. I converted a site from the 2.1 Xenforo pretty painlessly. It did take awhile, but this site had 10K members and over 5M posts and over 400K a private messages. At least on the 2.1 converter, topic redirects worked for me. You have to make sure to keep the converter installed afterwards I believe.
  8. It’s not displayed in the UI that I’m aware of, but the database would be stored in your conf_global.php file in your main public_html folder.
  9. If an app is only flagged for version 4.5 it won’t show in ACP for 4.6. You would find it in the IPS marketplace website but it won’t let you install it and instead just give you info about the file. The only way to install it from marketplace is for the file to be flagged as being valid for the release you’re running. When (if) version 4.7 is released and folks are running it…. It will once again disappear from the marketplace for those users until it is flagged as being compatible with that version. For users that already have the app installed, it will remain installed. You just can’t install a new app that is not known to be compatible with your current version whatever it is.
  10. I’m not aware of a comprehensive list of each permission. However to answer your questions… The messenger option controls allowing someone to edit the default permissions for notifications. (Email, push notifications) and allows an admin to specify if a member can edit their own settings from the default. The mobile app settings are no longer used. I assume you’re not running the latest version of IPB as that option would not appear any longer in the new versions of the software. Logs/Settings/Diagnostic tools all apply I believe to the resources in the support section. Regarding permissions… there are more permissions to grant than what you showed in your screen shot. Check along the top as there should be things like Forums, Converters, and options for other apps you might have like Commerce and Pages. It might be worth upgrading to the latest version and then checking to see what permissions you have available to grant a limited admin has changed also. One question I might pose is what are you wanting someone to be able to do in the AdmincCP specifically? It might be easier to approach helping that way.
  11. Hey @Jordan Miller… a crazy idea here… I loved the interview you did with Charles earlier. As a follow up, what about a session around IPB’s CiC offering? Maybe with Lindy or someone else who is familiar with the CiC architecture. The idea would be to: Show the value of having a fully hosted solution and all of the work that goes into making it a premium offering. (It would be a great response to the “well I can host it with X provider for only Y per month”) It would show the work that goes into developing an enterprise class solution and show the thought that went into various areas around those key areas such as redundancy and availability that others don’t have to think about with the hosted solution. It would provide thought leadership around best practices on things self hosted customers could take if they wanted to put in the time/effort to do things themselves. The idea would be to promote better and more secure communities for everyone which is in all of our interests. I understand that a video might be difficult, but this could also be a series of blog posts as well. Would love to collaborate on something if you’re interested.
  12. Reactions are not available within private messages or within the warning system. (Meaning other moderators cannot use reactions when commenting on other internal conversations in the warning discussion.)
  13. Hi folks! I wanted to start a topic to discuss best practices around scaling a website in the cloud. Today my IPB site runs on a VPS that I have full root level access to. All of the system services needed run on the box. (A full LAMP stack along with DNS and email.) I’m looking at building out a new cloud-based design that I’m hoping will allow for Better availability Improved performance Increased security My initial thought for the deployment would be the following: Initially deploy 2 cloud servers to serve as the web tier. (This would be scaled up as needed) These servers would only allow traffic on 80/443 to the internet. Server to run only Apache and PHP. (Disable all other services) Limit SSH to internal network which would be accessed via VPN. Load balance requests between all of the web servers equally. Deploy one master RDB instance with a read only shard. Create firewall rule to only allow MariaDB to communicate over MySQL port. Deploy a cloud server to handle Redis and ElasticSearch. This server would not have public IP address and only be accessible from within the VPC. Only Redis and ElasticSearch ports would be allowed to access web tier. Setup SES to handle outbound email sending. I would use a 3rd party service to handle inbound email. Use Cloudflare as WAF and bot protection in front of the site. Limit LB to only accept requests from Cloudflare IP addresses to ensure someone does not bypass security controls. I’m struggling with how to handle storage. I could attach an EBS volume and use it for the entire home directory. This would simplify updates so that updating one instance updates all web instances. However it would also mean if an update goes south, it takes down all of my instances at the same time. I could also instead only use EBS for things like the uploads folder and other locations in the file system settings. Then simply take a server out of production, update it… then add it back to the pool once complete. I’m trying to think through the pros and cons of each approach. One challenge I see is that even if I went with the second approach, the IPB updater may make changes to the DB. This may more than likely break the site while the update is occurring on the server not in production. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best approach to handle this? Are there other areas I should be considering as well?
