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  1. Where or how are the referral rules defined? Any comlex rules set possible? What are the configuration options? Is there any possibility to only allow the referral system for special groups? Will paid downloads also be tracked? Thanks for an answer.
  2. Hi, I have version DMA 1.1.2 installed on IPB 3.4.5, but - while activated and used before - I noticed today, that it doesn't show anymore in the frontend. It doesn't work... Do I have to install the new version 1.1.3 and can you tell me how to upgrade, so that the former delete requests won't be deleted? Thanks
  3. Hi, I only have 1 calendar, the standard calendar, in use.... the calendar in IPB 3.4.x was updated 2 days ago by the technical support, but now it shows next to each displayed event in the sidebar additionaly the calendar name. But I only want to show the event in the sidebar WITHOUT the "calendar name". Or at least, if the calendar name must me displayed and cannot be removed, it should show calendarname and the according event with a line break like this <calendar name><line break> <event> Regards Tom
  4. Sorry, misunderstanding. The license in the forum backend shows 50 user limit. That's ok. But only 5 users can still use the chat at a time, as it was before upgrading the license. So there must be another switch button in the backend or cache reloading mechanism to change the operation from 5 to 50...
  5. I just bought an IP.Chat User plan with 50 users, but it still only shows 5 users possible (and 5 user work fine, but only 5!). I already reloaded the license in the forum backend and it shows 50 user limit. Whats wrong? Any cache problem? How long do I have to wait for the automatic activation for 50 users? Or do I have to press any button to recache anything else in the backend? Kind regards Tom
  6. Hi, sorry that I have to ask... ad1 - "it will be" Does this mean, that all mods are alreadey almost updated, or does this mean, that it will be updated in the future at a specific date. In case, can you please communicate if it will be in the next months, maybe in august or september 2015, or will it take longer? I'm just asking to plan the upgrade to 4.0 exactly, as I have to engage assistants for several processes. Thanks again. Tom
  7. Hi, thanks für the update to 3.4.x in custom links. I have 2 questions/issues - Is the latest release also suited für IPB 4.0? - Could you please describe in future updates, how to update correctly. Last update in november I installed the new version over the old one and the database got corrupted in any way. So I had to define every keyword in the custom links config again.... Thanks Thanks for a reply and kind regards Tom
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