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  1. As you can see, when I upgraded the Browser button and Activity button are in the header where the logo goes. This is not a custom theme, it's the default IPS theme I've been using for years. If someone can assist me by pointing out where in the CSS is the code that I use to probably add a space or two between then to move that section down. I've been looking for almost two weeks to see if I could find it by myself. No luck. Thanks, Ivan
  2. Both answers I'll try of course. For the Bookmark, where do I put that? Please be as specific as you can. Thanks.
  3. Is there a file or graphic which points and names all the sections of the site. This would help a lot in maneuvering within the CSS and HTML files. Thought I'd ask. For example, the attached graphic. Thank you. Ivan
  4. That's what happened to me and I just had to go in and enable it. Working fine so far.
  5. Well, I've been racking my brain for four days trying to figure out how to change the border color from gray to white in the graphic attached. (Red arrow) Or, how to indent the content so it doesn't butt right up to the border line (Green arrow). I've been all over the css files and even the html files but can't seem to find them. BTW: the same thing of padding is occurring in the "Add Announcement" fill in Box...attachment enclosed. I even deleted the content of the core.css, messages.css, and data-list.css and then reverted back. Neither delete showed they touched the Add Announcement box. None of this is a priority or very important. I can see by other posts that you are all busy with issues after 4.5.2. But if you have a moment and want to go code searching I would appreciate it. Thanks, Ivan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Holly smokes....Never in the past 10 years with IPS have I noticed that. Thank you, thank you, and Yhank you SC36DC. It's up and running. Ivan
  7. I searched and found something named Announcement Block. However, reading through them I'm not sure it's the same thing. So I'll ask. I visited two sites so far who coincidentally are using IPS. Each one of them had an Announcement Banner right at the top of the site. I love that and was wondering how they did that. I went into our ACP and could not find anything even in the Advertisement area. Unless I missed it of course. Anyway, just asking to see if that Announcement Banner is something that is available on IPS. Thanks as always, Ivan
  8. LOL... I might take you up on that offer to run a test from "Way over there".
  9. Guys, Here is a strange one. Tried everything and nothing works. I have member in Netherlands just upgraded to the new Windows 10 download and now he can't log into my site. He can come n as a "Guest" but does not have any of the posting permissions he once had. This is not happening with other members as we all live in the States. He did go to his laptop which was not upgraded and that worked OK. He went to a neighbors house and logged in OK. The neighbor did not have the new Windows 10 patch. He finally upgraded his laptop to the new Windows 10 and now he can't log into the site. First: I'm going to tell him to move to the US. Second: I thought I would ask you guys if there is an issue with the new Windows 10 patch, the IPS message board application, and having it go through a possible overseas firewall. Third: If neither of the above can happen or are problems then I'll have him create a new account. Thanks as always. keep up the good work.
  10. Thanks. I went ahead and put in a trouble ticket an got it resolved. And you are correct, it was there all along and I just didn't see it. Thanks for the help.
  11. Roger that. Thanks. It worked!!! Yeah. More thanks.
  12. It is very curious indeed. Anyway: 1. I am using IE 11 2. Just checked, I have everything off except "Quick Links" and "About Us". 3. In the "About Us" only "About Us" is enabled, the rest are disabled. Hope this helps. Ivan
  13. Taman, How do I remove the curved part of the footer? I'm attaching a graphic to show. You can also visit my site using the link in my signature. Thanks as always.
  14. I have it on my little site. And so far so good. It even allowed some plugins to work that were not working before. I did lose my "Next" page row. But not sure that was version 4.2 that did that. I'm still searching that one out. But everything else is good to go.
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