  14. You could do something similar by using the group promotions feature. Make a “Newbie” group that has more limited permissions (such as no ability to post links, must be moderator approved, no PMs etc). Then use the group promotion feature to automatically upgrade them from Newbie to Member after X posts. I *think* you can also do it after X days but I’m at lunch right now and can’t look. Basically develop the conditions you want them to meet to be promoted from Newbie to Member.
  15. Your host should be able to tell you what the absolute path is for your website. On cPanel servers, this is /home/username/public_html/ If that is your absolute path, you would just add /forums/upload to the end of it. (Making the assumption all of your IPS files are in the forums directory. Once you know your correct path, edit your conf_global.php file and correct the entry in it referring to the bad location. If you moved hosts as well, make sure your file permissions are set correctly on the uploads folder and the files/folder under it to prevent other issues that might happen after the board is back online. 🙂
  16. IPB is compatible with 7.4. I’ve been running it for months without issue. My guess is when you upgraded your PHP, you missed adding a few of the required PHP modules. Run the system requirements script and it will tell you what you’re missing.
  17. If you’re asking if IPS has a wiki application, the answer is no. You can create much of a wiki’s functionality using the Pages application, including creating databases that allow your members to create and update content, track changes etc.
  18. Yes. I’m using the latest stable version. No problems on 4.6.9. So it’s not that. There would be a lot more people posting in this thread if it was a version compatibility issue. 🙂
  19. No problems for me. It looks like a bucket permission or credential problem from Google searching. Have you checked your config to make sure your credentials did not get goofed in your upgrade? You might just make a new Wasabi API credential and use it to make sure it’s not a problem with the account itself.
  20. I would recommend editing your posts above to remove your phone number for privacy sake. Instead I would make sure your contact info (email and phone) are updated in the client area. Also FYI… there is an announcement posted that IPS offices are closed from the 24th-27th. The announcement says to use the Client Area with the word “Urgent” in the subject line for urgent issues.
  21. The idea is you disable ALL plugins and test. If it happens with ALL plugins disabled, you know it's not the plugins causing the problem. If it starts working, you turn on the plugins one by one, testing each until you find the one causing problems. You figure out which is broken by process of elimination.
  22. You could create a rule which promotes anyone who has more than X content into a new member group. Then give that group permission to create clubs. Search the ACP for Group Promotion Rules for the area to set this up. I do something similar for new members. They actually can’t post links until they have more than 10 content items. Once they do, they’re moved from the default group (I call it Newbies) to the group “Members” which does have permission to post links.
  23. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I greatly appreciate all of the hard work from our marketplace developers and those who are smart enough to customize code so that I don’t have to try to slap some half-baked code together that might or might not have a million security holes in it.
  24. IPS staff don’t generally spend much time in this forum as it’s meant for peer to peer assistance. If you can’t post in an officially supported forum, I would recommend using the Contact Us page and asking the Sales or Account staff to move the ticket to the appropriate place. https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/
  25. Anytime. It was a learning experience for myself... so I appreciate the chance to pickup something new. Also for your own reference later... once you create the block, the embed code will give you two snippets you will need to use: The "boot loader" which will need to be added to your Wordpress global template in either in your <head> tag, or just before the </body> tag. (I would suggest putting this in the global template so that you only have to do it once and can embed IPB blocks on ANY page on your Wordpress site.) This handles loading the CSS and other template stuff needed. That code will look something like: <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/applications/cms/interface/external/external.js' id='ipsWidgetLoader'></script> Wherever you want the block content itself to appear, add the embed block code that will look something like: <div id='block_SOME_MD5_HASH_PROVIDED_BY_IPB' data-blockID='YOUR_BLOCKNAME' class='ipsExternalWidget' data-inheritStyle='true'></div>
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